Stop messing around mr bo – Chapter 723

Chapter 723 Thinking About You


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“No, Fanxing, you’ve misunderstood. I didn’t discuss this with Qianrou. I just felt…”

Su Heng hesitated and Shen Fanxing remained silent.

Before this, she would subconsciously give him a way out. But now… who was he?

Sensing that Shen Fanxing would not give him a way out, Su Heng paused before continuing,

“lL asked you to come because I’m thinking for you…”

Shen Fanxing scoffed and said, “Oh? For my sake?”

Hearing Shen Fanxing’s mocking tone, Su Heng fell silent for a while. His deep voice was mixed with helplessness.

“Fanxing, you have to treat yourself as a member of the Shen family. You know that I’ve never thought of hurting you. In the future, the Shen family and the Su family can be considered to be related by blood. For this
international competition… if you and the Shen family continue to interact like this, in the future, once Grandma is forced into a corner, I think with her personality… she will definitely think of ways to make things
difficult for you…”

Although Su Heng was careful with his words, she could still tell.

Before she could continue, Su Heng continued, “You’re a member of the Shen family after all. Fanxing, you’re very smart. Don’t deliberately make mistakes. If Grandma really wants to make things difficult for you, how
do you want me to help you?”

Shen Fanxing smirked and said, “Isn’t Shen Qianrou the one managing the company? Why do you have to pin the blame on Jiang Rongrong? How are you going to help me? Do you think that you don’t know what to do
between Shen Qianrou and me? You’re overthinking. Other than adding insult to injury, what have you helped me with?”

Su Heng’s heart ached and his voice was filled with guilt and helplessness. “Fanxing, I…”

“What do you think will change even if I sit calmly with the Shen family now? Everything you said today is based on the fact that the Shen family is too kind and I’m too unreasonable. Su Heng, you’ve seen how humble I
was to the Shen family. You’ve followed you for so many years, but you really can’t figure out if I’m too unreasonable or if the Shen family can’t tolerate me?”

Su Heng’s chest tightened. That’s right. He had seen Fanxing’s compromise in the past. She used to live so carefully in the Shen family. Why had she become enemies with the Shen family now?
After that, his thoughts gradually faded.

It was a fact that Fanxing didn’t accept Qianrou.

Su Heng’s silence made Shen Fanxing sneer. She could guess what Su Heng was thinking.

He had always believed that the grievances and hurt that Shen Qianrou had suffered were real.

It was because she couldn’t tolerate Shen Qianrou that the Shen family couldn’t tolerate her.

At least she had a brain. She couldn’t even figure this out. She had lived in vain for so many years.

“That’s all. We’ll talk about the future later. We’ll deal with whatever comes our way. You don’t have to feel troubled. Continue to be biased towards your fiancée… No, your wife.”
Su Heng already knew the answer.

He took a deep breath and said,

“I still hope you can think about it.”

Shen Fanxing hung up immediately.

Not long after, Shen Qianrou’s phone rang again..

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