Chapter 698 Nothing to Say?


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Bo Jinchuan’s face darkened as he strode over and pulled Shen Fanxing up.

Shen Fanxing lost her balance and Bo Jinchuan pulled her into his embrace.

His lean and muscular chest made her chest hurt.


Everyone gasped and looked at each other.

“What’s going on?”

“Could it be that CEO Bo likes Ji Yi? Is he jealous because he saw Ji Yi being taken advantage of?”

“I was wondering where Ji Yi got the money for the concert. What’s that money to the Bo Consortium?”
“No wonder, no wonder…”

Hearing this, Ji Yi felt awkward.

What was going on?

How could she have any relationship with CEO Bo?

Besides, the CEO was CEO Shen’s…

Just as everyone was jealous of Ji Yi, Bo Jinchuan grabbed Shen Fanxing’s wrist again and strode backstage.
“Sigh, Mr Bo…”

“Mr. Bo…”

Xiao Mingjie was a little worried that the two of them would fight in his photography team, so he hurriedly wanted to follow them!
Lan Xi was even more furious.

She had come today to bond with Mr. Bo.

Why… Who knew what a handsome man like Mr. Bo would like a girl like her?

She gritted her teeth and chased after him.

Bo Jinchuan dragged Shen Fanxing into the dressing room.

With a click, the door was locked.

Lan Xi and Xiao Mingjie happened to rush over. When they heard the sound of the door being locked, they were stunned.
The two of them looked at each other in confusion, their eyes filled with confusion.

if they wanted to fight, so be it. Was there a need to lock the door?

Besides, how could CEO Shen defeat CEO Bo?

She was a woman!

When Shen Fanxing entered the dressing room, she flung Bo Jinchuan’s hand away and strode towards the dressing table.

She couldn’t hide her anger.

Bo Jinchuan followed closely behind and pulled Shen Fanxing to the dressing table.

His cool fingers caressed her soft red lips.

“It hurts… What are you doing?!” Shen Fanxing pushed him away.

Bo Jinchuan wrapped his arm around Shen Fanxing’s waist and pulled her closer to him. His eyes were cold and dark as his slender fingers pinched Shen Fanxing’s chin.
“Why are you running? Don’t you have anything to say to me?”

Shen Fanxing frowned and replied, “No!”

“Shen Fanxing!” snapped Bo Jinchuan as his gaze swept across her white suit.

Suddenly, he reached out with his other hand and pulled it open. The buttons of his suit seemed to bounce on the dressing table and the ground, making a clanging sound.
Shen Fanxing took a deep breath.

“Bo Jinchuan, what are you doing?”

Bo Jinchuan’s handsome face was filled with anger.

“Do you think you’re not attractive enough? How dare you attract the attention of those women dressed like this?”

As he spoke, he pulled open the remaining buttons on her suit and threw it on the ground.

Shen Fanxing gritted her teeth as her gaze swept across Bo Jinchuan’s arm that was wrapped around her waist. Her heart was filled with hatred as she reached out to remove Bo Jinchuan’s black suit and unbuttoned it

Noticing her actions, Bo Jinchuan frowned and carried Shen Fanxing to the dressing table..