Chapter 699 Confrontation


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“What are you doing?”

“Don’t you have anything to say?”

Bo Jinchuan lowered his head to look at her.

Shen Fanxing threw Bo Jinchuan’s blazer aside.

“Shen Fanxing, you seduced a woman in front of me!”

“Bo Jinchuan, you were seduced by a woman in front of me!”

“You kissed Ji Yi! Was it fun?”

“You made that Director Lan appear with you. Is that comfortable?”

“I didn’t let her rub against me!”

“I didn’t kiss Ji Yi either!”

Shen Fanxing replied Bo Jinchuan without hesitation.

There was a ball of anger in his chest. Seeing how stubborn Shen Fanxing was, he pinched her chin in anger and pressed his lips against hers.
This stubborn mouth should be firmly shut.


It was a rare kiss that was filled with anger. It was rough, domineering, and overwhelming. The dense kisses seemed to want to suffocate her. They pried open her lips and teeth and entered without any resistance…
Shen Fanxing’s breathing became short and hot.

“You… let go!”

She pushed him angrily. It was too obvious that the man wanted her to give in.

Shen Fanxing was the master who was amenable to coaxing but not coercion.

Bo Jinchuan bit her lower lip and Shen Fanxing’s scalp went numb. She was afraid that he would bite her lips in a fit of anger.

Seeing her worry, Bo Jinchuan bit her hard before letting go.

Shen Fanxing felt the pain, but it wasn’t too painful.

“Behave yourself in the future! Shen Fanxing, you belong to me alone, okay? Don’t let anyone touch you!”

His voice was low and hoarse, and his dominance was obvious.

His dark gaze landed on her flat chest under her white shirt. He gritted his teeth and reached out to unbutton her shirt again.

Shen Fanxing looked up at him. Even though her heart was moved by his domineering words, she still pulled Bo Jinchuan’s tie unwillingly and pulled him closer to her.
“Behave yourself, Bo Jinchuan. You can only be mine! Don’t let anyone touch you or them!”

From the corner of her eye, she glanced at his arm that had been touched by that woman. Then, she tugged at his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.
Bo Jinchuan’s anger turned.

Shen Fanxing’s temper turned.

All of it turned into a strong possessiveness of the other party.

Their lips and tongues intertwined for some reason under this strange confrontation.

For some reason, they couldn’t wait to undress each other..