Stop messing around mr bo – Chapter 708

Chapter 708 Looking for CEO Shen


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When the phone rang, Bo Jinchuan sat behind his desk and glanced at the coffee table. Then, he stood up and walked to the sofa. He picked up Shen Fanxing’s phone and glanced at the screen. It was an unknown

Her long fingers slid and she placed her hand beside her ear calmly.


“CEO Shen… Erm… Who are you?”

Xiao Mingjie wanted to get straight to the point, but he realized that it wasn’t Shen Fanxing’s voice.

“What’s the matter?”

Bo Jinchuan didn’t answer him directly, but what happened today was enough for Xiao Mingjie to guess who it was.

“Mr. Bo, um… I’m looking for CEO Shen…”

“What is it?” asked Bo Jinchuan patiently with a frown. His tone was cold.

“Uh… Mr. Bo, today…”

Xiao Mingjie recounted how Gu Zeyan stood up the filming crew today and the relationship between Gu Zeyan and Shen Qianrou. In the end, he recounted what happened on Weibo before saying,
“There’s a photo of Gu Zeyan in the cafe on CEO Shen’s phone. I want to come over.”


Bo Jinchuan replied calmly before hanging up.

Before Xiao Mingjie could react, his phone rang and a photo was sent.

After sending the photo, Bo Jinchuan placed his phone back where it was. Then, he picked up Shen Fanxing’s documents and raised an eyebrow.

When Shen Fanxing woke up, it was already half-past two in the afternoon.

Shen Fanxing was slightly taken aback by the furnishings in the room before she quickly realized where she was.

Glancing at her watch, she was surprised that she had slept until past three.

Thinking of the documents she had yet to settle, Shen Fanxing bit her lips in frustration. She got out of bed hurriedly and circled the bed, but she didn’t find her shoes.

She decided to ask Bo Jinchuan barefooted.

The door was pulled open. “Bo Jinchuan, my shoes…”

She looked up and her voice was stuck in the air.

There were five or six men in suits standing in front of Bo Jinchuan’s desk. Their ages varied, but their average age was relatively higher.

At this moment, the few of them were staring at her with different expressions. There were confusion, confusion, shock, embarrassment, and a few traces of disapproval and disdain.
Shen Fanxing still had short hair and her loose shirt was a little wrinkled. There were two buttons on her collar. Facing the silent and awkward atmosphere, the crooked collar slid down her right shoulder.

The white shirt that Shen Fanxing was wearing was still Bo Jinchuan’s, and it was empty inside. The corset that she had worn in the dressing room had long been thrown away by Bo Jinchuan. Although the quality of the
shirt wasn’t good enough to expose her chest, her smooth shoulders and shirt couldn’t help but let her imagination run wild.

Especially her messy clothes and the scattered red marks on her skin. It was obvious what she had experienced.
The few of them couldn’t react in time. They had seen with their own eyes that their ascetic CEO actually knew how to hide a beauty. Moreover, this “Jiao” was actually a handsome man.

Bo Jinchuan stood up and strode towards Shen Fanxing. He pulled her collar up..