Chapter 717 Guest


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Ye Qingqiu smiled and pressed the bell to get the waiter to bring ten bottles of Louis XIII.

After sitting beside Yin Ruijue and drinking two glasses, Ye Qingqiu’s face turned red.

She didn’t know how to drink before and was almost drunk.

Although she was fine now, her alcohol tolerance…

Perhaps it wasn’t alcohol tolerance at all.

At most, she could barely drink two glasses.

It was too easy for her to get drunk and her head hurt.

It was said that people who drank alcohol would not get drunk easily. She wondered if this was true.

However, every time she finished drinking, she felt as though she had reached her limit. Her head hurt terribly, but her thoughts seemed to become clearer.
While Yin Ruijue was playing with the others, she leaned against the sofa and chatted with Shen Fanxing.

She could talk about anything in the world.

Even though she was the one asking most of the time, Shen Fanxing replied calmly,

Yin Ruijue had drunk a little too much. He returned to the sofa and sat down. Ye Qingqiu moved back to his side.
She handed the wine to Yin Ruijue.

Yin Ruijue finally understood Ye Qingqiu’s motive. She simply wanted to earn money.

“Ye Qingqiu, do you want to drown me?”

Yin Ruijue turned to look at her. This cold-blooded and heartless woman.

She had corrected her name many times, but Yin Ruijue couldn’t change it, so Ye Qingqiu followed him.

“Young Master Yin, you have to be responsible if someone dies in the bar. I can’t escape responsibility. How would I have the guts to do that?”

Yin Ruijue pursed his lips.

Was there anything in this world that Ye Qingqiu didn’t dare to do?

However, he didn’t pursue the matter.

He placed the wine glass in his hand to his lips and took a sip. Then, he tilted his head and asked her, “Are you short of money?”
Ye Qingqiu took a sip of the wine in her hand and chuckled. One of her shoulders was pressed against the sofa. Her slightly tipsy eyes were a little red, but it added to her charm.
“Of course. Who would do this if not for money?”

Her calmness made everyone present feel that the person in front of them was Yan and not Ye Qinggqiu.

Previously, Ye Qingqiu could be unrestrained in front of anyone and say whatever she wanted.

But not in front of Li Tingshen.

Yin Ruijue was puzzled again. He realized that he had never understood Ye Qinggqiu.

“Ye Qingqiu, do you still know who we are?”

This question once again silenced everyone in the room.

‘Do you still know who they are?’

A question about the past.

Even Shen Fanxing looked at Yin Ruijue with a frown.

The man in the corner looked up slowly, his gaze fixed on her face.

Ye Qingqiu blinked and her slightly red eyes darted around Yin Ruijue’s face.

The atmosphere in the room was eerily quiet.

Ye Qingqiu suddenly chuckled, her soft voice sounding a little strange.

“A guest, of course.”

The air fell silent again.

Now, in her eyes, they were not friends, classmates, or former lovers. They were just—guests.
No one knew what they were expecting. In any case, this answer was the worst.

Her face heated up. Ye Qingqiu put down her glass and stood up slowly.

“I’m sorry, Young Master Yin. I might need to go to the washroom.”.