Supreme Harem God System – Chapter 218 I’ll Take You To The World Full Of Pleasure~ **

Chapter 218 I’ll Take You To The World Full Of Pleasure~ **


*No Blue balls ahead.*

“My body is craving for yours as well~”

Nux muttered with a smile on his face as he moved his erect penis close to Amaya’s little sister.

Amaya, who was watching everything with a red face couldn’t help but move her body in a way that her little sister’s entrance touched Nux’s little brother.

A thrilling feeling filled her heart when the two private parts touched each other.

She moved her body a little and the more Nux’s rod slid on her entrance, the faster her heart started beating.

Right now, she wasn’t thinking straight, all her actions were subconscious, even she doesn’t realize what she was doing.

A small smile appeared on Nux’s face as he saw her acting like that,

“Shall we move to the next step?” he questioned in a gentle tone.

Hearing his words, Amaya froze.

She knew what the next step was.

Her body started trembling in fear as she recalled some bad memories, however, a weird tingling feeling filled her heart, she glanced below and saw Nux sliding his rod on her opening.

She turned her gaze towards him and seeing the gentle smile on his face, another feeling, that was way more intense than her fear welled in her heart.

She nodded.

She wanted to take the next step as well, she wanted to overcome this fear as well.

Nux smiled, he then moved and placed Amaya’s body down in the bathtub with only her shoulders and head out of the water, he himself crawled on top of her body and placed his rod on her entrance.

After adjusting a little, he inserted the head of his little brother inside her cave.

As soon as he entered her cave, Nux felt something approaching his dick and he was sure that it wasn’t her walls.

“Amaya, the Mist, you need to control the Mist.”

Nux muttered.

Amaya nodded and then, she closed her eyes.

The Devouring Mist that was inside her body moved from her Cave to her legs, freeing the path for Nux’s rod. She then opened her eyes and nodded.

She was ready now.

Nux nodded back gently and then, he moved his waist as slowly and gently as possible.

“Be calm, no need to be scared, I am here~” He noticed that Amaya’s body was trembling again so he whispered in a gentle tone.

Amaya nodded and decided to not look down and continued looking into Nux’s golden eyes.

Nux smiled, he moved his waist and soon, he noticed something was in his little brother’s way.

Amaya’s hymen.

He lowered his body and placed his chin on Amaya’s shoulder,

“It will hurt a little, okay? Be strong~”

He whispered into her ears.


Amaya nodded and she closed her eyes, preparing herself for the pain.

Then, Nux moved his waist and broke her hymen.


Amaya groaned in pain.

“I am here~ Don’t worry~”

Nux whispered again.

Amaya wrapped her arms around Nux’s back and tightened her hug as much as possible. Nux also continued whispering calming words into her ears.

He realized that pain wasn’t the problem here,

It was her fear.

Amaya was scared, however, he also realized that she had to overcome that fear someday, and today was that day.

“Good, you are doing great, you are very brave, Amaya~”

He whispered again however, what he didn’t knew was that Amaya wasn’t hearing him at all.

Right now, she was in her own world, her own dark world, all alone. She can’t see, hear or sense anything, she was just floating around in immense darkness without knowing where she was going or how long was she floating for.

Suddenly, her still, dark, lonely, and scary world changed, a light in form of Nux appeared.

He extended his arms towards her, she held his hand with hers and the two of them hugged each other.

Nothing much changed, Amaya was still in her dark, lonely and scary world, however this time, it was ‘lonely and ‘scary’ anymore. Now Nux was here with her.

Afraid that she would lose him, she tightened her hug around Nux’s body, she used all the strength she can.

Floating was a lot easier now that she was hugging Nux.

Just the two of them…

It was a lot better and more relaxing than before.

No, actually, it was the best possible outcome.

Her and Nux alone in this seemingly endless world, just thinking about it filled Amaya’s heart with immense happiness.

She was looking forward to her journey, her lifelong journey with no one but Nux accompanying her.

However, soon, an immense wave of pleasure assaulted Amaya’s mind and her dark world crumbled.


She moaned out loud.

Amaya finally came out of her reverie and saw Nux’s face on top of hers.

He had his signature smile on his face, and seeing that Amaya frowned, however, before she could ask what this was all about, she felt something inside her body move,

A feeling of emptiness welled in her heart, however soon, Nux thrusted his waist and his rod entered her inside in one go.


Amaya moaned again.

This pleasure was too much for her to bear.

“Hehe~ Get ready, my Amaya, I’ll take you to the world full of pleasure~ Treat it as a reward for being so brave~”

Nux smiled and moved his waist again.


Hearing Amaya’s moans, Nux’s heart was filled with satisfaction and delight.

Just like Thyra, her insides were very tight, Nux was having a hard time controlling his grunts, however, he still controlled himself and continued moving his body.

The more he moved, the more Amaya’s insides took the shape of his dick.


‘Ugghhh! she is too tight!’ Nux groaned inwardly.

Her walls weren’t as tight as Thyra’s, however, the way her walls surrounded his rod, it was as if they were trying to suck him dry. This suction force was incomparable to anything he has ever felt before.

The pleasure was simply body numbing.

However, Nux was still Nux, he continued his thrusting without stopping.


A few more thrusts later, Amaya’s inside became a lot more welcoming and Nux’s movement smoothened.

“Aanh! Annh! AAnnnh!”

*Splash* *Splash* *Splash*

As Nux increased his speed, the water in the bathtub started spilling on the floor, however, the Amaya couldn’t care less about the water.

She was busy coping with that unbearable amount of pleasure that was assaulting her mind and body.

She knew that if this keeps on, she would not be able to stay sane.

She needed to do something.

She barely opened her eyes and her gaze fell on Nux who was thrusting his waist as fast as he could.

She felt that this scene was a lot similar to the scene where she was surrounded by darkness, the only difference being that rather than feeling lonely and scared, she was dealing with a mind-numbing pleasure that might turn her into an idiot.

In the end, she did what she did before.

She gathered all her energy, lifted her body and hugged Nux.

“Hmm?” Nux was taken aback by her sudden action, then his smile widened and he hugged her back.

Thrusting like that was a little difficult, but it wasn’t something he can’t do.

He then picked her up and placed her body in a more comfortable position and then,

He started thrusting.

*Splash* *Splash* *Splash*

“Aanh! Annh! AAnh!”

Amaya continued to moan like crazy as her juices leaked uncontrollably and mixed with the water inside the bathtub.

Things didn’t change at all, she was still dealing with that mind-numbing pleasure, but right now, it didn’t matter.

She was around Nux.

Everything was fine right now.

Suddenly, a weird thought popped into her mind and without thinking much, she took action.

She opened her mouth and then,

She bit Nux’s shoulder.


A weird wave of pleasure and pain assaulted Nux’s body and he groaned in pleasure.

“You little…”

He muttered and his right hand then moved towards her butt.

This time, he wasn’t as gentle as before, this time he grabbed her butt tightly and then,



He spanked her ass and as if her a switch had been slipped,

Amaya’s walls tightened as her insides crawled around Nux’s dick as if trying to devour him.


Nux groaned and then,


Amaya’s walls then loosened and then,

She came.


The sudden hike in pleasure was too much for him to bear as well, unable to control himself,

“Ugghhh! I am cumminngg!!”

Nux filled her insides as well.

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