Chapter 59: A Thousand Reasons To Be Sad!

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‘Sing and play music by himself?’

‘Does Jordan know how to play any instruments?’


Both Hailey and Tyler were stunned at the same time.

Tyler asked, “Hailey, can Jordan Steele play the piano or guitar, or any other instrument?”

Hailey shook her head. She had a piano at home, but she had never seen Jordan play it in the past three years.

Besides, she thought that Jordan was from a poor family in the countryside and didn’t have the chance to learn music due to financial constraints.

The superstar was surprised but pleased to hear his request. “Of course, you may do so. It happens that our pianist is tired. He can take a break now. Please come on stage.”

The superstar took the initiative to extend his hand to Jordan and pull him onto the stage.

“Everyone, let’s give him a round of applause, shall we?”

The superstar encouraged the fans to cheer for Jordan for fear that Jordan would get nervous in front of such a large crowd.

However, how could Jordan be nervous now?

At this point, his heart was already full of disappointment and sorrow.

Amidst the cheers of the audience, Jordan sat down in front of a piano.

He was thinking about what song to sing.

Although ‘Heartbroken’ was the song that fit his mood the best now, he didn’t want to sing it.

The song would put him in a lowly position and give Hailey and Tyler a chance to mock him.

He chose to sing one of the most popular songs at the moment.

‘A Thousand Reasons to be Sad!’

The song’s title also had a different meaning—’There are a thousand reasons to be sad and losing you may not necessarily be the reason for my sorrow!’

Since the concert was drawing to an end, the lights in the arena were all switched on.

Both the stage and audience pit were brightly lit.

However, at this moment, the lights in the audience area went out again, and the spotlight was now on the stage.

Jordan pressed all his fingers on the white keys, played the root note with his left hand, and the treble clef melody with his right. His hand positions and posture were correct, and he was playing very fluidly.

As soon as the intro of “A Thousand Reasons to be Sad” started, the fans began cheering merrily!

Hailey was stunned after listening for a few seconds!

Hailey had learned how to play the piano since a young age and was very proficient in it. Hence, she could naturally tell the standard of Jordan’s piano-playing skills at a glance!

His posture was correct, his playing was clean, and his rhythm was accurate.

Jordan must have been playing the piano for at least three years to play the intro of this song so perfectly!

“Did he start learning piano only after we got married? Oh my God, he used to have so many errands to run every day, but he still has the time to practice the piano and play it so well! Damn it, Jordan, why didn’t you tell me you could play the piano!?!”

Hailey regretted the fact that she had found out that Jordan could play the piano only after they had gotten divorced.

After playing the intro on the piano, Jordan started singing slowly.

“The person I loved is no longer mine.”


Jordan’s singing voice sounded completely different from when he spoke!

“Oh my God, why does it sound so pleasant!?”

Hailey and everyone else was stunned, and they soon gave a warm round of applause.

It was the superstar’s concert!

Others would seem like a joke when they sang at his concert!

It was just like performing a dunk behind Vince Carter and Zach LaVine!

They would be absolutely no match for him!

However, Jordan’s voice was melodious and made their eyes light up with joy, even though it didn’t necessarily surpass the superstar’s.

It was because Jordan’s vocal coach was Seth Riggs, the very same man who taught Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop,” as well as several other superstars.

Jordan learned to sing from him at the age of 6, so he was definitely an experienced singer!

Of course, at this moment, Jordan didn’t deliberately show off his singing skills and was merely following his heart as he sang.

“This time, my love will not last forever.”

“I can’t linger around any longer.”

“There are a thousand reasons to be sad, a thousand reasons to be sad… In the end, my love gradually turns stale!”

Jordan was still playing the piano during the verse.

However, when it came to the chorus, the drummers and guitar players started playing too!

In fact, the superstar was even harmonizing with Jordan!

The entire performance was simply intoxicating!

“Oh my God…”

Hailey was mesmerized by Jordan’s singing, and she couldn’t believe that the man on the stage who was now in the limelight was her ex-husband!

He was the ex-husband that she and her family called a good-for-nothing!

“How is he… so brilliant?”

Only in that moment did Hailey realize that except for his destitute family background, Jordan was better than most scions of wealthy families in many other aspects, such as his personality, eloquence, upbringing, proficiency in arts, and mannerisms!

“There are a thousand reasons to be sad, a thousand reasons to be sad… In the end, I was forgotten in someone else’s story!”

After the song ended, the audience gave a thunderous round of applause!

Many people said that Jordan’s handsome looks, excellent singing, and brilliant piano-playing skills were all qualities that would make a wonderful star!

However, after Jordan finished singing, he walked off the stage without saying a single word.

However, he didn’t return to his seat and instead walked straight to the exit.


Unable to contain herself, Hailey shrugged Tyler’s handoff and rushed towards the exit to chase after Jordan.

In the last four minutes, she had already been head-over-heels mesmerized by her husband!

“Hailey!” Tyler also wanted to chase after her, but he was stopped by Victoria.

Victoria said, “Mr. Collins, the concert hasn’t ended yet. It’s not too late to leave after it’s over.”

Tyler said anxiously, “Hailey has gone to chase after Jordan Steele!”

Victoria smiled and said, “So what? She has already said yes to your proposal. What else are you worried about? Do you think she will choose Jordan over you?”

Tyler chuckled and said, “Haha, I’m absolutely confident that I’ll beat Jordan. Okay then, I won’t chase after her.”

“Jordan! Hold it right there!”

Jordan was walking quickly, and Hailey scurried all the way to the exit, where she finally caught up with him and held him back.

Panting heavily, Hailey seemed a little disheveled, but she was still gorgeous.

After stopping, Hailey discovered that there were tears in Jordan’s eyes, which meant he had just cried!


Hailey leaped straight into Jordan’s arms!

The song that Jordan had just sung in front of 20,000 people touched her deeply because it was the story of their relationship!

Hailey could tell what it meant!

“Don’t do this. You’re going to become someone else’s wife soon.” Jordan gently pushed Hailey away.

Hailey asked with great devotion, “Silly, since you love me so much, why did you have to be so impulsive and divorce me back then?”

“I know, men can’t accept being made a cuckold, but not all men are qualified to initiate a divorce!”

Finding her to be absolutely ridiculous, Jordan said, “What kind of men are qualified and what kind of men are not?”

Hailey said, “Men who are wealthy and powerful have the right to, while men like you who come from a poor family should learn to tolerate such things. Jordan, if you had chosen to hold yourself back and take it that that incident had never happened, I… I would still be your wife now…”