Stop messing around mr bo – Chapter 718

Chapter 718 Believe It


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Yin Ruijue didn’t say anything but turned to look at the man in the corner.

Ye Qingqiu finally looked up at the corner that was filled with a powerful aura from the start.

The music video was playing silently on the LCD screen in front of the private room. The man in the corner was still hidden in the darkness.
At this moment, the man’s phone suddenly rang. He took out his phone and the light on the screen instantly illuminated his handsome face.
Ye Qingqiu’s eyes flickered and her lips curled into an even more sarcastic smile.

Li Tingshen’s deep gaze was fixed on the phone screen. His exquisite and beautiful thin lips had a faint smile. The light on the phone screen flickered, and even the faint expression on his face looked lively.
He looked lazy, but his face was handsome and noble.

A moment later, he answered the call.

Ye Qingqiu turned around and walked towards the door.

Li Tingshen looked up and his gaze landed on Ye Qinggqiu’s back casually.


Ye Qingqiu walked around the coffee table and her body swayed unsteadily before she walked towards the door.

“Okay, I’ll pass it on for you. I know. Be careful during filming…”

His deep voice was lazy and casual, with a hint of gentleness.

Liang Xuer, who had just returned to the hotel after filming today, was a little surprised by Li Tingshen’s “enthusiasm”. She felt flattered.
Joy filled her heart and she couldn’t help but want to chat more with the man.

The door was pulled open and closed automatically. There was a loud bang.

“I hung up the wires during filming today and almost ate dinner on the wires. My clothes…”

“Rest early.”

Liang Xuer was interrupted by Li Tingshen before she could finish her sentence. Even her voice sounded cold.

“,..You too.” Liang Xuer didn’t know what had happened, but Li Tingshen didn’t like others asking too much about him. Even though she was puzzled, she didn’t ask.

She felt that he was too strange today.

The light in the washroom was much brighter than in the private room.

The luxurious renovation and area were many times larger than other people’s recipes.

Ye Qingqiu forced herself to spit out the wine in her stomach. She exerted too much force, but after that, she felt much better.
She moved to the sink and rinsed her mouth. Then, she looked at her flushed face. Her heavy makeup couldn’t hide her emotionless coldness. After looking at her for a long time, she actually felt a little sad.
“Li Tingshen, look at my face. I’m really drunk. Carry me home.”

“Li Tingshen, my face is so hot. Come and help me apply this Ten Thousand Year Frost…”

“I’m feeling dizzy. Li Tingshen, I’m drunk now. You can plot against me while I’m drunk…”



Just as she was about to wash her face, she suddenly remembered that she didn’t prepare any cosmetics.

In this place, makeup was her weapon and her protection.

She knew the taste of the men here.

After eating too much fish and meat, she always wanted to have some porridge or other flavors.

If she didn’t dress up, she might be the most dangerous person here.

Someone said that she had an unknown charm that attracted men too easily.

Actually, she didn’t believe it. If she wanted to attract a man, why didn’t she attract one?

It wasn’t until she almost suffered a loss that she believed the rumors..