The abandoned husband dominates – Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Destroy The Collins!

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Jordan immediately called Paul Dubrule.

“Uncle Dubrule, it’s been a while since we met. It’s me, Jordan Steele. How have you been lately? How’s your health?”


Jordan greeted politely over the phone.

Paul Dubrule was overjoyed to receive a call from Jordan. “Jordan! It’s been a long time since I heard your voice. I had just spoken to your grandfather over a video call yesterday, and he showed me his newly planted jasmine flowers.”

“I’m doing well. I’m on vacation in Hawaii, how about you? I heard from your grandfather that you have completed your three-year experience of being a live-in son-in-law, and you’re preparing to make it big in the business industry!”

Jordan said, “Yes, I called you this time to talk to you about something regarding business. Do you remember a hotel chain called Era Express? I heard that you gave Leonard a crucial piece of advice that allowed him to become a billionaire within a short period.”

Paul Dubrule said, “Oh yes, I remember Leonard Collins. He has a lovely and elegant wife, and I have a deep impression of them. I heard that his hotel business has been encountering issues recently, and he has called me many times for help.”

“Do you intend for me to help him again?”

Jordan immediately explained, “No, on the contrary, I want you to harm him and point him to a path to destruction.”

“Wow, it seems that this unlucky guy has provoked someone he shouldn’t have. Alright, leave it to me.”

Although Dubrule was an internationally-renowned hotel magnate, his status was still a notch below Jordan’s grandfather.

Jordan’s grandfather had given him plenty of help over the years, so he would definitely do Jordan a favor.

After Jordan hung up, Victoria asked, “Is it settled?”

Jordan nodded.

Victoria said with great admiration, “Mr. Steele, you’re really incredible. You can destroy the Collins with just a single phone call. I thought you’d get into an intense battle against him!”

Jordan said with a contemptuous smile, “Intense battle? Hah, the Steeles are totally out of the Collins’ league. How can they contend with us?”

Victoria was really envious of Jordan’s family background. She wanted to marry a wealthy man like him just to see what their world was like.

Victoria suddenly said, “However, Mr. Dubrule was the one who guided Leonard Collins along and gave him the golden piece of advice. Even if Leonard Collins obeys him this time, it’ll probably take some time for the losses of his failed investment to show.”

“Meanwhile, Tyler and Hailey’s wedding will probably be held in the next one or two months.”

Jordan nodded and made another phone call.


“Mr. Jordan!”

“Have all your underlings recovered?”

Jordan had previously instructed Pablo to send hundred-plus Southeast Asian subordinates to tarnish Zack’s restaurant’s reputation by pretending to get food poisoning from the food they served.

In order to make their act even more convincing, they decided to really eat foods that would make them sick and ended up having to recuperate in the hospital for some time.

Pablo said, “They’ve all recovered a long time ago. What’s the matter, Mr. Jordan? Feel free to give me orders!”

Jordan said, “Send each of your underlings to check into a room with a woman in Leonard Collins’ hotel.”

“When doing so, look around for pinhole cameras in the hotel room. If there are any, find the footage. If there aren’t any, install one in each room and then expose the video of your underlings doing the deed with their respective partners.”

Pablo and Victoria both understood what Jordan intended to do.

He was planning to destroy the reputation of the Collins’ hotels. The discovery that the Collins’ hotel rooms had pinhole cameras would constitute a violation of the privacy of the hotel guests, which would negatively impact the hotel’s business.

Victoria said with a sultry smile, “I didn’t expect you to come up with such a plan, Mr. Steele.”

Jordan chuckled and said, “The world of business is like a battlefield. What I want is victory, and the means by which I obtain it doesn’t matter at all.”

If Jordan didn’t have a year of experience on the battlefield, he wouldn’t have been so relentless.

Now, all he wanted was to win!

Jordan reached his hand out and said, “Continue.”

Victoria picked up the document and said while looking at it, “Tyler Collins doesn’t work in his father’s company. He took a few dozens of millions of dollars from his father and used it to set up a company. When he first started out, he incurred major losses, but his business has been taking off in the last two years.”

“He’s now a professional angel investor. Last year, he created an eight-million-dollar fund and invested in 40 companies. Half of his investments failed, but he made book gains of 16 million dollars.”

“Oh, that punk made some money out of it?” Jordan was surprised.

He knew that the failure of 20 out of 40 investments wasn’t considered much. Even if the failure rate was 90%, the remaining 10% of companies that succeeded would bring him enough profit.

Victoria nodded and said, “Yes, he made another major investment this year, and he has now invested in a total of 70 companies. The investment manager of his company predicted that they would be able to make a profit of 48 million dollars this year if they’re lucky.”

Jordan humphed coldly. ‘I’m not going to let Tyler Collins have the best of both worlds’

Jordan said, “Find out which 70 companies he invested in. Ignore those that have shut down or are in decline. Find out which ones Tyler Collins is profiting from and then boycott them!”

“I want to make Tyler lose every single cent that he had invested! I want to make sure he ends up with nothing!”

Only then did Victoria realize how truly terrifying Jordan was. “Yes!”

Afterward, Victoria added, “Tyler has an older brother, but he’s not very competent. He’s just waiting to inherit his father’s legacy.”

“However, Tyler’s mother, Rosie Huxley, is the daughter of the Huxley family, which is a top-tier family in New York. She has a powerful background, and we must pay attention to her.”

Jordan was stunned. “Rosie Huxley? Sounds like an elegant name. Do you have a photo of her?”

Paul Dubrule also said Leonard’s wife was beautiful and elegant during the call just now.

Jordan was curious about the woman who left a deep impression on Paul Dubrule.

Victoria logged into Instagram and searched for Rosie’s page before handing her cell phone to Jordan so that he could take a look.

Jordan was presented with a photo of a gorgeous woman who had combed her wavy hair to the side.

Her makeup wasn’t too thick, but her lipstick was of bright color. She was wearing a tight dress and standing in front of a microphone.

She looked just like a songstress in her 30’s.

Jordan was slightly stunned. “I didn’t expect that punk Tyler Collins’ mother to be so beautiful.”

Victoria smiled and said, “All the members of the upper-class circle in Orlando think that Leonard Collins isn’t worthy of Rosie Huxley because her family is way richer than his. Back then, he resorted to despicable means to marry her.”

Not interested in the family history of the Collins, Jordan returned Victoria’s cell phone to her. “You don’t have to care about the Huxleys.”

Jordan was well aware of which families he couldn’t afford to offend in this country, so apart from them, he didn’t give a hoot about the rest.