Chapter 715 Hypocrite


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Shen Fanxing scanned the room. Almost everyone had a cigarette in their hands.

Of course, Shen Fanxing knew that drinking was inevitable in some social events. Smoking was also a major factor.

Although it wasn’t a social event, it was Yin Ruijue’s birthday after all. She knew that Bo Jinchuan didn’t want to embarrass Yin Ruijue.

She shook her head. “Don’t smoke so much.”

Bo Jinchuan chuckled softly. Under the dim light, Shen Fanxing’s earlobes glowed. Since they were close, Bo Jinchuan took the opportunity to kiss her.

Shen Fanxing stiffened and placed her hand on Bo Jinchuan’s shoulder. She turned her head to look around and realized that everyone was playing and no one was paying
attention to them. Feeling relieved, she turned to look at Bo Jinchuan and punched his shoulder lightly.

Bo Jinchuan chuckled again, looking more casual and evil.

She had a unique charm.

The few of them had just arrived. After chatting and laughing for a few minutes, the waiter had just finished adjusting the sound system when the door opened again.
“Young masters and young ladies, Hennessy Louis XIII, who has just returned from France, is here. Sorry to keep you waiting…”
A cheerful voice sounded and a blue figure appeared in the room.

Shen Fanxing pursed her lips and her temples throbbed.

Because of the woman’s appearance, the entire room fell silent.

All of them looked at the slender blue figure standing in front of the coffee table with different expressions.

Then, she shifted her gaze to Li Tingshen.

Li Tingshen raised his eyes slowly and looked at the woman standing opposite him.

Ye Qingqiu stood against the light, her face completely hidden in the darkness.

However, the outline of that face was clearly reflected in her eyes.

It gradually overlapped with the face in her memory, but the details were wrong.

She was still different from before.

She still had a heartless smile on her face, just like when she was facing everyone. It was a fake smile.

Her usual expression.

But he vaguely remembered the kind of heartlessness she had when she faced him. It was because she didn’t want him to carry her when she walked, because she was
hungry, and because she didn’t want to wake up and pester him to be late with her.

Her face and eyes had never been so fake when facing him.


Li Tingshen’s heart skipped a beat. That had better be the case.
eace and quiet.

However, his dark eyes lingered on the woman’s blurry face for a while, trying to find something. In the end, he lowered his eyes first.

Everything happened in a few seconds. In everyone’s eyes, Li Tingshen’s gaze only swept past Ye Qingqiu’s face. It was no different from looking at others.
She was as cold as a stranger.

There was no expression on Ye Qinggqiu’s face. Almost at the same time, she turned around and smiled at Bo Jinchuan.

“Mr Bo, two bottles of Louis XIII. Are you keeping them?”

“Open it.”


Ye Qingqiu couldn’t hide the happiness in her voice. Her gaze swept across the coffee table before she walked to Li Tingshen. Under everyone’s gaze, she bent down and
picked up the chess piece.

Bang! Bang! Both bottles of wine were opened..