The abandoned husband dominates – Chapter 218

Chapter 218: The Culprit, Arnold!

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Tim and Jordan had only met once, and strictly speaking, they had only seen each other from a distance away. Victoria had never officially introduced the two to each other either.

Moreover, Tim was so intimidated by Jordan’s domineering and imposing aura that he failed to recognize that he was Victoria’s boyfriend.

Jordan humphed coldly, grabbed Tim by the collar, and questioned, “You managed to find out my cell phone number, but you don’t even know what I look like?”

“Cell phone number?”

Tim thought to himself, ‘When have I ever investigated on his number?’

Suddenly, Tim looked at Jordan in horror and asked, “Are you the pretty boy that Victoria is providing for?”


This time, before Jordan even took action, Pablo quickly walked over and gave Tim a slap for insulting Jordan.

“Punk, you must be tired of living! How dare you address Mr. Jordan that way!?!”

Pablo yelled at Tim with a murderous aura on his face.

Tim, on the other hand, was so frightened that he peed in his pants. Only then did he realize that Jordan was not a pretty boy but a boss-level figure!

“I’m sorry, Mr. Jordan! I didn’t know you were a big shot. If I had known that you’re so powerful, I wouldn’t have dared to tease you!”


Tim was a coward, and he quickly got onto his knees to apologize to Jordan.

Jordan looked at him and questioned, “Based on what you said if I wasn’t a big shot and if I didn’t have this group of underlings with me now, you would have dared to tease me?”



Jordan kicked him again. “You’re a scum who bullies the weak and fears the strong!”

Nowadays, there are many scoundrels like Tim in this society who often bully the weak and fear the strong. They would deliberately tease and ostracize those whom they think are pushovers.

Once they find out that their victims are backed by influential people, they would rush to suck up to them!

Jordan despised such people the most. Jordan might at least have some respect for Tim if he had gone against Jordan out of hatred!

Tim was just a cowardly weakling!

“Tell me, why did you send me that text message?” Jordan questioned condescendingly.

Pablo quickly moved a chair over for Jordan to sit down on, and he said fiercely to Tim, “Punk, tell me everything you know. If you lie about anything, I will make sure you don’t see the sun tomorrow!”

Kneeling in front of Jordan, Tim said, “Yes, yes, I’ll tell you. Two days ago…”

Two days ago, in Victoria’s office in Perry Express.

Tim suddenly pushed the door and entered. He yelled at Victoria, “Victoria Clarke, why did you fire me!?! On what grounds are you firing me!?!”

The driver, Tim, was very aggressive and incredibly full of angst because he had just been fired.

On the other hand, Victoria remained seated with a domineering aura, not flustered in the slightest. She was confident that even if Tim made a move, she could beat him to the ground within three moves.

“Because you talk too much.” Victoria stared straight at Tim and said unceremoniously.

In fact, she was considered rather polite, and her politeness was only because Tim was Arnold’s relative. Hence, she was willing to say that to him.

She wanted to let him know the reason so that he would at least learn to be smarter and not annoy his boss when he was working in the future.

If he were anyone else, Victoria wouldn’t bother explaining the reason for dismissal to the employees she fired!

Meanwhile, Tim was still feeling extremely indignant. “So what if I talk too much? Didn’t God give us mouths for talking? What matters is I do my job well. Haven’t I sent you to your destination on time, every single time you go out?”

“Victoria Clarke, do you know what my status is? Being your chauffeur and opening the door for you is already making me feel f*cking aggrieved and mistreated. How dare you fire me?”

The moment Tim spoke uncouthly, Victoria frowned in displeasure.

Now, the only person who could hurl vulgarities in front of Victoria was Jordan.

At this very moment, Arnold rushed in, grabbed Tim’s arm, and pulled him away while speaking to Victoria.

“Sorry, Miss Clarke, Tim is a little impulsive. Please don’t take it to heart. I’ll bring him out.”

Arnold pulled Tim all the way to the parking lot on the basement floor of the office building.

Tim was very indignant, and he said to Arnold, “Uncle Arnold, why did you pull me down? You should let me scold that bitch Victoria for a while longer so that I can vent my frustration!”


Arnold gave him a slap and rebuked furiously, “You’re not allowed to curse at Victoria!”

Tim covered his face in shock, not expecting his uncle to hit him at all.

He was aggrieved for a moment, and he suddenly asked, “Uncle, do you like Victoria?”

Arnold quickly denied, “What nonsense are you talking about!?”

Tim laughed and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell Aunt about it. We’re both men, I understand. Victoria is a gorgeous beauty which appeals to men of all ages. Who wouldn’t like her?”

“Right, have you slept with her yet?”

Arnold did not deny this time. Instead, he exclaimed, “She has a boyfriend!”

Tim said, “So what? These days, having a boyfriend is not an obstacle at all. Besides, her boyfriend is just a pretty boy.”

Arnold shook his head and said, “What is the point of having money? Victoria is rich, and she’s not a cheap woman who will sleep with someone and have their baby for millions of dollars.”

“Victoria truly loves that young man.”

Tim laughed and said, “These days, one of the things I do not believe in, is true love! Uncle, I have an idea. Spend a couple of thousand dollars and send a pretty woman to seduce Victoria’s pretty boy. Then, let her know about it.”

“By then, Victoria will have dumped him, and you will have a chance with her.”

Arnold lit up a cigarette and said, “You think I haven’t tried? I spent nearly 20 grand on all sorts of women and sent them to get close to Jordan.”

“Yet, Jordan didn’t even take a single glance at either of them and refused to give them his number!”

Jordan had a high status and standards.

He wouldn’t like those oddballs Arnold hired!

Tim smoked a cigarette, thought about it, and said, “Since luring Jordan won’t work, we can start from Victoria.”

“Is Victoria a fitness junkie who loves running on the treadmill?”

Arnold nodded and said, “She often runs on the treadmill during the last few business trips we went on together. Sometimes, she’ll practice yoga in her room too. She’s very motivated.”

Tim laughed and told Arnold his malicious idea.

“If Jordan calls Victoria when she’s running on the treadmill, and you suddenly make her scream, would he…”

Arnold laughed and grabbed Tim’s hair. “Rascal, trust you to come up with such a mischievous idea! Good idea, I can first let Jordan misunderstand Victoria, and once he thinks that she has cheated on him, he may not break up with her.”

“But, as a man, he must feel very frustrated, and he must want to take revenge. I’ll then send those women to approach him. That will increase the chances of success.”

“Once Victoria found out that Jordan has cheated on her, they will definitely break up.”

“It’s like scoring in basketball. You don’t have to aim for the basket. You’d score if the ball hits the board!”

“This time, I’ll use this tactic to make that punk Jordan break up with Victoria!”

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