Stop messing around mr bo – Chapter 710

Chapter 710 Childishly Adorable


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What had she done? Why was she trending for no reason?

And she was tied to these two?

She clicked on the trending topic Top 1 and the summary message sent by a famous blogger was sent to the trending page.
Gu Zeyan deleted the post instantly.

“I didn’t expect that I would encounter such a situation one day! In this industry, you can’t afford to be sick and you can’t afford to offend others! I hope everyone can take good care of your health. Otherwise, even
being sick will offend others.”

Shen Fanxing took a closer look at the photo. It was indeed Gu Zeyan’s verified account.

Then, she sneered. How shameless!

What followed was the fans seeking justice for Gu Zeyan.

Later on, Xiao Mingjie’s filming team personally released the video of Gu Zeyan in the cafe and uploaded the recording of the conversation between the assistants online.
After that, almost all the employees of Xiao Mingjie’s filming team appeared to explain the situation back then. They even criticized Gu Zeyan’s character.

The die-hard fans were naturally unhappy with others questioning and judging their idol. Just like that, an online war started.

Of course, there were also many onlookers. This matter was already very clear. Without a doubt, Gu Zeyan was in the wrong. It was not just a mistake, but also a matter of character.
“Gu Zeyan was the one who complained first. The truth is right in front of us. Why are you still arguing?”

“He was the one who acted like a big shot and stood the entire team up. He even wanted to appeal on Weibo. Damn it, isn’t this the typical method of a white lotus?”
“She’s been tied down by Shen Qianrou for too long and has been assimilated! F*ck, she’s too scary. Shen Bailian’s charm is like a black hole.”

“That’s true. What’s so good about Shen Bailian? As long as a man is close to her, women, the old and the young, they will fall head over heels for her. Scary, scary!”

“Speaking of Shen Bailian, I heard that Gu Zeyan stood the production team up today because the spokesperson for the jewelry brand this time is Ji Yi. Everyone knows about the feud between Ji Yi and Shen Bailian, but
more importantly, he’s using Ji Yi to show off to CEO Shen of Stars International!”

“You dare to bully our Ji Yi? Haha, come and tear her apart! Who’s afraid of you?!”
“Chief Shen’s army is here to protect you! Hello, friends from Ji Yi’s family, shake hands!”

“Hello, President Shen’s friends! We’re all family! You’re welcome! Let’s shake hands!”


Shen Fanxing couldn’t help but laugh at the adorable interaction between Ji Yi’s fans and her army of guards.
Why were they so cute?

When Bo Jinchuan heard the voice, he couldn’t help but look up at the sofa.

Shen Fanxing placed her legs on the sofa and hugged her knees. She bit the knuckle of her index finger and blushed as she stared at the screen.
His dark eyes shifted slightly. It must have been caused by Xiao Mingjie’s photo.

However, Gu Zeyan was speechless. She shouldn’t be so happy.

Frowning, he couldn’t help but look up and ask, “What are you happy about?”

“Oh… sorry to disturb you.”

Bo Jinchuan stared at her silently.

Shen Fanxing rolled her eyes and said, “I have an army of guards online too. They’re adorable.”

Bo Jinchuan raised an eyebrow and asked, “Let’s see how charming you are.”

Shen Fanxing looked smug. “It seems like I’m really outstanding.”

Bo Jinchuan smirked. This woman…

There was actually a childish and cute side to her..

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