Stop messing around mr bo – Chapter 726

Chapter 726: Sending a New One

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When they entered the living room, all the relatives surrounded Shen Qianrou.

Shen Fanxing sat on one side of the sofa, her hand on the armrest as she listened to Shen Qianrou’s aunt, third uncle and sixth uncle.

“Oh Jingyi, you’re really lucky to have such a handsome son and a capable daughter-in-law. Tell me, what did you do in your previous life?”

“Haha, it’s indeed my blessing. It’s all thanks to my in-laws.”

“She’s beautiful and talented. She looks good and has a good temperament. I can’t find another wife like her.”

Some were envious, while others were jealous. When they heard that these people were praising Shen Qianrou, some were jealous.

“However, your reputation hasn’t been good recently. Since you’ve married into the Su family, you should stay away from the entertainment industry in the future… There are so many people staring at you with microscopes. Good news doesn’t leave the house, but bad news spreads far and wide. The Su family is one of the richest families in Pingcheng. Don’t embarrass the Su family again and be affected by you!”

These words were the most unpleasant thing to hear tonight. Yang Liwei and Jiang Rongrong’s faces darkened, and Cai Jingyi was secretly furious and embarrassed.

Shen Qianrou was now the daughter-in-law of the Su family, so she naturally didn’t want anyone to embarrass her.

Besides, the one who spoke was her sister-in-law.

“Third Sister, no job is easy. The entertainment industry is indeed a troublesome place, so the reputation can’t be linked to the truth. Besides, everyone makes mistakes…”

“Oh, I’m just saying. I heard that the industry is very chaotic. The unspoken rules and business are common.

Coupled with some publicity methods and scandals… Isn’t Gu Zeyan Qianrou’s rumored boyfriend these few days? He’s already the daughter-in-law of the Su family. How can he still be her rumored boyfriend…”

Shen Qianrou’s expression changed and she couldn’t maintain her smile.

“Third Aunt, I used to be classmates with Gu Zeyan. It’s inevitable for us to say a few more words when we meet in the industry. It’s all groundless rumors…”

“That’s right, that’s right. Third Aunt, this was written by the reporters. Besides, Qianrou’s presence in the entertainment industry is beneficial to the Su Corporation.”

A sharp voice sounded. Without looking up, Shen Fanxing could tell who it was.

That’s right, Lin Feifei was a relative of the Su family.


Shen Qianrou’s tone was full of surprise. They had barely met since the school’s anniversary celebration.

“Yes, Qianrou… No, Sister-in-law, long time no see…”

Lin Feifei smiled in response to Shen Qianrou.

Shen Fanxing sneered inwardly. Back at the school’s anniversary celebration, Shen Qianrou had pushed the blame to Lin Feifei in front of so many people. It wasn’t that Lin Feifei didn’t know about it, but now, she acted as if nothing had happened and was still so close to Shen Qianrou.


She had no idea what Shen Qianrou had done to her.

Lin Feifei was wearing a tight-fitting dress. Her long hair draped over her shoulders and her waist swayed as she walked, making her look more sexy.

Upon closer inspection, she seemed to have lost a lot of weight.

Raising an eyebrow, Shen Fanxing didn’t pay much attention to her. Although what happened back then had something to do with her…

Wasn’t she the one who deserved it?

When Lin Feifei saw Shen Fanxing, her eyes were filled with hatred.

Although there was no concrete evidence to prove that Shen Fanxing was the one who schemed against her that night, Shen Fanxing should have suffered everything. In the end, she became a b*tch who was mocked by everyone.

She was banned by the live-streaming platform and grounded in her own villa by her father. She was specially watched by others. Other than having three meals a day, she had to sleep.

After she was finally released, her previous fans found her and threw money at her to have sex with her. They even followed her, forced her, and blocked her…

They even followed her, forced her, and blocked her…

All of this was because of Shen Fanxing.

This damn woman.

His vicious gaze landed on Shen Fanxing. In the end, Shen Fanxing sat there alone, looking aloof and aloof. It hurt her eyes.

Her unique aura always annoyed her.

Women had always rejected the same sex.

It made no sense, but it was true.

Shen Fanxing was detestable, especially by women.

Lin Feifei crossed her arms and stood in front of Shen Qianrou. She stared at Shen Fanxing arrogantly and snorted.

“Third Aunt, Qianrou has been in the entertainment industry for so many years. She has accumulated some popularity. Not long ago, she participated in the International Fragrance Competition. The judges have high praises for her. This year’s champion is almost confirmed to be Qianrou. After receiving the award at the award ceremony, Qianrou’s reputation will definitely explode and her net worth will naturally rise. The Su Corporation didn’t expect to obtain the right to develop the champion’s work. Coupled with Qianrou’s endorsement… Think about how the Su Corporation will look like then.”

When the few of them heard that, they exclaimed in admiration.

The work of a world champion was personally designed and endorsed. It was self-produced and sold. There was no need to mention how much endorsement and copyright fees were missing. Just the profits alone were enough to make people jealous for the rest of their lives.

Their sighs and envy made Jiang Rongrong and Yang Liwei proud, and their chins were raised.

Qianrou had always been their pride. Not only was she obedient, sensible, and understanding, but she was also multi-talented. All these years, other than the recent incidents, she had never disappointed them.

After the award ceremony, she would become famous.

How many people in the world could achieve the glory and wealth she brought?

Cai Jingyi was overjoyed.

If she married Shen Qianrou, the Su Corporation would benefit the most.

She could imagine what a grand scene it would be now.

How much had the Su Corporation improved?

The relatives were full of praises for Shen Qianrou. The more they looked at her, the more they wanted to drag her back home.

Shen Qianrou blushed at the compliment, but she felt smug.

She looked up at Shen Fanxing, who was on the sofa. She was fiddling with the glass of water in her hand,

her slender fingers tapping lightly on the transparent glass. There was a smile on her lips, but it looked sarcastic.

She frowned. Seeing her nonchalant yet confident expression, she hated it from the bottom of her heart…

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