Chapter 703 Swallowed


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“It’s obvious who is better.”

“Isn’t that obvious? His height, physique, and aura are all perfect!”

“That’s right. Look at the situation now. It’s obvious that the one below can’t walk anymore, right?”

Shen Fanxing was overwhelmed with shame. Hearing these words, she wished she could disappear from this world.
Was there anything more shameful than this?

“Hey, wait… Did we make a mistake?”

“What… Ah!”

At that moment, Bo Jinchuan had already left with Shen Fanxing. Yu Song said,

“| hope that everyone can control your actions. I hope that everyone can let today’s incident happen silently and pretend that it never happened…”
The few of them paused and nodded quickly.

“We know, we know!”

None of them were fools. Who would dare to spread news about CEO Bo without his permission?

Yu Song looked at Xiao Mingjie and said calmly,

“I hope that the final selection can prevent anyone from recognizing CEO Shen.”

Xiao Mingjie coughed lightly and nodded. “Don’t worry, I won’t be recognized.”

Yu Song nodded and looked at Lan Xi. Seeing how shocked she was, he decided to leave first.

After a long time, Lan Xi came back to her senses.

“What… what happened?”

“CEO… CEO Bo is really… gay?”

Everyone in the studio kept quiet and remembered Special Assistant Yu’s warning.
She would never mention another word about what happened today.

In fact, even they had just realized that he was CEO Shen and not a real man.

Therefore, CEO Bo was not gay.

Downstairs, Shen Fanxing was carried into the car by Bo Jinchuan. The moment she was placed in the car, she scrambled to sit on the other side.

it was her first time doing it in a place that wasn’t on the bed, but Bo Jinchuan was getting more and more fierce. Her entire body was sore and weak. She moved to the other side, exhausted.
Bo Jinchuan smiled at her actions and got into the car.

Before she could sit properly, she received Shen Fanxing’s accusing gaze.

Turning his head to look at her flushed face and swollen lips, Bo Jinchuan couldn’t help but pull her into his embrace.

He kissed and bit her red and swollen lips.

“Bo Jinchuan, are you a wolf?”

it took a long time before he let go of her. Even Shen Fanxing’s breathing became soft, let alone her voice. Her voice was hoarse and she was sobbing.

calling how she had begged him for mercy, Bo Jinchuan’s Adam’s apple bobbed.

His thin lips caressed her temples and his deep voice landed on his eardrums. His body went even softer.

“Yes, I can’t wait to swallow you.”

Shen Fanxing glared at him, her accusation deepening.

However, the softness in her eyes was not as strong as before.

Instead, she looked like a kitten who was trying her best to be angry. Her fur was standing on end, but she had no offensive power at all.
He gave a low laugh, his warm breath bringing his soft kiss to her ear. “Home, huh?”

Shen Fanxing rubbed against him and buried her face in his neck.

Her voice was lazy and weak. “I still have unfinished business in the company…”.