Stop messing around mr bo – Chapter 722

Chapter 722 First Impressions Are Important


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The people who were watching the joke went crazy and reposted the comments.

Shen Qianrou was also furious.

“Alright, don’t be angry! It’s not your fault. When you get the award, this matter will be suppressed. If you go to the Su family tonight, you will really become Su Heng’s wife and the young mistress of the Su family…

Now that everything is developing in a positive direction, why do you care about this now?”

Jiang Rongrong’s words made Shen Qianrou’s anger dissipate. Grandma was right. She was making things difficult for her by sulking at home.

Her heart relaxed slightly and a smile appeared on her face.
“Grandma is right.”

Seeing how beautiful and obedient Shen Qianrou was, Jiang Rongrong felt even more gratified.

“The entire family will send you over today. The relatives and friends of the Su family will probably come tonight. You have to adjust yourself well for tonight’s family banquet. It’s your first time meeting them officially,

so the first impression is very important.”

Thinking of the family gathering tonight, Shen Qianrou couldn’t help but feel nervous.

At that time, all the relatives of the Su family would go. Furthermore, she would be the future mistress of the Su family.
How could the most important person be missing in today’s event?

“Grandma, Sister is going tonight, right?”

Shen Qianrou asked cautiously as she looked at Jiang Rongrong expectantly.

When Jiang Rongrong heard Shen Fanxing’s name, her face darkened.

“Why can’t you forget her? Do you think she’ll go? Even if she goes, she might cause trouble…”

“But Grandma, Sister is our family after all. We’re blood-related. It’s not a relationship that can be severed just like that

“Ask her for help? You might as well burn Lan Yun Entertainment!”


“Alright, alright. I’ll get the butler to inform her. But it’ll definitely be for nothing…”

“T’ll call Sister later.”

Jiang Rongrong said impatiently, “Up to you.”

Just as she was helping Xu Qingzhi choose her style, Shen Fanxing’s phone rang.

Seeing that it was an unknown number, Shen Fanxing answered without hesitation.

“Hello, who is this?” asked Shen Fanxing casually as she flipped the magazine on the coffee table.

A familiar voice sounded from the phone. Shen Fanxing’s hand froze and her face turned cold.
“What’s the matter?”

“Tonight is the day the Shen family sends Qianrou to the Su family. I want to know if you’re coming tonight… to the Su
Shen Fanxing’s eyes were cold as she leaned against the sofa. “What do you think?”

“Fanxing, I want you to come.” Su Heng went straight to the point.

… Sister is very capable. If Sister helps Lan Yun Entertainment in the future, it’ll be much easier for


Shen Fanxing was amused by Su Heng’s request. She suddenly realized that her life had been quite boring recently. She leaned back on the sofa and asked patiently,

“Why do you want me to go? Are you inviting me on behalf of Shen Qianrou? I think she wants me to go… as a loser.”

“No, Fanxing, you’ve misunderstood. I didn’t discuss this with Qianrou. I just felt…”.