Chapter 42: A Call From Hailey!


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Prestigious families had always been strict about the principle of seniority-based hierarchy within the family.


Elle was Hailey’s younger cousin. Yet, she openly requested that Hailey ferry her around like a chauffeur, right in front of everyone!


Elle had already begun to think of herself as the future wife of the president of Ace Corporation, so she had already developed a sense of superiority over the rest of the Camdens.


She felt that Hailey would have to rely on her in the future.


However, Hailey had always been prideful and arrogant, so she obviously couldn’t tolerate such humiliation!


Hailey refuted furiously, “I’m swamped! I don’t have the time to send you there!”


After saying that, she turned around and left the villa. She then drove off in her car resentfully.


Being a poor driver, to begin with, she accidentally drove into a tree.


Fortunately, her car was not severely damaged since she was driving slowly, and she did not suffer any injuries.


“Ugh, this is so infuriating and annoying!”


Hailey slammed both her hands against the steering wheel repeatedly as tears flowed freely from her eyes non-stop.


In a fit of anger, she hurriedly whipped out her cell phone to give Jordan a call.


At this time, Jordan was still at the office, and it surprised him to see that it was a call from Hailey.




Jordan waved his hand at Ashley, signaling for her to leave his office, after which he answered the call.


Hailey questioned emotionally, “Jordan, let me ask you something. Since you pretended to be the person who gave my grandmother that bracelet for her birthday, why didn’t you keep pretending?”


“Why did you tell Uncle Herman and Elle the truth!?! Do you know how badly embarrassed you caused me to be in front of my family?”


Jordan thought that Hailey had called to apologize to him, but he didn’t expect to be questioned about that matter.


In fact, Jordan had never changed his statement, and he had been telling the truth all this while.


The bracelet was a gift from Jordan Steele and also a gift from the president of Ace Corporation.


Well, it was because Jordan was the president of Ace Corporation.


Jordan had clearly told the Camdens about his real identity, but they had been looking down on Jordan and were too stuck-up to believe him.


Jordan said coldly, “I’m swamped. I don’t have the time, nor am I in the mood to care about whether you were embarrassed or not. If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up now.”


Jordan had already divorced Hailey, so her affairs had absolutely nothing to do with him!


The only thing Jordan wanted to hear was an apology from Hailey and nothing else!


“Wait a minute!” Hailey hurriedly exclaimed. She continued in a mellower voice, “I called you because I need a favor from you.”


“I don’t want Elle’s relationship with your boss, Mr. Steele, to develop too well. Elle will be going to the office building of Ace Corporation this afternoon. She’s developed a penchant for black tea lately, so serve her a cup of black tea laced with laxatives so that she’ll get the runs.”


“Alternatively, pretend to accidentally rip her dress when she walks past you. You’re so strong, she won’t suspect you.”


Jordan humphed coldly. “Hailey Camden, you’re too greedy. You cheated on me while we were married, and not only have you not apologized, you’re now asking me for a favor.”


“If you need a favor, go look for your lover instead of bothering me!”


After saying that, Jordan hung up the phone.


Jordan decisively refused to help Hailey.


Even if he wanted to help her, he wouldn’t lace Elle’s drink with laxatives or anything like that because he didn’t intend to see her at all.



At two o’clock in the afternoon, Elle arrived at the floor that the president’s office was on in the Ace Corporation’s building.


Due to the large size of Ace Corporation, the corporation assigned different employees to different floors. The floor that Jordan’s office was on was considered the floor where all the core departments were.


They stationed the offices of all the senior executives of Ace Corporation and their respective assistants and secretaries on the same floor.


The other employees of the company had never met Jordan before.


Hence, Elle’s efforts were futile when she asked several employees of Ace Corporation for a photo of the president of the company before her arrival.


“Miss Camden, you’re here.”


Ashley was the first to greet Elle.


Elle shot Ashley a condescending glance, still mad at her for not serving her any tea during her visit in the morning.


Elle said, “Take me to the meeting room.”


However, Ashley refuted, “Miss Camden, I’m sorry, but you’d better take your leave.”


It stunned Elle for a moment, and she asked, “Why? Is Mr. Steele going to be away all afternoon?”


Ashley shook her head and explained, “That’s not the case. Mr. Steele said that you’re too gorgeous, and he might get distracted by your beauty and forget about work if he discusses the contract with you.”


“So, he’d like someone else from your family to meet him instead.”


“Someone else?”


Elle was a little dejected at first, but she was dumbstruck and pleased with his reason for refusal.


“Did Mr. Steele really… compliment my beauty? Does he… know what I look like?”


Elle blushed coyly.


Ashley nodded and said, “Yes, Mr. Steele follows your account on TikTok, and he watches your videos all the time.”


Elle was even more conceited after hearing that. ‘Mr. Steele is indeed one of my admirers!’


Elle said, “Well then, I think it’s not a good idea to talk to Mr. Steele about work on our first meeting either. I’ll have someone else from my family replace me then.”


“Um, Miss Rose, please tell Mr. Steele that he may ask me out for some coffee or to the movies whenever he’s available.”


Ashley answered, “I’ll definitely relay your message to him.”


Seeing that there was quite a massive change in Ashley’s attitude towards her, Elle said, “Walk me to the elevator.”




Ashley did as she was told.


Seeing that there was no one else around, Elle whisked out a wad of cash from her Louis Vuitton embroidered purse and shoved it to Ashley.


“Send me a picture of Mr. Steele!”