Chapter 54: Rejected!

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Tyler had just proposed to Jordan’s ex-wife right in front of him!

Seeing how disrespectful Tyler was to Jordan, Victoria felt a strong urge to step forward and give him a slap again like she did previously.

However, she did not do so.

‘If Hailey Camden marries Tyler Collins sooner, there’ll be a chance for me to get together with Jordan…’

Women who were business elites attached great importance to their personal interests.

If Tyler and Hailey got married, it would actually be a good thing for Victoria.

Jordan didn’t stop them either.

Jordan had stopped Tyler from proceeding with his proposal by switching off the microphone and destroying the balloons, only because Tyler’s actions affected the environment and guests.

With the decorative items removed, an ordinary customer proposing to another customer no longer violated any rules.

More importantly, Jordan also wanted to know if Hailey would agree to the proposal!

Hailey and Jordan had been married for three years and only got divorced a few days ago. Hence, he wanted to know if Hailey would remarry someone else so soon.

Jordan looked at Hailey.

Hailey was flustered because she didn’t prepare herself mentally for this at all.

Although in the plan that she and Rachel Quinn had drawn, Hailey’s next step was to marry Tyler, However, Hailey didn’t want to agree so quickly.

Hailey said, “Tyler, um… can you give me some time to think about this?”

She didn’t turn him down straightaway, but she didn’t accept the proposal either.

Tyler nodded. He was actually already prepared to propose to Hailey a few times. After all, she was hailed as the most beautiful girl in Orlando who was far out of reach, so it was expected that he would fail on the first try.

“Okay, there’s no hurry. Take your time and consider it but please accept the diamond ring.”

Tyler stood up and placed the Tiffany ring box in Hailey’s hand.

Hailey took the box and looked at the sparkling diamond ring inside, overwhelmed with joy.

However, she soon looked glum and sorrowful.

She walked towards Jordan with a look of resentment and said, “You keep saying that you’re rich and that you’re the owner of a corporation and a restaurant. If you’re really so loaded, why didn’t you even give me a diamond ring?”

“Back then, you took your bags with you and moved into my home without even proposing to me. You didn’t buy me a single engagement ring or wedding ring!”

In fact, Jordan had indeed failed to satisfy Hailey in that aspect. It was probably every girl’s wish to be proposed to grandly with a nice diamond ring.

However, Jordan married Hailey as a live-in husband, so he couldn’t have been able to give her those things.

Jordan said, “If you hadn’t been unfaithful to me, I would have made it up to you with a 21-carat diamond ring.”

Hailey suddenly recalled a movie titled ’21 Carats’ that she and Jordan had watched together at the theaters a year ago.

After watching the movie that day, Hailey griped about the fact that Jordan hadn’t given her a diamond ring.

On that day, Jordan promised that he would definitely make it up to her with a 21-carat diamond ring a year from then.

At that time, Hailey simply laughed in disdain because she didn’t believe that Jordan could do it at all.

Jordan didn’t linger around any longer and instead returned to the third floor with Victoria.

As soon as they returned to the room on the third floor, Victoria said, “Hailey might not have accepted Tyler Collins’ proposal today, but she didn’t reject him either. I’m guessing she’ll say yes if he proposes to her again a few more times.”

Jordan kept a straight face as he picked up a cup of water and took a sip of it.

Victoria was curious to know what Jordan really thought about the idea of Hailey and Tyler getting married. The fact that Jordan was now executing his revenge on Zack showed that he was a vengeful person.

Victoria didn’t believe that Jordan would just sit back and watch Hailey and Tyler enjoy conjugal bliss after they had cheated on him!

Victoria’s intuition told her that Jordan must have devised a plan for revenge against them!