Stop messing around mr bo – Chapter 869

Chapter 869: Unable to Watch

Yuan Sichun could tell what Bo Jinchuan meant. He had always trusted his judgment and judgment.

After a long while, Yuan Sichun chuckled softly and said, “Your choice might not be right.”

Yuan Sichun smiled at his gloomy and handsome face.

“I’ll go downstairs to visit Ai Ai. By the way, is Auntie coming back in two days? I’ve already informed her. I’ll pick her up that day.” As though nothing had happened, the conversation with Bo Jinchuan disappeared in the blink of an eye.

With that, she left, her smile flawless.

None of the things she wanted to say to him could be said. Instead of watching him continue to be stubborn, it was better to prove how wrong he was.

When she returned to the ward, she bumped into Yu Song at the door.

“Sir, what do you and Miss Fanxing want to eat for lunch? I’ll prepare it.”

Bo Jinchuan thought for a while before deciding to enter the ward to seek Shen Fanxing’s opinion.

Opening the door, Yu Song followed Bo Jinchuan in.

The moment she entered, she saw Shen Fanxing watching the entertainment channel.

The entertainment channel showed an interview with the current Best Actor, Chu Yi. Now, the reporters were interviewing his latest work.

That Xianxia drama was also very lively now. One of the actors in the drama, Shen Qianrou, had caused such a huge commotion. Now, she was still in the hospital because of her serious injuries. Once her injuries healed, she would definitely be jailed. At the very least, she would be imprisoned.

Back then, when Shen Qianrou had created scandals, someone had suggested that the director change her role. However, the director had taken a fancy to Shen Qianrou’s influence in public opinion at that time and held back his anger. He only thought that with Lan Yun Entertainment supporting Shen Qianrou, the public relations department would definitely want to settle everything for her. He didn’t expect Shen Qianrou to fail.

However, it wasn’t too bad now. With Shen Qianrou’s notorious reputation, it was inevitable that the production team would change roles. Furthermore, the criticisms that she had used to hit them when they were down had been completely cast aside.

This was not a loss, but he might have to choose a new role next.

Chu Yi had encountered such a situation in his first work after returning to the country. As a fan, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Hence, during the interview, Chu Yi’s cold face seemed to freeze when he heard Shen Qianrou’s name. His face darkened.

Even Shen Fanxing, who was sitting there, couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat.

Fortunately, the manager knew what to do. He went forward and dealt with the reporters with an official smile and words before leaving with a few assistants.

Shen Fanxing heaved a sigh of relief. Chu Yi was like a ticking time bomb. Even people in Hong Kong had to worry about him.

However, Shen Qianrou’s role could be considered.

Shen Fanxing looked pensive.

Everything in the high-class ward was top-notch. The coffee table in front of the sofa was wiped clean. The light from the television flashed on it, illuminating Shen Fanxing’s figure clearly.

She placed one hand on the armrest of the sofa on the left and pressed the back of her fingers against the side of her face. Her starry eyes were slightly narrowed, and no one knew what she was thinking.

Bo Jinchuan looked at Shen Fanxing’s reflection on the coffee table. He watched as she stared at the television for a long time. In the end, her dazed expression made Bo Jinchuan purse his lips in jealousy.

She didn’t even notice him entering the house.

Sensing the abnormal change in his master’s aura, Yu Song’s lips twitched slightly.

He seemed to be used to Miss Fanxing easily teasing Master.

Stepping on the soft carpet, he walked to her side and pulled the dazed woman into his embrace.

A familiar scent enveloped her and a glint flashed across Shen Fanxing’s eyes as she smiled.

“What are you thinking about?”

His deep voice made Shen Fanxing feel helpless.

She rubbed her head against his chest. “I’m not thinking about anything.”

“Liar. You were clearly staring at the man just now.”

Surprised, Shen Fanxing smiled and said, “Yes, she’s not bad-looking. Isn’t she meant to be seen?”

Bo Jinchuan’s face darkened. “Good-looking?”

Her voice was icy, and her dark eyes were cold.

Recently, the man’s temper seemed to have improved.

Pursing her lips, Shen Fanxing inched closer to him and planted a kiss on his face. “He’s much worse than you. You look the best.”

Yu Song didn’t want to stand there at all!

What was he?

He wasn’t even a third wheel.

Bo Jinchuan looked at her coldly and said, “You’re getting better at sweet-talking.”

Shen Fanxing said helplessly, “Who asked you to have such a bad temper recently?”

Bo Jinchuan lowered his head and pressed his forehead against hers. “Whose fault is this?”

Shen Fanxing swayed slightly from the impact. “I’ve already apologized, yet you’re still angry.”

“If I was still angry, do you think you would still be so carefree as to look at other men?”

Shen Fanxing shook her head and said, “If you’re still angry, I might not only look at handsome men.”

A large hand suddenly grabbed her waist and squeezed it tightly.

“Not just looking? Then what else do you want to do?”

Shen Fanxing raised an eyebrow and planted a kiss on Bo Jinchuan’s lips. “Like this?”

Bo Jinchuan’s eyes darkened and his strong aura closed in on her. He glared at her warningly and said coldly,

“How dare you!”

Shen Fanxing pouted and said, “Look, you’re being fierce to me now.”

Yu Song’s lips twitched. When did Fanxing change her style?

Bo Jinchuan’s handsome face stiffened.

“You went overboard just now.”

Shen Fanxing stared at her with trembling eyes. The light reflected in her dark and bright eyes, making them sparkle with her trembling. She was beautiful.

“Then if I do anything overboard in the future, will you still be fierce to me?… I’m not such a perfect person. If I do something wrong and anger you, won’t you…”

Bo Jinchuan felt that if he continued to indulge her, the two of them would have to go their separate ways for the rest of their lives.

Looking at her aggrieved expression, he knew that he would get more complaints from her if he spoke again. Hence, he bent down and kissed her red and swollen lips.

He kissed her soft lips gently for a while before letting go of her. His deep voice was hoarse and filled with helplessness.

“How would I dare to be fierce to you?”

No matter how bad her temper was, she had nowhere to vent it.

In the end, she could only leave it at that.

Yu Song was speechless.

A man in love was really…

It was a long story.

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