The abandoned husband dominates – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Jordan’s Engagement to Elle Camden!

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Despite being outnumbered and facing eight people all by himself, Jordan did not panic in the slightest. It wasn’t because he was blindly confident in himself but instead, he was well aware of the gap between professionals and amateurs.

Compared to ordinary people, they could be considered professional.

However, compared to those who had experienced years of bloodshed and been in close contact with corpses for a long time, they were just like newbies!

Jordan had been practicing martial arts since he was a child, and he was very strong and proficient in it. However, what really made him formidable was the fact that he had a year of battlefield experience!

Four years ago, which was a year before he became the live-in son-in-law of the Camdens, his family had arranged for him to stay in Syria for a year!

Although the eight people in front of him often got into fights, their punches were not lethal.

Those tattooed punks were alcoholics who frequented clubs every night. They ate and drank well every day, enjoying a carefree and luxurious life.

The enemies Jordan met on the battlefield did not have any entertainment in their lives at all. In fact, they even struggled to stay alive, but their eyes were full of murderous intent!

Those who fought with them would die right on the spot as long as they made the slightest mistake!

Jordan managed to survive in such an environment for an entire year!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Jordan punched each of them swiftly, causing them to fall onto the ground immediately.

The remaining five men were not fools either. Two of them dashed towards Jordan from different directions but were subsequently sent flying by Jordan’s kicks!

However, at this moment, another person pounced onto Jordan when he wasn’t keeping his guard up.

At the same time, the last two remaining men grabbed one of Jordan’s arms each.

Salvatore said with a smile of satisfaction, “I’ve finally caught you.”

Jordan smiled calmly. He might not be able to move his hands, but he could still use his mouth!

On the battlefield, Jordan had once bitten off his opponent’s ear during a fight!

Many people fought for pride, but Jordan fought for the sake of survival!

Every time he struck, it was with the purpose of killing!

“Ah! My ear!”

The underling who was clinging onto Jordan’s body yelled.

Jordan didn’t bite down too brutally. He merely caused him to bleed before flinging him to the side. He then kicked the remaining two men onto the ground.

The eight professional fighters were all beaten and sprawled onto the ground!

“Oh my God!”

Everyone was stunned!

‘How can his combat power be so terrifying!?!’

Old Mrs. Camden was equally astounded, and she muttered, “Did the old man force Hailey to marry Jordan Steele because he knew how skilled he is in martial arts?”

For the past three years, the Camdens had never understood why Old Mr. Camden insisted that Hailey marry Jordan even though he was a good-for-nothing in their opinion.

Now, they finally knew that Jordan was not a good-for-nothing but a top fighter!

“Grandpa asked me to marry him so that he could protect me? But we’re living in an era of peace now, and we don’t have any enemies either.”

Hailey began to make wild guesses about her grandfather’s intentions.

In fact, Hailey’s grandfather had no idea that Jordan was so good at fighting and merely arranged for Jordan to marry Hailey only because the Steeles were wealthy.

Herman smiled and said, “No wonder Dad favored this punk so much. It turns out it’s because he’s good at fighting. He should be one of the top few in the nation, huh? Benedict, congratulations on having a son-in-law who’s so good at fighting.”

Thinking that he was being complimented, Benedict said, “Well, there’s still something he’s good at after all.”

Herman laughed out loud and gibed, “Haha, Benedict, do you really think I’m complimenting him? What’s the use of being good at martial arts these days? Those who are good at fighting have all been put behind bars!”

“Also, do you think Dad arranged the marriage between Jordan and Hailey at the beginning? You’re wrong! Dad asked for my opinion first!”

Benedict and Sylvie were both stunned. “Herman, what did you say?”

Herman humphed coldly and said, “Before Dad arranged for Jordan and Hailey to marry, he first told me about a very eligible bachelor who could marry Elle, so he asked me if I was willing to allow Elle to marry sooner than expected.”

“At that time, Elle was only 17 years old! But I knew that Dad has always doted on me, so he won’t make such an unreasonable request for no reason. Hence, I asked him who that man was.”

“After I found out it was Jordan Steele, that country bumpkin, I turned him down using the excuse that Elle was too young. So, he arranged for Hailey to marry him!”

Drew laughed and said, “So Hailey picked up the man my sister didn’t want.”

Elle looked at Jordan and said with a look of disgust. “Ah, Grandpa is really old and muddled up. He actually once thought of letting me marry Jordan Steele. He’s only good at fighting. I don’t like such violent men. Fortunately, I was too young, and I managed to escape a disaster, hehehe.”

After hearing those words, Jordan was immediately shocked. He didn’t expect that to be the story behind their marriage.

Back then, the Steeles made Jordan become a live-in son-in-law of the Camdens, which was a huge favor to the Camdens.

Mr. Camden Senior was the only person who knew of Jordan’s real identity. Like his wife, he was biased towards his eldest son, Herman, and hence he wanted Herman to have an excellent son-in-law, Jordan.

Unfortunately, Herman refused.

At this time, Jordan and Hailey were looking at each other, and they couldn’t help but recall the time when they first met three years ago.

At that time, Jordan had just returned from the battlefield. Having gotten used to facing bloodbaths and corpses for a year, he yearned for familial warmth and love.

Besides, Hailey was still a college student at that time, so she was much more simple-minded and gentle, a far cry from the unreasonable person she was now. She obviously wouldn’t commit adultery.

Hence, Jordan fell in love with Hailey in the first year of their marriage.

Jordan didn’t want to dwell on the past any further. After beating up the ten underlings, it was time to deal with Salvatore.

“You… You… What are you doing!?!”

Salvatore was so frightened that he retreated continuously.

However, Jordan grabbed Salvatore’s hand and crippled one of his fingers on the spot as soon as he could.

“Ah!” Salvatore shrieked in pain.

“Tell me, why did you falsely accuse me of stealing? Who put you to it?” Jordan questioned menacingly.

Salvatore was indeed worthy of being a gang leader. Although he was good at fighting, he was also a real man.

“Being a gangster, I’ve long gotten prepared to die at any time! If you have the guts, kill me! But I must remind you that Mr. Pablo was the one who trained me. You can ask around to find out about his power and forces in the nearby cities. You’ll definitely regret it if you go against me!”

Drew began to panic a little, fearing that Salvatore would expose him. “Jordan Steele, stop! Are you trying to kill someone in Grandma’s house!?!”

Jordan let go of Salvatore and kicked him to the side.

“I repeat, I have not stolen from you. If you have concrete evidence, by all means, report me to the police. Don’t say that you’re not calling the police for my sake and that you can’t bear to let me go to prison. Please!”

After saying that, Jordan turned around and left.

Woof! Woof!

Lucky the poodle leaped out of Elle’s arms and bit the hem of Jordan’s trousers, refusing to let him go.

Jordan picked up Lucky and placed it back inside Elle’s arms. While stroking its head, he said, “In my eyes, you are the only thing belonging to the Camdens, that is worth stealing.”

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