Stop messing around mr bo – Chapter 870

Chapter 870: Coax

It was a long story.

Shen Fanxing pressed her lips tightly. It seemed like she couldn’t let him pass easily.

Bo Jinchuan felt helpless as he looked at her lively eyes. In the end, he gave in and planted a kiss on her lips.

“What do you want to eat for lunch?

Shen Fanxing turned her head and ignored him.

“Since I’m injured, I won’t eat Sichuan cuisine for the time being. How about Zhejiang cuisine?”


“Why don’t we use medicine?”


“Do you want some porridge and side dishes?”

Shen Fanxing pressed her lips and a sweet smile flashed across her eyes.

Yu Song was speechless.

It was still Master who was angry and Miss Fanxing who tried to please him.



He couldn’t bear to continue watching Master make a fool of himself.

In the end, after Bo Jinchuan’s repeated guesses, Shen Fanxing finally said,

“I want to eat dumplings. As for what the filling is, Bo Jinghang knows best. Ask him.”

Bo Jinghang’s eyebrows twitched.

He had yet to teach Bo Jinhang a lesson, and now he wanted him to ask him questions?

Then what reason did he have to teach him a lesson?

However, seeing Shen Fanxing frowning at him, he stood up and called Bo Jinhang.

Bo Jinghang received the call eagerly.

“Brother, leave this to me. I’ll send the dumplings over immediately.”

Hearing Bo Jinhang’s tone, Bo Jinchuan pursed his lips and replied coldly, “Yes.”

After hanging up, Bo Jinghang paced around excitedly.

She kissed the phone passionately.

“Sister-in-law, you’re an angel!”

Yu Song had a bellyful of dog food when he entered the ward. After watching his master make a fool of himself, he left the ward after learning that there was no lunch mission.

When Shen Fanxing heard Bo Jinchuan’s conversation with Yu Song, she turned her head abruptly. When she saw Yu Song standing at the door and smiling at her, her face turned red.

Yu Song had been here?

Didn’t that mean that she had lost her temper with Bo Jinchuan just now?

All of them?

Her image!

Her lifelong reputation!

She bit her lips awkwardly before turning her head and closing her eyes.

How… embarrassing.

Bo Jinchuan couldn’t help but smile at her. He sat beside her and pulled her into his embrace.

“You’re shy now?”

“You…” She turned her head warily. After confirming that Yu Song had left, she said in relief,”

“Why didn’t you tell me that someone was here? I was seen just now…”

“What did you see? At most, I can’t do anything to you because you’re too powerful.”

He couldn’t do anything to her…

Shen Fanxing felt terrible.

She felt that her persona…

It collapsed.

How was she going to face Yu Song in the future?

“I’m not very good…”

When had she ever been powerful in front of him…

Bo Jinchuan chuckled softly as he caressed the bandage on her knee.

“If you’re not good, who is?”


Bo Jinchuan’s eyes darkened and he placed Shen Fanxing on his lap.

Then, she raised her head and looked at Shen Fanxing ambiguously.

“Huh? Tell me, what’s so good about her?”

Shen Fanxing’s cheeks flushed red because of his seductive words and the hands under her butt.

This man was obviously up to no good again!

Yet, Shen Fanxing was always crushed by him in this aspect.

“… She’s good at everything.”

Shen Fanxing placed her hands on his shoulders and tried her best to appear magnanimous.

Otherwise, if she was slightly different, the atmosphere would change immediately.

From the moment she was interrupted by Yuan Sichun, she realized that she couldn’t do whatever she wanted in the hospital.

Shen Fanxing’s answer made Bo Jinchuan happy. He reached out to stroke her hair gently.

He sized her up, his dark eyes filled with helplessness and darkness.

“From the moment I made you public, I was determined not to let you suffer any harm. In the end, I still couldn’t be sure… Previously, I never regretted any of my decisions. Do you know what I was thinking after I found out that you were injured?”

His fingers gently caressed her fair and tender face. His usually confident and handsome face was filled with confusion and self-blame.

“I’m regretting it. Instead of pushing you out, it’s better to hide you well and eliminate all possibilities.”

The shyness in her heart was gradually replaced by emotion.

An apologetic look finally appeared on Qing Ya’s face.

She reached out to cup Bo Jinchuan’s face and stared at him. “I’m sorry.”

She really didn’t expect him to care so much about a small injury.

It was inevitable to bump into each other in life. In the past, no matter how hard and ruthless she was, very few people really cared about her. She was used to it. Sometimes, she didn’t even take it to heart.

She didn’t expect him to care so much about her injuries.


I know my limits…

I will protect myself well…

I’m not a porcelain doll, there’s no need to be so careful…

She couldn’t say anything now.

Her sense of propriety and his.

She wasn’t confident that she wouldn’t be hurt.

What porcelain doll? She was afraid. In Bo Jinchuan’s heart, she was more precious than a porcelain doll.

“I love you.”

Her words took a turn halfway through, and thousands of words came together.

It was too broad, making people feel sweet and helpless.

She loved him, so she was willing to do anything for him. That was enough reason for her to be hurt.

Bo Jinchuan had no choice.

There was no perfect solution.

Shen Fanxing pressed her forehead against his and her warm breath landed on his face.

“It won’t happen again. I’ll protect myself well.”

Her heart melted and she wished she could promise him everything.

But she didn’t want to put herself in danger. How could she not agree?

Bo Jinchuan smiled and replied, “Yes.”

She was so close that Bo Jinchuan couldn’t help but kiss her.

Shen Fanxing couldn’t care less. She clung to his shoulders and lowered her head to caress his lips.

Until someone deepened the kiss, until the breath between them became hot, short, messy, passionate and lingering.

The atmosphere was sweet and Bo Jinchuan couldn’t help but reach into her loose hospital gown.

Stroking her smooth skin reminded him of the first time he took her out at the Bo family’s house. She was wearing a black gown and her figure was graceful.

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