Chapter 692 The Lost Prince


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He stood in front of the car and nodded at the seductive woman.

However, his dark and calm eyes did not linger on the woman for a second. He only raised his head to look in the direction of the studio. His cold and handsome face was expressionless. He stood there for a short
period of time, like an immovable mountain.

He was supreme and dignified.

Lan Xi closed the car door, her eyes full of admiration and infatuation.

Who said that there were no perfect men in this world?

Wasn’t this person in front of him?

Yu Song locked the car and stood silently at the side. Looking at the expression in the woman’s eyes, he felt sorry for her.
However, he had always wondered why Master would suddenly choose to follow her out for an inspection.

Although caring about the sales chain of the mall was also a reason, there was no need to do it personally, right?
Although she had doubts, she hid them in her heart and followed behind them silently.

Bo Jinchuan’s long legs were elegant and steady as he walked. However, because of his long legs, every step he took spanned a huge distance. Lan Xi wanted to walk with Bo Jinchuan as much as possible, but despite
her high heels, she was still left behind by him.

She was a little vexed. Fortunately, when she was on the stairs leading to the studio upstairs, she quickened her pace. Just as she was about to catch up with Bo Jinchuan, she saw his tall figure stop at the staircase. His
gaze was fixed on a certain spot.

Thinking that he was waiting for her, Lan Xi was delighted and chased after him.

When Shen Fanxing appeared in the studio, the water in Xiao Mingjie’s mouth flowed down quietly.

When everyone saw the white figure, not only did their jaws drop to the ground, but their eyes almost popped out.

The man slowly walked towards them. The corridor leading to the dressing room was the only place where light could shine in.

He seemed to be stepping on light and clouds. He looked like an otherworldly immortal, so handsome that he didn’t seem to be in the human world.

He was wearing a gorgeous retro white suit that was tailored to fit him perfectly. It seemed to be tailor-made for him.

tt made the man’s figure look slender and beautiful.

Her short hair made her look fresh and capable. Due to the fact that she had to take a photo in a magazine, her perfect facial features looked even more exquisite.

However, he didn’t have any expression on his face. He was so cold and indifferent that he looked like a heartless immortal. His aura was cold and elegant.

What was even more terrifying was his clear eyes. They were so bright that they seemed to be able to accommodate too many things, but at the same time, he didn’t seem to care about anything.

He was as cold and noble as a real prince in a fairy tale.

it made people want to receive his special treatment and his gentle and doting smile towards the person they loved.
As he walked over, the light flowed on his body like flowing water, forming a mesmerizing circle of light.

“Oh my god, who is this? I’m going to be handsome to death!”

“I… [don’t know either. There’s actually such a person in our production team?”

“Impossible! She must have gone to the wrong studio!”

“Ah~~ Lost prince! Is my fate here today?”.