Stop messing around mr bo – Chapter 683

Chapter 683 Role Playing


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Shen Fanxing raised an eyebrow and retracted her hand to continue eating.

“If you can take it, why can’t I accept it? No matter what, it’s still 100,000 yuan. It’s enough for me to squander for half a year.”

Bo Jinchuan chuckled and said, “A hundred thousand yuan is a waste of half a year? It’s not even comparable to Yin Ruijue’s overnight expenses…
“I’m just an ordinary person. How can I compare to you?”

Bo Jinchuan found the word ‘ordinary’ ridiculous.

He had never thought that the word ordinary would be so close to him.

“What are you laughing at?”

Shen Fanxing asked casually.

“Yes… I find it refreshing. I’m a bandit while you’re an ordinary person. We can give it a try…”

Shen Fanxing felt embarrassed.

She still remembered the “bandits”?

This petty man!

“You… Are you playing a role?”

What kind of stunt was this!

Bo Jinchuan tilted his head slightly as he recalled the scene. He nodded and said, “It’s a good experience.”

Shen Fanxing held the bowl and couldn’t bear to look at her. She finished the soup and rushed to the kitchen.

She pretended not to have heard Bo Jinchuan’s suggestion.

Seeing Shen Fanxing’s rejection and protest, Bo Jinchuan’s eyes lit up.

Standing up, Bo Jinchuan walked to the kitchen and smiled at Shen Fanxing’s busy figure.

“It’s Yin Ruijue’s birthday tomorrow night. Shall we go out and play?”

Shen Fanxing turned off the tap. Knowing that he was Bo Jinchuan’s brother, she felt that it was natural for him to celebrate his birthday with her.
She nodded without hesitation. “Sure, have you booked it?”

“It should be a good place to relax.”

Bo Jinchuan hadn’t been in the country for long. Even if he stayed, he rarely had time to relax like Yin Ruijue and the rest.

Hence, he had never taken the entertainment venues in Ping Cheng City to heart.

Shen Fanxing looked at him and nodded. Bo Jinchuan’s schedule had always been strict. Yin Ruijue was probably used to giving him the address at the last minute.
“I’ve been busy with Su for so many years… I haven’t had the chance to relax. This year… isn’t bad…”

Shen Fanxing wanted to mention the Su Corporation, but she paused. She even hated herself for mentioning it out of habit.

At the thought that this was the result of her efforts, she felt like a fool every time.

Bo Jinchuan knew what she was trying to say and felt a little annoyed.

Being used to such things sometimes made him feel helpless.

Although she knew that it was impossible for her to have anything to do with Su Heng, Su Heng had once occupied the most important position in her life.
Although she didn’t want to think of him, she would never forget him.

After a while, he frowned again. He was being unreasonable.

Sometimes, Shen Fanxing wished she wasn’t so smart. A relationship could be more romantic.

Most men would find a dazed girl the cutest.

And she…

Although Bo Jinchuan’s displeasure was faint, she could still see it.

She also knew a man’s innate pride and pride..

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