The abandoned husband dominates – Chapter 60

Chapter 60: I Won’t Be Your Backup!

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Jordan was enraged by her words.

“You’re the one at fault, and you’re blaming it on my poor background? Are poor people like us supposed to blame ourselves for the circumstances that we’re subjected to and tolerate the betrayal of you people just because you’re affluent and powerful? Does being rich give you the right to commit adultery with impunity while deriving joy from the misery of others?”


Although Jordan did not suffer from poverty, he wanted to speak up for the poor!

All humans deserve equal respect!

Hailey shook her head and said, “Will you be more realistic? Even my grandfather said that the impoverished can never nurture outstanding children!”

“I know you’re good to me, and you have great qualities, but I can’t see a future with you…”

While speaking, Hailey suddenly reached out to hold Jordan’s hand. “Jordan, give me a few years, okay?”

This time, Jordan did not shake off Hailey’s hand. Instead, he asked, “What do you mean?”

Hailey said, “In a few years, I would have inherited the Camdens’ assets and given birth to Tyler’s child. Let’s wait until then to get back together, shall we?”

Jordan looked at Hailey in disbelief, hardly able to believe the fact that the girl whom he thought was innocent, pure and simple-minded, would have such a plan in mind!

Jordan asked in astonishment, “Are you treating me as your standby lover? Are you going to make me take you back after that bastard Tyler Collins has toyed with you for a couple of years?”


Hailey slapped Jordan in the face because she didn’t like the words ‘toy with’.

Hailey said, “Wake up! Be more realistic! This is the way society is! Only the rich can marry the rich! A man like you, who comes from a poor background, only deserves leftovers! This is the world for you!”

“Stop being so arrogant and thinking you’re extraordinary! It’s time you change your character!”

“Think about it carefully. In three to five years, I’ll have at least 150 million dollars, which is more than you will ever earn even if you work as a bodyguard for the rest of your life! Go ask around, which multimillionaire would be willing to marry an ordinary man like you!?”

“You should take my love for you as a blessing! You should be getting on your knees and thanking me for wanting to be with you even after I become a multimillionaire instead of harping on such irrelevant things!”

Hailey had given Jordan a hard slap on his face, but he didn’t feel any pain at all.

Although he developed a high pain threshold after all the battles on the battlefield, the physical pain he was experiencing was nothing compared to the emotional pain he was feeling!

Jordan fell silent.

He wondered what choice he would make if he wasn’t the scion of the Steeles, which was a family with a multi-billion net worth, but just an ordinary man from an ordinary family.

Out of 100 ordinary men, 99 wouldn’t mind marrying a multimillionaire who had been married and is the mother of another man’s child.

For them, it might really be a blessing!

Jordan sighed emotionally because he knew that Hailey loved him too.

“If it was someone else, maybe they would be grateful to you, but unfortunately, I will never let myself be a second option! Besides, you still owe me an apology for what happened previously!”

Jordan shouted.

Hailey had cheated on him and made him a cuckold, but until today, she hadn’t even apologized for it. Yet, she wanted him to be her standby lover!

Hailey retorted furiously, “I’ve been so good to you, but you’re still so muddled up! Do you know that I have plenty of suitors now and will still continue to in a few more years!?! You should be grateful that I’ve chosen you! Yet, you’re still haggling over an apology? You will never hear an apology from me for the rest of your life!”

Hailey knew she had done Jordan wrong, but she didn’t want to lower herself and apologize because she felt that she was already giving Jordan great compensation by allowing him to get back together with her.

Jordan didn’t want to continue arguing with her either. “Fine, I won’t force you. In this case, I wish you conjugal bliss, and I hope you won’t regret your choice!”

After saying that, Jordan turned around and left.

Still, standing behind him, Hailey exclaimed, “Haha, why would I regret my choice? Tyler is a hundred times better than you! I’m going to marry a wealthy man, and you’ll be the one to regret it! In a few years, you will no longer be able to continue working as a bodyguard, and you’ll come begging me on your knees! By then, let’s see if I still want you!”

Jordan ignored her and bottled all his anger.

Next, he would vent all the infuriation caused by the damage that Tyler and Hailey had done to him!

An hour later, in Rose Garden Villas.

Jordan had checked out of the West Lake Hotel. He moved into a villa in the most expensive residential area in Orlando that he had just bought.

The time was already 11 o’clock at night. Victoria arrived at Jordan’s villa frantically and apologized, “Mr. Steele, I am so sorry, there was heavy traffic on the way, and we spent a half-hour just leaving the arena.”

Jordan had left earlier than them, so it was easier for him to leave. If he had left after the concert ended, he would have been stuck in traffic too.

Jordan wasn’t bothered. He said indifferently, “I’ve officially begun executing my plan for revenge against the Collins. They are a top-tier family in Orlando, so they’d definitely need some time to prepare for a grand wedding.”

“I’m going to make the Collins decline and become reduced to a bush league family before Tyler Collins and Hailey Camden get married!”

“Victoria, you know the Collins well. Tell me more about them.”

Victoria nodded and explained, “The Collins are now helmed by Tyler’s father, Leonard Collins. His largest business is the chain of Era Express hotels that are located all across the country.”

“In addition, he also owns more than twenty hotels, including Seven Stars Hotel and Luxe Hotel, in Orlando.”

“A few years ago, his hotel brand had a value of over a billion dollars, but has since declined and is now only valued at 460 million dollars.”

Jordan lit a cigarette and said, “They’ve just targeted the market of mid priced hotel chains and recognized the demand for satisfactory but affordable hospitality services, somewhere between economic hotels and five-star hotels. They started out by blindly expanding their chain and acquiring hotels in third-and fourth-tier cities in a frenzy a few years ago. If they hadn’t met Uncle Dubrule, they’d probably still be losing money now.”

Victoria asked in astonishment, “Mr. Steele, is the Uncle Dubrule you mentioned, the international hotels’ magnate, Paul Dubrule?”

Paul Dubrule was a legendary figure in the hospitality industry!

Jordan nodded and said, “Yes, he’s a friend of my grandfather.”

“Haha.” Victoria smiled but deep down, she was filled with utter shock. ‘Jordan’s family has such powerful connections! His grandfather’s friend turns out to be a world-class magnate!’

Jordan said, “I heard Uncle Dubrule mention before that a local hotelier has once requested to cooperate with him. I reckon it’s Leonard Collins, Tyler’s father. At that time, he managed to earn 15 million dollars in a year and have his hotel business take off, all thanks to Uncle Dubrule.”

“I just need Uncle Dubrule to give him a little push again, and it’ll be over for Leonard Collins’ hotel business.”

Jordan smiled. Leonard was subservient to Paul Dubrule and would obey all his words. Jordan would be able to easily defeat Leonard through Paul Dubrule’s hands!

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