Stop messing around mr bo – Chapter 712

Chapter 712 Mansion Number Eight


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Shang Qingmo: “Hello, CEO Shen. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Shen Fanxing replied, “Hello.”

Yin Ruijue: “Everyone, let me introduce you to Shen Fanxing. She’s the chief perfumer of Zhiqin Cosmetics and the CEO of Stars International. She’s also Brother Bo’s girlfriend!”
Shang Qiqi: “Damn! It’s true!”

Xu Han: [F*ck! It’s true!]

Shang Qingmo: [@Shang Qigi, don’t curse.]

Bo Jinchuan replied, ‘She’s not my girlfriend.’

Shang Qidgi: [?]

Xu Han: [?]

Li Tingshen: [???]

Yin Ruijue: [222]

Bo Jinchuan replied, “Fiancée.”

Shang Qiqi: “F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck!”

Xu Han: “F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!”

Yin Ruijue: “F*ck! When did this happen?!”

Li Tingshen: Efficiency.

Shen Fanxing blushed as countless friend requests flooded in.

They were all members of the group. After adding each other as friends, they chatted briefly before returning to the group to talk about Yin Ruijue’s birthday.

In the end, all the members of Yin Ruijue’s team said, “Let’s meet at Mansion Number 8 tonight! Prepare your birthday gifts!”

Li Tingshen sat in front of his office desk with his back straight. Under his shirt, one could see the perfect muscles on his body. His black shirt made him look even more mature and composed. He exuded an
extraordinary noble aura.

At this moment, his long and narrow eyes were staring at the phone screen. A dark glint flashed across his eyes.
An oppressive aura emanated from the huge study room and his eyes narrowed slowly.

Mansion Number Eight?

She stayed in Bo Jinchuan’s office until he got off work. Bo Jinchuan wanted to leave the moment he got off work, but Shen Fanxing didn’t agree.
Bo Jinchuan got someone to buy clothes for Shen Fanxing before leaving.

She took Bo Jinchuan’s private elevator to the underground parking lot and went straight to Mansion Number 8.

Mansion Number Eight.

It looked like a decent name, but it was actually a place for sex.

The venue was not as grand as Green Jade Entertainment Company, but even though it was small, it was complete. The various types of waiters hired in the mansion had been carefully selected. Their figures and looks
were all outstanding!

Her expenses would definitely not be lower than Green Jade Entertainment Company.

The guests here were either rich or noble. Any one of them had an identity that could not be provoked.

Moreover, it was a membership system. In other words, even if one had money, they might not be able to enter.

Shen Fanxing didn’t have much to say about this place. She only knew that it was a money-burning place.

There was nothing surprising about Yin Ruijue choosing this place.

Wasn’t this place tailor-made for people like them?

Perhaps it was because Yin Ruijue had informed them beforehand, when they arrived at Mansion Number 8, the chauffeur hurriedly went forward to open the car door.
Actually, the manager had received the news a few minutes ago and was already waiting at the entrance.

Seeing Bo Jinchuan and Shen Fanxing alighting from the car, she hurried forward and bowed respectfully to welcome them.

In the magnificent hall, most of the people were men in suits. They were of different heights, fat and thin, and had different auras.
Some sat at the bar, while others sat at the booths in various corners.

In the middle, there were all kinds of slender and beautiful waiters with sweet smiles.

The stairs on the second floor were near the bar.

Just as Shen Fanxing was about to go upstairs, she saw a familiar figure leaning against the counter. He was holding his head and chatting with a customer..

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