Chapter 700 What Did He Do?


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The force of the restraint dissipated and Shen Fanxing sighed comfortably.

Who would want to dress up as a man?

Usually, she would feel helpless wearing Bra.

Bo Jinchuan’s body tightened at her sigh. Gritting his teeth, he pulled her pants down.

Then, he pushed her back to the mirror.

In the next moment, Shen Fanxing’s fair and slender leg was wrapped around the man’s strong waist.

Shen Fanxing blinked and her mind seemed to explode. She sobered up instantly.


She wanted to say something, but Bo Jinchuan stopped her.

Along the way, he pressed his lips against her slender and beautiful neck. In the end, he wrapped Mei Hong’s lips without hesitation.

Asharp numbness spread from the top to her entire body. It instantly attacked her most fragile nerves, causing her to cry out.
“Bo Jinchuan… don’t… not here…”

“Where did your fearless nature go? I like how you couldn’t wait.”

“Didn’t I just…”

“It’s too late!”

Bo Jinchuan stood up and sucked on her earlobe as he removed her last layer of protection.

Bo Jinchuan chuckled when he felt her warmth.

He planted a kiss on her lips. “Aren’t you already prepared?”

Shen Fanxing’s pretty face flushed red.

She was embarrassed by her reaction and embarrassed by Bo Jinchuan’s words.

“Don’t be like this… not here…”

“Remember to keep your voice down. Otherwise, those people outside might hear you…

Bo Jinchuan had just finished speaking when his strong body pressed down on her.


Shen Fanxing’s eyes widened and her mind went blank!

What had she done?

What were they doing?!

She was… in someone else’s dressing room…

There were sounds coming from outside the door. Lan Xi didn’t want the man she had brought here to cause trouble. She didn’t want Bo Jinchuan to fight with someone for another woman.
After pondering for a while, she knocked on the door.

“Mr. Bo, CEO Shen… calm down…”

“Director Lan!”

Yu Song hurriedly stopped Lan Xi.

Lan Xi looked at Yu Song in confusion.


Yu Song coughed awkwardly and said sternly,

“Master has never liked others interfering in his matters, and no one can influence his decisions. The two of them… should know their limits!”
“… But… we can’t let the two of them continue fighting like this, right? What’s the point if both sides suffer?”

Yu Song felt a little helpless. Although she was right, wouldn’t it be courting death to stop a fight between demons?

“Anyway, Director Lan… let’s not bother about this matter! Let’s go outside to rest first.”

The commotion outside made Shen Fanxing tense up and she focused all her attention on the door. Even her breathing was tense.
“Okay… relax a little!”

Her nervousness made Bo Jinchuan groan.

Shen Fanxing’s heart skipped a beat.

Ever since the two of them broke through the last line of defense, Bo Jinchuan seemed to have discovered a new continent. It was as if a switch had been turned on..