Chapter 714 Mind?


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Ye Qingqiu smiled and said, “But I’m still poor.”
Gao’s expression froze for a moment before he shook his head helplessly.

Sometimes, this woman’s every frown and smile was really delicate, but it was also this kind of delicate look that always made one’s heart itch. However, in the next second,
she seemed to have become a different person. The coldness and aloofness she exuded made people feel that the person they saw a second ago was an illusion.

She didn’t know where her delicate self came from. If that was the case, she wouldn’t be reduced to being an escort.

In the nameless private room on the second floor, Bo Jinchuan and Shen Fanxing were the last to arrive.
After entering, she realized that some of the people in the room looked familiar.

The last time she went out with Bo Jinchuan, she had seen them. However, there were a few unfamiliar faces. Although she didn’t know them personally, she had met them
once at major events.

They were all from wealthy families in Ping Cheng City.

There was only a little girl in the room. Recalling the conversation in the group chat, she seemed to be the student called Shang Qidqi.

Her black hair was tied into a ponytail obediently. Her face was fair and tender, and her big eyes were filled with innocence, mischief, and wildness.
The other men were tall and handsome. They had different auras and exuded a noble aura.

Upon seeing them, the calm and indifferent ones greeted them lightly. The unruly ones surrounded Shen Fanxing and Bo Jinchuan to study them.
Shen Fanxing had never experienced such a situation before, so she couldn’t handle it.

Fortunately, Bo Jinchuan was beside her. His cold gaze forced them to retreat.

After Shen Fanxing and Bo Jinchuan sat down, their gazes landed on the sofa.
Li Tingshen sat there quietly, his long legs crossed elegantly under his suit pants. His black suit jacket was unbuttoned, revealing his expensive black shirt.

She held a long and thin cigarette between her beautiful fingers. As she inhaled and exhaled, her handsome and calm face appeared in the smoke. In the mist, her long and
dark eyes were deep and unfathomable, exuding a gloomy and cold aura.

He looked neither angry nor happy, but no one knew what he was thinking.

Shen Fanxing pressed her lips, feeling baffled by her worry.

She had thought of caring for someone other than Xu Qingzhi.

She had never wanted to become a sentimental person.

She wasn’t used to Ye Qingqiu’s concern.

She snapped out of her trance and exhaled softly. She turned to look at Bo Jinchuan and saw a cigarette in his hand.
Shen Fanxing was surprised. In her opinion, Bo Jinchuan wasn’t an addict.

He drank at parties, but he had never drunk too much.

She had never seen him touch a cigarette before, not even at home.

Unexpectedly, he knew how to smoke.

Bo Jinchuan noticed her gaze and glanced at the cigarette on his finger. He inched closer to her and his deep voice sounded clearly in her ears.

Shen Fanxing scanned the room. Almost everyone had a cigarette in their hands.

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