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Chapter 387: Revival of the Late Emperor!

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At this moment, the late Emperor Ji Wentian’s body emitted a golden light as he sat up.

At this moment, all the ministers were stunned.

All of them took a step back.

The late Emperor was clearly dead and was killed by Ji Xuan in the main hall with poison wine. Why was he sitting up now?

Could it be a fake corpse?

This must be a fake corpse?

What was His Majesty trying to do?

Instantly, rays of golden light appeared on Ji Wentian’s body.

“What’s going on?”

At this moment, Ji Wentian’s body was continuously recovering his life force…

At this moment, everyone was shocked.

Some people could see that the late Emperor’s life force was continuously recovering. Surging True Qi was continuously flowing into Ji Wentian’s body.

“The former Emperor is recovering his life force…”

Someone said.

At this moment, everyone was extremely shocked.

“How is this possible…wasn’t His Majesty…poisoned to death by Ji Xuan’s…poison wine?”

“Could it be…the former Emperor is currently reviving?”

“How could this be?”

At this moment, streams of life force were injected into the former Emperor Ji Wentian’s body.

The surging Qi force was continuously injected into his body.

Suddenly, a primordial spirit descended from the sky and entered Ji Wentian’s body.

Ji Wentian’s body continuously erupted with golden light…

In the end, the golden light continued to dissipate as Ji Wentian slowly opened his eyes.

“Late Emperor!”

At this moment, all the officials were extremely shocked.

Even those on Ye Chen’s side were also extremely shocked.

Elder Jian Ling and Grandmaster Jing Kong stared at Ye Chen in shock.

Even the three attendants of Ye Chen, Murong Qingxue, Zhao Xiyao… All of them had extremely shocked expressions on their faces.

They did not dare to believe this.

Reviving from the dead, how was this possible?

“Is this the technique to bring back the dead?” Elder Jian Ling looked at it in shock. He was dumbfounded and stood still with his mouth wide open.

“How is it possible? Even a master who has transcended the tribulation can’t have the technique to bring back the dead?” Grandmaster Jing Kong said in surprise.

For their Buddhism, they believed in reincarnation the most.

They believed that there was only reincarnation in this world. After a person died, they would step into the purgatory of reincarnation and be reborn as a new person.

However, they had never heard of a dead person…! Being reborn!

How was this possible?

How could someone be reborn?

Even the two great demons, Black Flood Dragon and Bai Luoli watched everything in astonishment.

“Is this…rebirth?”

“Is this the strength of our master?”

Ye Chen was also somewhat surprised. He did not expect that his resurrection elixir could really allow a person to be reborn. It seemed that he would have to sign in to obtain a few more in the future, just in case he needed them.

At this moment, Ji Wentian’s primordial spirit entered his body. His body also regained its vitality as he slowly opened his eyes.

After Ji Wentian opened his eyes, the person who entered his sight was none other than Ye Chen.

Ji Wentian sat in the coffin, staring at Ye Chen in shock.

“Where is this place? Is this hell?” Ji Wentian asked in disbelief.

Ye Chen’s gaze was incomparably calm. Even when facing his father, there was not the slightest fluctuation in his gaze.

This was because his soul had transmigrated here. In his previous life, he had his own parents. In this life, he had only interacted with his own mother and had never interacted with his father.

Hence, to him, his father in this life might just be someone with the same bloodline. It was not a big deal.

“This is the human world. You’ve been resurrected,” Ye Chen calmly stated.

Ji Wentian stared at his own hands, sizing him up.

He discovered a sense of reality.

He stared at Ye Chen and asked, “Could it be…that I’ve really been resurrected?”

Ji Wentian was incomparably shocked as he stood up.

His gaze turned toward Ye Chen.

He was even more shocked.

“You…are you Little Chen?” Ji Wentian looked at Ye Chen and asked.

“That’s right, it’s me, Imperial Father!” Although Ye Chen did not have any sense of fealty, he still had the most basic form of address.

“You…finally came. Were you the one who defeated Ji Xuan and saved me?” Ji Wentian asked with incomparable shock.

He thought that he would definitely die. He was already prepared to die, but he did not expect that he would actually be dragged out from the depths of hell.

And this person was his child, Ye Chen!

Ye Chen nodded. “Yes.”

At this moment, Ji Wentian’s eyes were filled with tears…

At this moment, he did not know what to say.

Other than being moved, he could only be moved…

Ye Chen calmly said, “My mother has always been waiting for you in the Immortal Destiny Holy Land. Hence, I saved you because I didn’t want her to be sad…”

Ji Wentian looked at his son and nodded. “Okay.”

At this moment, everyone was extremely shocked.

“His Majesty has been resurrected!”

“His Majesty has been resurrected!”

After Ji Wentian was resurrected, he did not continue to ascend the throne.

The throne had already been passed to Ye Chen, and Ye Chen was also acknowledged to be the Human Emperor, becoming the new Human Emperor.

Hence, Ye Chen continued to inherit the throne.

In addition, after Ji Wentian was resurrected, his injuries were all healed by the medicinal elixir. However, his cultivation base had fallen drastically, and he was now no different from an ordinary person.

Ye Chen told Ji Wentian everything.

However, Ye Chen hid the things that he had been hiding all this while.

At this moment, Ji Wentian could not believe that his son was actually an expert in the Transcending Tribulation Realm.

Almost no one dared to believe that Ye Chen was in the Transcending Tribulation Realm.

Even Elder Jian Ling and Grandmaster Jing Kong were extremely shocked.

In fact…they suspected that Ye Chen was their Alliance Master, Ye Qingfeng.

However, they did not have any evidence, so they did not dare to speculate…

The battle gradually came to an end.

Although many people died in this battle, it still ended successfully.

Ye Chen reorganized the government and did not leave any of the people who had voluntarily submitted to Ji Xuan. Ye Chen still left some of the ministers who had been forced to submit to Ji Xuan, this was because it was impossible for Ye Chen to purge all the officials of the Imperial Court.

A few days later.

The handover ceremony of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom.

After the handover ceremony, Ye Chen could become the true Emperor of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom.

Although the Eastern Imperial Kingdom had always been powerful, it had been occupied by an enemy for a few months. Now that it had been taken back, it could be considered to have re-established the kingdom. Therefore, it was not wrong to say that it was the handover ceremony.

Ye Chen ascended the throne and became the Emperor of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom.

Ye Chen also acknowledged his ancestors. He had the name of Ji Chen. However, Ye Chen preferred the name of Ye Chen. Therefore, he did not use the name Ji Chen.

The ministers in the court were reshuffled as well. Ye Chen found many reliable people to serve as ministers. Moreover, the imperial examination system would be set up this year to elect ministers in the court through examinations to fill the vacancies of ministers.

Although a powerful dynasty could not be established overnight, it could be seen from the smiles of the people that they were looking forward to the new dynasty and the new Emperor.

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