Stop messing around mr bo – Chapter 727

Chapter 727: All Trash

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She frowned. Seeing her nonchalant yet confident expression, she hated it from the bottom of her heart.

Lin Feifei didn’t like her either. She crossed her arms and sat down on the sofa. She crossed her legs and sneered at her.

“Sister Fanxing, I heard that you participated in the International Fragrance Competition. How many points did you get? What’s your ranking? Do you have a plan?”

All the gossips in the room looked over.

“There’s no need to talk about the score. As for the ranking…”

She looked up at Shen Fanxing and said calmly, “Of course I have some confidence.”


Lin Feifei snorted coldly and said, “So what if you’re capable? You’re representing Zhi Qin Cosmetics this time. You’re completely opposite of the Su Corporation! Sister Qianrou’s results this time might be the champion. So what if your ranking is high? Sister Fanxing… admit it, you’ve lost again! You’ve lost to Qianrou again!”

Lin Feifei’s last sentence was said through gritted teeth.

It was the same every time. She seemed to be more willing to laugh at her than Shen Qianrou.

Shen Fanxings smile widened and she finished the water in one gulp.

Then, she said casually, “Nothing is certain.”

Lin Feifei was so angry that her teeth softened.

Every time he met a wall with her, he would punch cotton.

“I really want to see how pathetic you were back then! I hope you’ll be as calm as you are now!”

“Feifei, stop talking. ..

Shen Qianrou suddenly spoke up. Her voice was gentle and timid.

“Sister, I’m sorry to talk about this.”

Shen Fanxing looked up at the few people present. Their eyes were full of disdain and disdain.

She sneered and bent down to pour herself another glass of water.

“What’s there to apologize for? Isn’t that why you called me here?”

Shen Qianrou’s face stiffened. “Sister, what are you talking about… I… I really didn’t mean to say that…”

“That’s right, Fanxing. Qianrou wasn’t the one who mentioned this just now. However, you don’t have to feel embarrassed. After all, the results of competitions aren’t absolute. If you can’t do it this time, you can continue to work hard in the next…”

Cai Jingyi’s words were already biased towards Shen Qianrou.

“Yes, I don’t think it’s a big deal either. Victory and defeat are common in war. If you lose, you lose. Ifyou lose with your own ability, that’s also your own ability. But even if you lose, it’s not your own ability. That’s really… no different from making up the numbers, right?”

As she spoke, she looked at Cai Jingyi and Shen Qianrou.

Shen Qianrou’s expression changed slightly before she regained her confidence and composure.

Shen Fanxing narrowed her eyes and stared at Shen Qianrou for two seconds. Then, she frowned and shifted her gaze elsewhere.

The few of them had no idea what Shen Fanxing meant and how to respond.

“What are you talking about?”

Su Heng and a few older men walked down the stairs. His voice was low and gentle. He was tall and slender, and he was handsome enough to drive women crazy.

When she walked down the stairs slowly, she exuded a noble and gentle aura.

After all, Shen Fanxing wasn’t a random man.

There was a reason why she could accept Su Heng so easily.

“Uncle, Uncle, Uncle… Brother Heng…”

Shen Qianrou greeted him sensibly before walking towards Su Heng shyly.

Shen Qianrou’s thoughtfulness and obedience satisfied Su Heng. He smiled gently at her and allowed her to hold his arm.

“Aiyoyo, look. The man is handsome and the woman is beautiful. They’re really compatible. I’m so envious.”

“Yes, he’s really pleasing to the eye. I’m not praising myself, but Old Lady Shen, Old Lady Shen, it’s your blessing to have a man like Su Heng as your son-in-law!”

Jiang Rongrong smiled sincerely and nodded repeatedly. “You’re right. It’s our Shen family’s blessing. Qianrou is blessed to have found such a young master for our family.”

Through the crowd, Shen Qianrou’s gaze landed on Shen Fanxing again, only to realize that her attention was elsewhere.

Shen Fanxing was playing with her phone with her head lowered.

Bo Jinchuan asked, “Where is the cesspit?”

Shen Fanxing asked, “What cesspit?”

Bo Jinchuan replied, “The pregnant woman said that you went to the cesspool.”

Shen Fanxing couldn’t help but smile at Bo Jinchuan’s words.

It wasn’t even ten words. It was full of criticism.

Shen Fanxing replied, “The Su family.” Bo Jinchuan:

Shen Fanxing replied, “Su Hen$ family.”

Bo Jinchuan didn’t reply.

Shen Fanxing didn’t mind. Then, she saw a message in the group chat.

She clicked on it and saw a notification under the group name.

Shen Fanxing didn’t have many friends in the past. Other than her colleagues and clients, she didn’t have many friends in the company’s official chat group.

Other than knowing that it was a communication tool, she was not familiar with anything else.

She vaguely understood the nature of this chat and clicked on it out of curiosity.

Yin Ruijue’s irritable voice sounded from the phone.

“F*ck, you only woke up now. I’m a birthday girl. Why did you let me sleep in the private room?”

Shen Fanxing was so shocked that she almost dropped her phone.

Everyone in the room looked in her direction.

Their expressions varied, but there was no lack of shock.

“Did your mother give birth to you? How many days do I have to give birth to you? Your birthday will be over after midnight! I didn’t let you sleep on the streets!”

“Sigh, my head is about to explode!”

Shen Fanxing felt awkward and wanted to end the call. Shen Qianrou’s voice sounded. “Sister, those people are…”


Shen Fanxing realized that her phone had gone silent.

“Friend? Birds of a feather flock together. Listen to what those people said just now. Their mouths are full of

nonsense. How low! However, it’s rare for you to make friends.”

Shen Fanxing’s face darkened and her voice turned cold.

“Lin Feifei, there’s a limit to your sarcasm. I can’t be bothered with you, but don’t push your luck. Who do you think you are?”


Lin Feifei stood up abruptly and said, “You… Shen Fanxing, I think you’re here to cause trouble, right? So what if they’re Low? Am I wrong? What kind of decent person can you befriend? They’re all trash!”

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