Stop messing around mr bo – Chapter 688

Chapter 688 Failed


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Hearing this, Shen Fanxing frowned immediately.

The filming crew had been preparing for today’s shoot since early in the morning. They had been doing this tiring and boring work every day, so they were already a little resistant to it. Now that they were unwilling to
do it, they had done what they should.

In the end, it was all for nothing.

“Ji Yi was stood up?”

Shen Fanxing frowned and gave it some thought.

Previously, she had placed all her focus on researching the competition works. She had handed the management of the company’s artistes to the various managers.
She only knew about Ji Yi’s schedule when she flipped through it occasionally.

As for the details, she really didn’t know.

“That’s right. If not for Gu Zeyan’s good looks, his hands are as beautiful as a woman’s, and he knows how to play the piano, who would use him?”

Shen Fanxing thought to herself. It wasn’t easy for one person to have these three outstanding qualities.

This was enough to prove that Gu Zeyan was the most suitable man for today’s shoot.

But this Gu Zeyan…

Shen Fanxing pursed her lips and gave a mocking smile.

She could guess why he wasn’t coming.

He was a man who regarded Shen Qianrou as his goddess. He had once valued her as a suitor and was now her loyal supporter. Now that he had the chance to avenge Shen Qianrou, he naturally wouldn’t miss it.
He had stood Ji Yi up and the entire filming crew up. Whose face was he slapping?

Of course he was slapping her face!

Ji Yi was an artiste from Lan Yun Entertainment. Later on, she became one of Shen Fanxing’s subordinates. Later on, she helped Ji Yi make a comeback and kicked Shen Qianrou down from the clouds. She became the
target of everyone’s disdain. This resentment seemed to have been suppressed by Shen Qianrou and had yet to be vented.

Now was the time to vent.

However, she had neglected Gu Zeyan’s move. It was unexpected and difficult to deal with.

“Shh, shh, shh, stop talking. Teacher Xiao is here. Don’t look for trouble later.”

Because Xiao Mingjie was in a bad mood just now, he had already lost his temper. No one wanted to compliment him.

When he saw Shen Fanxing, Xiao Mingjie’s face darkened.

Shen Fanxing thought for a while before walking to Xiao Mingjie, who was fiddling with his camera. His assistant nodded awkwardly at her.
“Hello, Teacher Xiao.”

Shen Fanxing took the initiative to greet Xiao Mingjie.

Xiao Mingjie looked up at her and pursed his lips. He put down the camera in his hand and stood up to shake Shen Fanxing’s hand.


Shen Fanxing smiled and scanned her surroundings before looking down at her watch.

“It’s not a solution to delay the production team’s progress. Teacher Xiao, have you thought of replacing her?”

Xiao Mingjie had just sat down when he heard Shen Fanxing’s suggestion. He gave a sarcastic laugh.

“T have, but where can I find her?”
Xiao Mingjie’s attitude was a little bad. His assistant beside him quickly said,

“CEO Shen, it’s like this. Back then, there was a reason why Young Master Gu was chosen. He’s good-looking, has good hands, and knows how to play the piano. These three conditions are indispensable. Moreover, if
news of the sudden change in the entertainment industry spreads, it will definitely not be good for the artist’s reputation…”

Xiao Mingjie kicked the chair beside him and said angrily,.

What do you think?