The abandoned husband dominates – Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Apologizing To Mr. Steele!

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In the past three years, Herman would make it a point to mock Jordan whenever he met him, and he had already insulted him countless times before.

In addition, Herman had even sent some henchmen to beat up Jordan some time ago because of Drew.


The reason that Jordan chose to show up and reveal his identity at Hailey’s wedding today was clearly to take revenge.

Herman wasn’t close to Hailey and obviously wouldn’t stay behind and incur Jordan’s wrath. Hence, he chose to leave immediately.

After carrying Diana into the backseat of the Audi Q7, Herman said to his chauffeur, “Let’s go to the hospital! Step on it!”

As soon as he said that, Diana suddenly wailed.


Her outburst gave Herman a considerable fright, and he shuddered.

“Mom, you’re okay? I was worried sick, and I thought that you had passed out because of that punk Jordan.”

Herman was quite relieved.

Diana kept hitting her legs in misery.

“I’ve let your late father down! I’m so muddled up. I’ve finally understood why your father let Jordan marry into our family as a live-in husband of Hailey. I’m the one who drove him out of the family! Why am I so foolish!?!”

At this juncture, Diana finally understood why her late husband, who had always been intelligent and wise, would pick Jordan as his grandson-in-law.

It turned out that Jordan was not a fighter but the president of a major corporation! He was a tycoon!

Diana had pretended to pass out just now because she simply did not know how to face Jordan.

In the past, the Camdens had done countless things to hurt Jordan, and she couldn’t bring herself to see Jordan at all!

Diana asked, “Drew seems to have found out about Jordan’s identity a while ago. Why didn’t that brat inform us in advance!?!”

The embarrassment showed on Herman’s face as he said, “Well, Drew has been telling me about Jordan’s power lately, warning me not to offend him, but I decided not to listen to him.”

Diana sighed with misery. “We’ve missed it! The Camdens have missed such a great opportunity! Hailey didn’t get pregnant with Jordan’s child in those three years of their marriage! The president of Ace Corporation, whom my poor granddaughter Elle has been longing for, turns out to be Jordan! Our plan to change the fate of our family for the better by relying on Elle’s husband-to-be has fallen through!”

Outside the hotel.

Elle was still in shock and couldn’t calm down for a long time after learning that the “Mr. Steele,” who had been the man of her dreams since forever, was actually the Jordan she knew.

She took the initiative to walk towards Jordan and asked, “Jordan, you’re the president of Ace Corporation?”

Jordan looked at the astonishment on Elle’s face and said with a smile, “Yes.”

Elle said with a look of devotion, “I didn’t expect that the person I’m in love with has actually appeared in my life long ago and has been silently staying by my side to protect me for three years…”

Jordan was speechless.

‘Isn’t creating TikTok videos the only thing Elle is good at? Since when has she become so poetic?’

Jordan said awkwardly, “In the past, I was your cousin-in-law. When did I become your most beloved person?”

Elle quickly denied, “No, you’re not! Haven’t you heard my father mention this before? Grandpa initially arranged for you to marry me! God, why are you playing tricks on us like this? You held us up for three years. For the past three years, we’ve seen each other every day, but little did we know…”

“Okay, enough, stop it. We’ll talk about us later.”

While Elle was all dramatic with her monologue, she had already reached her hand out towards Jordan.

Jordan didn’t want to have much to do with Elle for the time being, and she wasn’t the main character of his plan today.

In the past, Elle may have mocked and humiliated Jordan all the time but what she had done was nothing compared to what Hailey did.

While Elle was confessing her love to Jordan, Leonard and Rosie learned about the story behind this matter from Jordan.

“Oh dear, since Jordan Steele is Hailey’s former husband, do you think he’s here to crash the wedding?”

Leonard whispered to Rosie.

Rosie was much more worried than Leonard. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal if he was just going to crash the wedding and take the bride away, as they would at most just suffer some embarrassment.

What Rosie was most worried about was that Jordan might exact revenge on Tyler for snatching his wife away from him. After all, in the eyes of many, that was enough reason to kill!

Rosie walked forward and said with a respectful gaze, “Mr. Steele, may I ask if you’re here for Hailey?”

If Jordan said yes, Rosie would not hesitate to ask Tyler to hand Hailey over to Jordan.

The president of the Ace Corporation was definitely not someone Tyler could afford to offend.

Hailey was also stunned, and she rubbed her hands together continuously while feeling extremely excited.

‘He’s here. He’s come on a white horse to marry me! My Prince Charming, my mighty hero, my beloved husband is here to take me away!”

Knowing that Jordan was deeply in love with her, Hailey thought he had come to stop her from getting married so that he could take her away!


Jordan said indifferently, “Miss Hailey Camden is indeed my former wife, but I no longer have anything to do with her now. I didn’t intend to attend the wedding today. Still, Mr. Tyler Collins sent me an invitation and insisted that I come so that I can witness with my own eyes what a grand and top-notch wedding is all about. He also said that I’m not a man if I choose not to turn up.”

“So, I came together with Victoria.”

Jordan’s words made Hailey’s heart sink.

‘He’s not here to take me away!’

At this moment, Rosie slapped Tyler on his face.


The loud sound of the slap was clear evidence of how hard Rosie had slapped Tyler. She didn’t go easy on her son at all.

“Is that what you should say to a guest you’re inviting to your wedding? Hurry up and apologize to Mr. Steele!”

Rosie yelled at Tyler.

Tyler was dumbfounded, and he finally figured out why the companies he had invested in lately had been winding up.

It turned out that Jordan was targeting him!

“I… I’m sorry.”

Tyler didn’t dare to disobey his mother.

Jordan smiled without saying anything.

Seeing that Jordan wasn’t intending to stop Hailey from marrying Tyler, Leonard hurriedly said, “Mr. Steele, please come in. After you take your seat, I’ll make my son apologize to you again in front of everyone else.”

Jordan put his hands in his pockets. Since he had already arrived, he would, of course, attend the wedding.

Leonard arranged for Jordan to take the master’s seat, after which he instructed the servants to pour three glasses of wine.

Holding a glass of wine in hand, Leonard said, “I heard that Tyler has offended you previously. As his father, I should have taken him in hand, but I failed to discipline him well, so I shall punish myself for that. Here are three toasts to you as an apology, Mr. Steele!”

Leonard chugged three glasses of wine in a row. As the host of the wedding, he was stooping low and had given Jordan enough respect.

Jordan smiled. Businessmen, especially those engaged in large businesses, would usually know when to yield and when not, unlike those of lower statuses who would still fight stubbornly even when on the verge of death.

Jordan had long expected that the Collins would subdue themselves once he revealed his identity.

Hence, he had already implemented the plan to retaliate against the Collins a long time ago. The feud could not be resolved with a simple apology and a few toasts from Leonard!

Leonard toasted thrice in a row while Jordan, who was considered his junior, remained seated and watched him do so.

At this moment, Leonard said to Tyler, “Hurry up and pour some wine to apologize to Mr. Steele.”

Tyler looked highly embarrassed, and he remained still with his fists clenched, feeling frustrated and vexed. He also felt as if all the guests were laughing at him!

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