Chapter 693 Hold


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“Ah~~ Lost prince! Is my fate here today?”

Although her face was still the same as Shen Fanxing’s, she had changed from a woman to a man. Her long hair was now short and her aura was completely different.
They would never have thought that the handsome man in front of them was Shen Fanxing.

Xiao Mingjie stood up slowly. After being a photographer for so many years, he could tell that the person in front of him was Shen Fanxing.

Even though he was mentally prepared, he was still shocked when Shen Fanxing appeared.

Perfect. It was simply perfect.

Staring straight at Shen Fanxing, she wiped the water from the corner of her lips before walking towards her slowly.

Shen Fanxing looked at Xiao Mingjie calmly.

As he got closer to Shen Fanxing, Xiao Mingjie realized that it wasn’t just her outstanding looks. There was also a strong sense of dominance in her aloofness.
The closer he got to her, the more obvious the oppressive feeling became.

As the female CEO of Stars International, she naturally couldn’t be underestimated.

Bo Jinchuan narrowed his eyes at the extremely handsome man. His expression finally changed.

There was a faint guess in his heart, and a cold aura gradually appeared between his brows.

Yu Song could easily sense the change in Bo Jinchuan’s aura. He had no idea what had happened.

After taking two more steps, she looked up and saw the most eye-catching “man”.

Dressed in a white suit, he had fair skin, exquisite and perfect features. His unique aura instantly made him the center of attention.

The moment he came into contact with that figure, Yu Song felt that the man was emitting a holy white light.

He felt that there was no one more perfect than his master in this world. In the end, when he saw the handsome man in a white suit not far away, he actually felt that there was indeed someone better. In this world,
there was really a man who could be compared to his master.

But why did this person look so familiar?
He was sure that he had never seen such a person before.
if he had seen her before, how could he not know?

“What’s wrong, Bo…”

Lan Xi was a little puzzled by Bo Jinchuan’s pause and the pessimistic aura he exuded. She followed his gaze and when her gaze landed on the white figure, she paused.
God, what a handsome man!

At this moment, Ji Yi walked out slowly from behind Shen Fanxing in a long black dress.

When she stood in front of Shen Fanxing and saw her face, her beautiful face blushed and she looked at him in panic and shyness.

Ji Yi stared at her blankly for a few seconds before retracting her gaze with difficulty. She extended her hand to greet Shen Fanxing politely.

“Hello, this is our first time working together. Please forgive us.”

Shen Fanxing looked at the hand in black lace gloves and raised an eyebrow.

It was a small action, but it carried a hint of evil.

Ji Yi’s heart skipped a beat and she hurriedly lowered her head, not daring to look at the man’s charming face.

Shen Fanxing found Ji Yi’s reaction funny, but she still reached out to hold her hand.

[Beauty, I’ll blow bubbles for you…].