Stop messing around mr bo – Chapter 716

Chapter 716 Do You Need company?


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Bang! Bang! Both bottles of wine were opened.

In the end, he poured a cup for everyone present and another for himself. He picked it up and smiled at Yin Ruijue.

“Happy birthday, Young Master Yin.”

Yin Ruijue couldn’t react in time. Ye Qingqiu smiled faintly and finished the wine in her glass.

After that, she didn’t put down the crystal glass in her hand. Instead, she paused and continued,

“Young Master Yin, do you need me to accompany you?”

The moment he said that, the entire room fell silent again.

In the darkness, Li Tingshen’s dark pupils constricted.

Yin Ruijue recovered from his shock and glanced at Li Tingshen from the corner of his eye. Seeing that he wasn’t moving, he couldn’t figure out what he was thinking.
However, at this moment, Ye Qingqiu walked around the coffee table and sat beside Yin Ruijue. As she poured herself a glass of wine, she said,

“It’s Young Master Yin’s birthday. There should be someone accompanying him. Do you want me to do it, or do you want me to help you find someone else?”
Yin Ruijue’s eyelids twitched. “Ye Qingqiu…”

“Young Master Yin, there’s no such person here. There’s only Ming Yan.”

“Mingyan?” Yin Ruijue was puzzled.

“My… flower name,” Ye Qingqiu explained generously.

The temperature in the room inexplicably dropped. A bone-chilling cold spread from a corner, almost freezing the surrounding air.

“You’re here…” Yin Ruijue gulped, his tone cautious.

“I’m selling alcohol. Young Master Yin, don’t misunderstand.”

What was there to misunderstand about selling alcohol? Wasn’t selling alcohol the same as being an escort?

“Young Master Yin, I’m afraid two bottles of wine aren’t enough. Why don’t we have some more?”

Yin Ruijue couldn’t back down now. No matter what, Ye Qingqiu was an old friend. He had to give her some face, but the person beside him…

Glancing at the man in the corner from the corner of her eye, Ye Qingqiu tugged at Yin Ruijue’s arm and said,

“Can you open another ten bottles?”

That delicate voice sounded in front of his ears, and the trembling of her voice could be heard clearly. There was even a faint breath that brushed past the side of his face.
Yin Ruijue’s heart skipped a beat. Her voice wasn’t pretentious at all, but it touched his heart.

Yin Ruijue was not a kind person. Ever since he went to school, he had never stopped having women in his flashy sports car.

Ina real sense, he had had a few women.

When it came to women, he had never thought of restraining himself.

Ye Qingqiu was beautiful to begin with and her personality was different from other women. She was delicate, but she had a hint of wildness and arrogance that attracted men’s attention.
Back in school, she was one of the women he had planned to woo.

She had already thought about it, but now that they were so close…

However, he wasn’t happy at all. Instead, he had goosebumps.

Was this woman trying to kill him?

ff this continued, he would be torn apart by those two gazes sooner or later.

From the corner of his eye, he looked at a corner again and realized that Li Tingshen’s long and dark eyes were looking at him coldly.
Yin Ruijue’s scalp went numb and he suddenly leaned against the sofa, distancing himself from Ye Qingqiu.

“You… feel free.”.