Stop messing around mr bo – Chapter 719

Chapter 719 Buy Alcohol?


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She sighed and looked at the light makeup on her face. She wondered if she should wash her face or go out to get makeup.
The washroom fell silent. She hated making choices the most.

After a long while, she decided to get some cosmetics.

Because her face was burning and her mind was in a mess, she needed cold water to clear her mind.

However, just as she stepped out of the washroom, she saw a tall and slender figure on the wall.

Under the bright light, the figure and face could be seen clearly.

Even though he was leaning against the wall, his back was still straight. With one hand in his suit pocket and the other elegantly holding a slender cigarette between his fingers, he lowered his head slightly and took a
puff. His puff carried a different charm.

A sanctimonious hypocrite.

What a well-dressed ruffian.

He raised his head to look at her. Even the bright and dazzling lights couldn’t penetrate his deep eyes.

Ye Qingqiu pursed her lips and took two steps back before returning to the washroom.

She turned on the tap and stared at the bathroom door through the mirror. Seeing that the man didn’t follow her in, she smiled sarcastically.
What was Ye Qinggqiu thinking?

She turned off the tap and buried her face in the water. She didn’t move for a long time.

The cold water instantly woke her up.

She was so sober that she wondered if the face she had just seen was an illusion.

Oh, maybe it was because she couldn’t hold her liquor well. It was normal for her to hallucinate when she was drunk.
She heaved a sigh of relief and calmed down completely.

Ten seconds, twenty seconds, thirty seconds, forty seconds… one minute…

The collar on her back was suddenly pulled back. With a splash, water droplets appeared in front of the huge mirror.
She was pulled back by the force and her back hit the wall. Not only did her back hurt, but even her chest hurt.

“You want to die?”

A sinister and cold voice sounded above her head. There was a familiar yet unfamiliar scent of cigarettes.

Ye Qingqiu’s heart trembled. She wanted to look up at the man, but the water droplets on her hair dripped into her eyes. It stung her eyes and she closed them abruptly.
With the sound of paper being pulled, two pieces of paper were thrown on her face.

Ye Qingqiu rubbed her eyes before opening them slowly.

The man’s tall figure came into view. His handsome face carried the coldness and gloominess that she was most familiar with.
So it wasn’t an illusion.

“Of course I don’t want to die. If | wanted to die, I would have died hundreds of times. It’s better to live than to die.”
Ye Qingqiu smiled and threw the paper into the bin.

That heartless smile and tone disgusted the man.

Ever since they found out that she had been released from prison, the two of them had finally met face to face today.
“Don’t you have anything to say?” Li Tingshen stared at her, his eyes filled with malice and hatred.

Ye Qingqiu had imagined meeting him face to face too many times and had mentally prepared herself countless times.
But she was still easily injured by the coldness in his eyes.

She turned her head and blinked to suppress the emotions in her eyes.

“Huh? Customer, do you want to buy wine?”

Li Tingshen’s eyes narrowed and his eyes turned cold again.

The smile on his handsome face was full of sarcasm..