Stop messing around mr bo – Chapter 711

Chapter 711 Noble Scum


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Seeing how happy she was, Bo Jinchuan’s heart ached.

ff she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, who would have thought that this strong and capable woman would have such a side to her?
it was just that her life at that stage didn’t allow her to be childish and simple.

The most childish moment in her life was when she fell into darkness…

His eyes darkened and his gaze on Shen Fanxing darkened.

Catching a thief in the act of adultery,

ow, there was a recording of the phone call, photos of the cafe, the indignant accusations of everyone in the filming crew, Ji Yi and her huge fan club, and the criticism of most righteous passers-by. Of course, this
included some haters who were too vicious.

Even though she had been in public relations for so many years, she couldn’t think of a perfect public relations method for Gu Zeyan.

This had already become her habit. Every time something happened, she would think of the public relations methods that the other party might use before thinking of her own solution.

For example, Gu Zeyan had no choice but to stand up and apologize.

She deserved it.

She stopped paying attention to this matter that she already knew the outcome of. Thinking of Yin Ruijue’s birthday tonight, she let go of her phone and asked for his gathering address.
Shen Fanxing replied, “Young Master Yin, happy birthday.”

Yin Ruijue: [Wow, thank you, Sister-in-law! I’m flattered!]

Shen Fanxing asked, “Where is the gathering tonight?”

Yin Ruijue: “8th Mansion. I’ll send you the address immediately.”

Shen Fanxing asked, “Who is there tonight? Will there be a lot of people?”

After sending the message, Yin Ruijue didn’t reply immediately like before. Not long after, Shen Fanxing received an invitation from Yin Ruijue.
Group name—noble scum.

Shen Fanxing was speechless.

The moment she clicked on it, Yin Ruijue exploded.

Yin Ruijue: “@All members, welcome sister-in-law to the team!”

Bo Jinchuan’s phone rang and he looked at the message expressionlessly.

She realized that Yin Ruijue had invited Shen Fanxing to the group.

Xu Han: “What sister-in-law? Whose wife?”

Shen Fanxing felt awkward.

Was he that direct?

Bo Jinchuan replied, “Mine.”

After a long period of silence, the group exploded almost at the same time.

Shang Qiqi: “Am I still asleep?!”

Shang Qingmo: “Isn’t it the first class in the afternoon? Shang Qidqi, you skipped class?”

Shang Qiqi: “No, no. I’m in class. I’ll show you the photo.”

Shang Qingmo: [So you’re playing with your phone in class?]

Yin Ruijue: “@Shang Qingmo, that’s enough. No one will care if you teach your niece a lesson at home. Let’s welcome Sister-in-law now.”
Li Tingshen: “Welcome, Sister-in-law.”

Shang Qiqi: [Welcome, Sister-in-law.]

Yin Ruijue: “Welcome, Sister-in-law.”

Shang Qingmo: [Welcome.]

Xu Han: Welcome, Sister-in-law.

Lu Shaogian: Welcome.

Bo Jinchuan replied, “Yes.”

Everyone fell silent.

Welcome? What did he say?

However, it was really unbelievable. Aman who would never have a woman in ten thousand years actually had a woman.
Shen Fanxing was at a loss after receiving such a grand welcome.

This was the first time she had entered such a group of friends. She carefully typed out a self-introduction.

“Hello everyone, I’m Shen Fanxing.”

Shang Qiqi: “Oh my god, is that the Shen Fanxing I know?”

Xu Han: [@Shang Qiqi, are we thinking of the same person?]

Lu Shaogian typed, ‘Is it that Shen Fanxing who is trending now?’.

What do you think?