Stop messing around mr bo – Chapter 713

Chapter 713 Ye Qinggqiu


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She was wearing a pure blue dress without any unnecessary design. She wore it cleanly and her long hair fell casually on her shoulders. Although she was dressed in an ordinary manner, she could easily attract
everyone’s attention.

The reason was her unique and contradictory temperament.

She was cold and elegant, but there was a charm to her.

There was arrogance in her laziness.

He exuded the most attractive aura, but when he approached her, his gaze stopped at the coldness and alienation in her eyes.
Hence, the smile on her face turned into something precious.

What could make a wine seller happy in such a place?

He could only spend money to buy the wine in her hand.

Shen Fanxing remembered that Ye Qingqiu was selling alcohol, but she didn’t expect her to be here.

“Miss, what can I do for you?” asked the manager cautiously when he noticed Shen Fanxing stopping.

Perhaps because she heard the commotion, Ye Qingqiu looked over.

The moment she saw Shen Fanxing, Ye Qingqiu was stunned.

Then, she composed herself and stood up from her chair before walking towards Shen Fanxing.

“What a coincidence?” The heartless expression on her face made people speechless.

“What are you doing?” asked Shen Fanxing.

Ye Qingqiu smiled and scanned the magnificent lobby before her gaze landed on Bo Jinchuan.

“Life! Earning money. I don’t have the capital to come here to have fun! How about it, Mr. Bo? Do you want to support me?”

Bo Jinchuan’s eyes swept past Ye Qingqiu. “Yin Ruijue’s birthday party in the nameless room on the second floor.”

With that, Bo Jinchuan retracted his gaze and wrapped his arm around Shen Fanxing’s waist before heading upstairs.

Ye Qingqiu stood rooted to the ground. The carefree smile on her face faded a little, but the corners of her lips remained stubbornly curved.

The manager settled everything and hurried down. When he saw Ye Qinggqiu, he smiled and said,

“Mingyan, you’ve finally met someone tonight. You’ve just arrived and you’ve already encountered such a big business. Serve him well and don’t cause any trouble. I’ll give you a commission!”
Ye Qingqiu’s eyes flashed…

What concept?

They received a 0.8% commission, which was equivalent to selling wine for 10,000 yuan. She could get a commission of 80 yuan. If she raised the price, she could get 180 yuan!
There were many people who came to Mansion No. 8 who spent more than 100,000 yuan a night. If she could handle two more rounds, she could get a commission of 3,000 to 4,000 yuan a night!
Yin Ruijue and the rest naturally wanted the best wine. They had the most fun on their birthday.

She couldn’t let others have this money.

Walking to the bar, Ye Qingqiu placed a hand on the black marble counter and said, “Xiao Gao, get me two bottles of Louis XIII.”

The bartender called Xiao Gao looked up at her and smiled. “Sister Ming Yan, you’re going to explode tonight.”

Ming Yan, the name Ye Qinggqiu used here.

To put it nicely, she was a liquor salesperson.

To put it bluntly, she was a hostess.

In order to get customers to buy more alcohol, she would welcome them with a smile. She was the kind of person who would say sweet nothings and drink with them..