Chapter 66: Shocking The Upper-Class Circle!

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“Hello, I’m Jordan Steele.”

Jordan alighted from the white 1.8-million-dollar Maybach in a white suit and walked over. At the same time, everyone stared at him with their eyes full of admiration.


In the eyes of the crowd, Jordan was noble and refined, like the prince of a fairytale.

Unlike Tyler and the others, Leonard had never met Jordan before this.

Leonard excitedly shook Jordan’s hand and said, “Welcome, Mr. Steele. It’s a great honor for my son and I to have you here!”

Rosie was in disbelief too. “Mr. Steele, I didn’t expect that you’re so young and handsome!”

Jordan glanced at Rosie and said, “You must be Mrs. Collins. Indeed, you’re such a ravishing beauty.”

Leonard said with a smile, “Thank you for the compliment. She is indeed my wife.”

As a woman in her forties, Rosie felt excited and a little shy to have been complimented by a young man in his twenties.

At this moment, Tyler flew into a rage when he saw Jordan brazenly ogling at his mother and complimenting her frivolously.

“Jordan Steele, why are you pretending to be the president of Ace Corporation!?! You’re just Victoria Clarke’s bodyguard!”

Hailey was also puzzled as to why Victoria would play along with Jordan.

All the invited guests of the wedding were dignified figures of Orlando, and Hailey felt it wasn’t appropriate for Victoria to deceive everyone like this.

Before Jordan could say anything, Mr. Walton had already walked over to give him a handshake.

“Mr. Steele, I’ve heard of you a long time ago. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Jordan got a tremendous shock too. “Mr. Walton? Do you know the Collins too?”

If Mr. Walton and the Collins were closely acquainted, Jordan would indeed be a little stumped.

Although Jordan was ultimately still the most powerful one, Mr. Walton was, after all, one of the top tycoons in the country.

Mr. Walton waved his hand and said, “No, no, I came specifically to see you after hearing that you’d be here in Orlando a few days ago. In fact, three years ago, I had dinner with your grandfather in LA. Mr. Steele, your grandfather, is my idol, and I’ve always wanted to revisit him, but I’m afraid I might disturb him. Has he been well lately?”

Both Tyler and Hailey were surprised to learn that Mr. Walton knew Jordan’s grandfather.

‘Could he have made a mistake?’ they wondered.

Jordan said with a smile, “My grandfather has been well lately, and he has mentioned you to me before, Mr. Walton. Grandpa says that you’re a legendary figure and a business prodigy. He’s looking forward to catching up with you too.”

“My grandfather is in England now. How about this? Inform me if you happen to go to England, and I will arrange a time for you to meet.”

Mr. Walton immediately said excitedly, “That’s great. Shall we exchange numbers?”

Mr. Walton took out his cell phone and keyed Jordan’s number into his contacts.

All the bigwigs of the business industry who were present were all green with envy as they wanted Mr. Walton’s number too!

Yet, Mr. Walton, who was high up in the air, actually took the initiative to ask for Jordan’s number!

After getting Jordan’s number, Mr. Walton said, “I have another meeting to attend. I’ll take my leave now.”

Mr. Walton left after another handshake with Jordan.

As soon as Mr. Walton left, someone appeared out of nowhere.

He scurried up to Jordan and knelt down in front of him while kowtowing incessantly.

The crowd was stunned, and so was Tyler, who took a look and then exclaimed, “Mr. Dunn? Aren’t you Mr. Dunn, the general agent of Ubereats Orlando? I haven’t seen you in such a long time, where have you been? Why are you kowtowing to Jordan Steele?”

Yes, it was Ryan Dunn who had fired Jordan back then!

Ryan looked at Tyler and said, “I went to DC to look for Mr. Jones and begged him to let me become the general agent again, and it took me more than half a month to convince him. “As long as Mr. Steele is willing to forgive me, he would be willing to continue cooperating with me, he told me.”

After explaining, Ryan continued to kowtow to Jordan. “Mr. Steele! Mr. Steele! I was wrong! I shouldn’t have offended you. I didn’t know how powerful you are. It’s all because of the Camdens’ instigation. I have nothing against you at all. This is all just a misunderstanding! Please forgive me, Mr. Steele!”

All the Camdens were stunned. Herman asked, “Mr. Dunn, are you sure that Jordan is the president of Ace Corporation? Don’t get the wrong person!”

Ryan turned around and hollered at Herman, “Mistake, my foot! Mr. Jones told me himself that Mr. Steele is the one who asked him to remove my rights as the general agent. If it wasn’t because of you, I wouldn’t have ended up in such a situation!”

Herman swallowed his saliva. ‘Could it be that Jordan had indeed made a call to the boss of Ubereats during the birthday banquet the other day?’

‘Did he really remove Ryan Dunn as the general agent with just a single phone call?’

“Mr. Steele! Mr. Steele!”

At this moment, another person started wailing too.

A middle-aged man walked over in a disheveled state.

“Isn’t that Zack Smith who owns Sunny Restaurant? Why is he dressed so shabbily? How did he get reduced to this state?”

“His restaurants have faced stiff competition from Cloud Cafeteria, and there’s barely any business every day. He’s long since started struggling!”

Someone recognized Zack, the owner of Sunny Restaurant.

Zack walked up to Jordan and also knelt down in front of him beside Ryan. “Mr. Steele! I was wrong! I failed to recognize a formidable figure like you…”

Ryan said, “Don’t copy my lines.”

Zack ignored him and continued, “It’s all the Camdens’ fault for instigating me. I was really forced to go against you during the banquet then! Mr. Steele, please just treat me like a nobody and let me off!”

Zack really couldn’t hold up any longer. Famous singers were performing at Cloud Cafeteria every single day, and the prices of the food were affordable too. Jordan was spending money to deal with Zack, but Zack couldn’t afford to play this game with him at all.

Seeing that Ryan and Zack were both kneeling down in front of Jordan, Tyler no longer thought that they were just mistaken.

“Could it be that… Jordan is really the president of the Ace Corporation?”

At this moment, Drew stood out with his cell phone and walked over. “Those who are still doubting the identity of Jordan, my former cousin-in-law, take your phones out now and find out who the president of the Ace Corporation is using the Heaven’s Eye app!”

The Heaven’s Eye app would provide the name and photos of the presidents of various companies. Still, Jordan had been keeping his profile hidden previously so no one could find him.

Today, Jordan no longer needed to hide.

Tyler and Hailey took out their cell phones at the same time. They started checking the app, only to see that Jordan was indeed the president of Ace Corporation!

“No!” Hailey was so flabbergasted that she dropped her iPhone on the ground!

She knew that the information on the Heaven’s Eye app would never be wrong!

Zack and Ryan Dunn had indeed kowtowed to the right person too!

The truth was clear as day, and Jordan was in fact, the president of Ace Corporation!

“Grandma, are you okay?”

Drew was highly conceited because he was the only person at the scene beside Victoria who learned of Jordan’s identity before this.

However, he suddenly saw Diana passing out while seated on the chair.

“Mom, how are you feeling? I’ll take you to the hospital!”

Herman hurriedly picked Diana up in his arms.

Benedict and Sylvie frantically said, “Let us take her to the hospital!”

However, Herman was holding onto Diana tightly and refusing to let go. At this point, who would dare to face Jordan?

All the Camdens wanted to flee!

“Let me do it. You guys should stay here since it’s your daughter’s wedding today.”

After saying that, Herman quickly left like he was fleeing.