Chapter 217: Finding Out The Truth!

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Jordan didn’t think that Victoria would cheat on him with Arnold at first.

However, the thought of the wrong he had done to her some time ago made him feel somewhat guilty!

It is human nature to be vengeful and vindictive. Jordan and Hailey accidentally shared a kiss back then because Hailey wanted to take revenge on Cayden!

If Hailey really told Victoria about this, Victoria might not break up with Jordan, but she would definitely be furious.

In a moment of anger, coupled with the incessant harassment of Arnold, Victoria might really take revenge on Jordan!

Jordan’s heart sank, and he was feeling extremely dejected. If he had known earlier, he would have been honest with Victoria and admitted to his mistake sooner!

If Victoria had slept with Arnold to take revenge against Jordan, he wouldn’t know how to continue being in a relationship with her!

Jordan was really anxious, so he hurriedly called Victoria again.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is currently unavailable.”

The call couldn’t get through!

Victoria was far away in LA, so there was no way for Jordan to appear in front of her now.

Even if he were to take a plane there now, it would be all over by the time he reached if Victoria really wanted to do the deed with Arnold.

Jordan pounded the wall with chagrin. He absolutely hated this feeling of being powerless!

He kept recalling the way Victoria sounded during their phone call just now. The more he thought about it, the more it sounded like the voice recording of Hailey and Tyler, which was e-mailed to him back then!

Could it be that I’m going to be betrayed by my girlfriend again?

“No, I have to find out the truth!”

If he didn’t find out the truth now, he might not really believe Victoria when she returns and explains it to him.

Once there were doubts and suspicions between them, it would be difficult for their relationship to last for long.

Hence, Jordan immediately called Butler Frank and asked, “Butler Frank, does our family have any powerful connections in LA?”

Butler Frank smiled and said, “Of course we do. Mr. Jordan, what would you like to do? Feel free to let me know, and I’ll help you make arrangements.”

Jordan wanted to know what Victoria was doing at this moment.

Jordan was just making wild guesses about Victoria cheating on him with Arnold. He felt that he should still choose to trust his girlfriend before confirming anything.

If he trusted her, he ought to believe that she was indeed running on the treadmill.

In that case, at this moment, Victoria should be in the gym on the fifth floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in LA.

Jordan said, “I want to know what’s going on in the gym on the fifth floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in LA now! It’d be best if you could send me a video.”


Five minutes later.

The glass of the gym on the fifth floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in LA suddenly shattered!



Many people working out panicked and screamed as they were at a loss for what to do.

Afterward, a Falcon 8 drone worth about $40,000 flew in from the hole in the window.

The drone was equipped with a Panasonic Lumix camera specifically for video recording, as well as a FLIR TAU2640 thermal camera.

The drone flew slowly to film all the people who were on this floor.

At this moment, Jordan could see the images captured by the drone in real time!

On his cell phone, Jordan saw that Victoria was beside the treadmill, clad in a tight-fitting sports attire that accentuated her excellent figure. She was fully clothed.

Arnold was indeed also beside her and similarly decked out in Nike sportswear.

The sudden shattering of the glass and the arrival of the drone made him so frightened that he squatted in a corner.

“Okay, you can leave now.”

Jordan said to the man in LA, who had never met him.

“Yes, Mr. Jordan!” After the person answered, the drone quickly withdrew.

In the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Arnold slowly walked over from the corner after seeing that the drone had flown away. He cursed, “This shitty hotel has such lousy security! I’m going to lodge a complaint! Victoria, are you alright?”

Arnold touched Victoria’s arm under the pretext of showing her concern.

Victoria pushed Arnold away and said, “Thank you for your concern. As long as you don’t bump into me on purpose, I think I’ll be fine.”

Victoria was indeed running on the treadmill while talking to Jordan on the phone just now.

Arnold suddenly dashed towards her while she was doing so, causing her to scream.

Immediately afterward, the signal here was cut off.

Victoria looked at her cell phone to see that the signal seemed to have been restored, so she immediately called Jordan.

Jordan quickly answered the phone.

“Hey, Darling,” Jordan said with a grin, feeling extremely elated because he had just confirmed that Victoria had not cheated on him!

Everything was a false alarm. The last ten minutes or so felt like a year for Jordan!

Reason being, Jordan really loved Victoria too much, and they were now in the honeymoon period of their relationship. If Victoria really chose to take revenge against him once, Jordan wouldn’t know what to do.

He could no longer just break up with her without feeling affected.

Victoria said, “Jordan, the signal was weak just now, and the call was cut off. You didn’t let your imagination run wild just now, did you?”

Jordan said, “Of course not. What could I have imagined? I couldn’t have misunderstood you and Arnold, could I?”

“However, I think Arnold harbors designs on you and has ill intentions. You’d better be careful when you are with him and don’t drink anything he gives you.”

“Yes, I know.”

better be careful when you are with him,

After hanging up the phone, Jordan’s rage began!

“Damn it, how dare you fool me!?!”

Jordan immediately sent the number that he had texted to Pablo. “Help me find out the owner of this number, and when you do, nab him!”

Pablo quickly replied, “Yes!”

It was a New York number. Nowadays, personal information, including a valid ID and biometrics, is mandatory for purchasing or activating a SIM card.

Thus, Pablo soon found who the person was.

At half-past eight in the evening.

In an abandoned factory in the suburbs of New York City.

Jordan drove there in Victoria’s Porsche.

“Mr. Jordan!”

“Mr. Jordan!”

Pablo and his underlings greeted Jordan one after another.

“Where is he?” Jordan asked coldly.

“Inside,” Pablo replied.

Jordan walked in to take a look, only to realize that it was a familiar face.

It was Tim, the young chauffeur who used to work for Victoria.

The thought of his misunderstanding of Victoria and the images in his mind when he let his imagination run wild made him fly into a rage!



Jordan walked over and slapped Tim before kicking him again!

Tim vomited blood and knelt on the ground to beg for mercy.. “Sir! Sir, please don’t hit me! I don’t know you, there must be some misunderstanding. Please make things clear lest you hit the wrong person!”