Chapter 58: She Said Yes!

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Ever since Jordan and Drew’s relationship improved, Drew had been trying to convince Jordan to marry Elle.

Drew already knew that Jordan had been pretending to be weaker than he really was in the past three years. Although he hadn’t learned of Jordan’s actual family background yet, he could tell from how Pablo treated him that Jordan’s family was definitely not ordinary.


Drew reckoned that he was probably some big boss.

If his sister married Jordan, he could gain some clout and act like a tyrant in Orlando in the future!

Drew kept sending Jordan some photos of Elle, which he had stolen from Elle’s phone while she was asleep.

Elle had never posted those photos on the Internet and merely kept them in her phone for her own admiration.

Although Drew was Elle’s biological brother, he swore that he would get in her pants if she wasn’t his sister.

After looking at those photos, Jordan was obviously somewhat enticed.

Nevertheless, he was now planning revenge against his ex-wife, Hailey, and that was all he could think about right now. Honestly, he wasn’t in the mood to move on to someone else.

After hanging up, Jordan sighed.

“Hailey, you’re finally going to marry that rich scion, and you two will no longer need to hide your relationship. Haha.”

Jordan smiled bitterly. He initially wanted to ignore the fact that Tyler was going to propose to Hailey tomorrow, but in the end, he decided to go to the venue himself!

He wanted to see Hailey getting proposed to, with his own eyes!

He wanted to remember the happy smiles on their faces!

He would then give them the punishment they deserved!

Jordan called Victoria on the phone. “Victoria, accompany me to a superstar’s concert tomorrow.”

Seven o’clock in the evening.

Amway Center.

All 20,000 seats in the indoor arena were filled and the drizzle today didn’t dampen the mood of the enthusiastic fans.

That was the charm of a superstar.

The audience was of all ages, ranging from teenagers to middle-aged folks in their fifties.

Jordan and Victoria were seated in the VIP seats, which were obviously different from the ordinary seats.

The ordinary seats were further away from the stage, and occupants of those seats would have to watch the concert through the large display screen because they wouldn’t be able to see the singer on stage from that angle. The physical seats were also hard and uncomfortable.

The VIP seats were much better as they offered a closer view of the stage, and the seats were much more comfortable. Jordan was seated in the first row, which was only a few steps from the stage,

However, Jordan was not the only one who could afford VIP seats.

“Hey, what a coincidence, Jordan and Miss Clarke. We meet again.”

Tyler walked over, hand in hand with Hailey. They were seated right beside Jordan and Victoria!

Jordan noticed that they were holding hands in public, which they hadn’t done during the last few times they ran into each other…

Jordan’s heart ached when he saw that scene!

There was a time when he also fantasized about holding Hailey’s hand while watching a concert together with her!

When Victoria saw Hailey, she realized why Jordan asked her out to a concert. Before this, she had mistakenly thought that Jordan was going to woo her.

Victoria gibed, “Mr. Collins, how many times have you proposed recently? You’re really persistent, huh? If you really can’t win Hailey’s heart, just give up. Not everyone can marry her.”

Then Tyler smiled and said, “I would be willing to propose a hundred times, unlike someone here who has not even proposed once and simply moved in with Hailey as her live-in husband.”

Jordan couldn’t be bothered to argue with Tyler because he had gotten sick of doing so. Instead, he remained seated quietly and waited for the performance to begin.

Soon, the superstar made his appearance and performed a classic hit that sparked an uproar of enthusiasm among the crowd.

He sang many songs that the audience was familiar with.

He was absolutely deserving of being a superstar; even though he was in his late fifties, he could still sing quite nicely and dance along for two complete hours while jamming to the music!

Everyone was immersed in the charm of the superstar.

At the end of the concert, the superstar was drenched in sweat and panting heavily. He said into the microphone, “I’m tired. Now I’d like to invite a fan to come sing for me. How does that sound?”

Everyone knew that it was time for song requests.

Many singers would include a song request segment during their concerts, but in order to prevent accidents, the fans who would be picked to go on stage were all pre-arranged.

Naturally, those who paid more money would have higher chances of getting picked, in most cases.

Tyler had long spent money to get the spot, so at this point, the superstar pointed at Tyler and said, “Let’s have our friend over here to sing for me.”

The crew member handed a microphone to Tyler, and all eyes were on Tyler at this very moment.

Tyler said, “I would like to choose a song named ‘Love Letter’ for my girlfriend, Hailey.”

“In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to propose to my girlfriend. Hailey, will you marry me?”

Tyler once again got down on one knee and proposed to Hailey!

He took out a Cartier diamond ring from his pocket, which was obviously not the same one he had prepared for the previous proposals.

The fans present were all cheering and jumping excitedly when they saw that.

Amidst the revelry, Jordan dwelt in loneliness!

Victoria said to Jordan, “Jordan, if you really still love Hailey, this is your last chance.”

Victoria also knew that this time, Hailey would say yes to Tyler.

Given Victoria’s understanding of Tyler’s father, the Collins would never allow a woman to turn down Tyler’s marriage proposal more than 10 times.

Jordan remained seated, his hands trembling a little. At this moment, he had really hesitated and contemplated it!

‘Should I rush forward to stop all of this and let Hailey know who I really am?’

‘Should I just pretend that those things in the past had never happened?’

‘Should I just give up on revenge and all the plans that I’ve devised!?’

All Jordan knew at this moment was that he still loved Hailey!

However, before Jordan could come to a decision, Hailey’s sweet and pleasant voice resounded throughout the arena.

“I do.”

Those words had put Jordan’s contemplation to an end.

Tyler excitedly put the diamond ring on Hailey’s ring finger.

Staring at the ring on Hailey’s ring finger, Jordan felt as if his heart had been stabbed by a million daggers!

The woman he had loved for three years was now going to marry someone else!

The moment he found out that Hailey cheated on him, he decisively chose to divorce her.

He thought that he would never think about her again nor care who she got together with in the future.

However, Jordan had overestimated himself.

How could he easily let go of someone he loved?

After Tyler succeeded in proposing to Hailey, the superstar surprisingly looked at Jordan and said, “Would you like to make a song request too? We can all sing together.”

Tyler was stunned. ‘Did Jordan spend money to make a song request too?’

In fact, Jordan didn’t know why he would be picked either because he hadn’t spent any money to get the chance to.

Because the concert organizer had learned Jordan would be attending the concert, he specifically told the superstar that Jordan is currently the most powerful entrepreneur in Orlando and asked him to give Jordan a chance to make a song request

Jordan took the microphone. At this moment, he really wanted to vent his emotions with a song.

There were some things he could express through a song but not words.

Jordan asked, “Can I play an instrument and sing along on my own?”