Chapter 386: Slay the Demon!

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Boom —

A loud sound rang out.

Ye Chen’s human sovereign seal instantly enlarged and became incomparably huge, instantly pressing down on the huge monster that Ji Xuan had transformed into.

Boom —

A loud sound rang out.

A huge deep pit was formed on the ground by Ye Chen.

“Too oowerful!”

“Prince Ye Chen is indeed worthy of being the Human Emperor!”

“Long live the Emperor! Long live the Emperor!”

At this moment, the civil and military officials and commoners were deeply impressed by Ye Chen.

Before this, Ye Chen might have only made them kneel under the pressure.

But now, they knew that Ye Chen did not only have the pressure.

Ye Chen was a true expert!

An incomparably powerful expert!

Rumble —

At this moment, Ye Chen’s Human Emperor Seal began to tremble.

Ye Chen was somewhat surprised.

He did not expect that the demon that Ji Xuan had transformed into would be so powerful.

Boom —

A loud sound rang out.

Ye Chen’s Human Emperor Seal instantly flew out. The Human Emperor Seal carried a powerful divine imprint and instantly flew into Ye Chen’s hand.

Ang —

Roars rang out one after another.

The gigantic monster charged toward Ye Chen.

Ye Chen took out an immortal sword. The immortal sword was covered in an endless amount of Emperor Dao Dragon Qi. As he struck out with his sword, a heaven-shaking dragon’s roar resounded. A golden dragon sword light soared into the sky.

Instantly, it was like thousands of divine dragons that gathered together to form an incomparably powerful sword light.

The Golden Dragon roared. Eight-colored spiritual light was brewing within its mouth. It was incomparably violent and seemed to be able to destroy the world.

The monster that Ji Xuan had transformed into snorted coldly. One could see the evil eye between his brows flickering wildly at this moment. Endless Demonic Qi surged into it. In the next instant, it suddenly shot out.

The demonic light shot out from the evil eye and swelled in an instant.

After which, it turned into an incomparably huge monster amidst a sharp roar.

An evil light surged around the body of the huge beast. Its eyes were filled with ruthlessness and slaughter. It was as though it wanted to destroy everything and devour everything.

“Master, I will help you!”

At this moment, the Black Flood Dragon flew over and wanted to help Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was incomparably calm as he said indifferently, “There is no need. I will kill it!”

As Ye Chen spoke, the immortal sword immediately slashed down.


The monster had just appeared when the sword glow that could split the world was the first to arrive.

The monster roared as its huge dark claw ruthlessly smashed toward the sword glow.

However, when the sword glow flashed past, the huge body of the monster seemed to have stiffened for an instant. In the next moment, a mournful roar sounded. The huge dark claw was directly broken.


The Golden Dragon rushed over. It opened its mouth and rainbow-colored dragon breath gushed out. It mercilessly charged at the huge body of the monster.

Bang bang!

The monster roared crazily and its body flew backward. The evil light on its body had become much dimmer. Clearly, it had suffered a serious injury.

The monster that Ji Xuan had transformed into had a cold expression as it looked at the monster that was continuously being defeated. A savage expression flashed across its eyes.

Ye Chen held the immortal sword in his hand.

Ye Chen slashed down with his sword.

A Golden Dragon appeared, ang —

With a loud sound, the dragon soared tens of thousands of miles.


Moreover, Ye Chen struck out with his sword, and his fingers turned into a dragon’s head. He formed a seal and killed the other party.

Endless sword intent gathered.

Between heaven and earth, waves after waves of True Qi continuously gathered on Ye Chen’s sword.

At this moment, he was invincible!

He wanted to slash out the most powerful sword strike between heaven and earth.



The immortal sword slashed down, as if even the heaven and earth were split open, and a scorching heat filled the world.

The immortal emperor immortal sword waved, and an immortal dragon spiraled above it. It was incomparably violent, and every afterimage contained a destructive power.

Ye Chen attacked, and the momentum could be said to be earth-shattering.

Ye Chen slashed out with his sword, causing the forehead of the monster that Ji Xuan had transformed into to explode. It was pierced through by Ye Chen’s sword.

Immortal light illuminated the past, the present, and the future. It was unparalleled.

Boom —

A loud sound rang out.

The gigantic monster instantly exploded in front of Ye Chen.

It exploded into a ball of blood mist.

It formed a rain of blood that filled the sky as it rained down.

However, a golden ray of light appeared on Ye Chen’s body, blocking all the rain of blood outside. It did not even touch Ye Chen at all.

Ye Chen floated in the sky, with nine Dragon Qi supporting him, an endless aura of Emperor Dao appeared.

His white clothes were not stained by dust, and one sword could kill an immortal…

At this moment, everyone prostrated toward Ye Chen.

However, this time, they did not prostrate because of the pressure from Ye Chen, but because they sincerely prostrated.

Everyone was impressed by Ye Chen’s strength and aura. They prostrated and said, “We pay our respects to the Human Emperor. Long live the Human Emperor! Long live the Human Emperor!”

Everyone knelt down and said in unison.

The remaining civil and military officials in the imperial palace.

The tens of thousands of soldiers outside the Imperial City.

The tens of thousands of citizens in the city…

After seeing Ye Chen like this, they understood that Ye Chen was their true Human Emperor.

His voice resounded throughout the world.

Ye Chen descended from the sky.

At this moment, the civil and military officials and several generals arrived in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen arrived at the imperial mausoleum.

He looked at the huge coffin.

“Your Majesty!” Everyone bowed.

Ye Chen waved his hand lightly, and instantly, the lid of the coffin flew out.

At this moment, everyone was shocked.

“Your Majesty, this is the late Emperor’s body, we can not offend him…you want…?”

The officials hurriedly asked.

They did not understand this new Emperor at all, so they had no idea what Ye Chen wanted to do?

Ye Chen did not care what they said.

Step by step, he arrived in front of the late Emperor’s body.

Ye Chen looked at that face. It was indeed somewhat similar to his own.

Was this his cheap father?

Ye Chen looked at Ji Wentian and smiled. “You’re really good. For the sake of your country, for the fate of the human race, even at the very last moment, you still insisted on holding on to the throne.

“But, do you know…in that faraway place, there’s still someone waiting for you.”

Ye Chen did not have any feelings for this cheapskate father.

Even if there was, it was not that kind of kinship.

Perhaps it was because of his flesh and blood relatives, Ye Chen still felt a little sad. However, Ye Chen would not shed tears for him.

This was because ever since he was young, he had never felt any love from this man in front of him.

Ye Chen cared even more about his seven senior sisters and his mother.

“My mother will definitely be very sad when you die, right?”

Ye Chen looked at the late Emperor’s corpse and said.

At this moment, Ye Chen took out an elixir from his pocket and smiled. “I originally kept it for my own life. It’s too good for you.”

At this moment, those officials did not know what Ye Chen was going to do?

“Your Majesty, the late Emperor has passed away. It’s better to let him rest in peace!”

“Your Majesty…”

Ye Chen was incomparably calm as he slowly placed the elixir into Ji Wentian’s mouth.

“Your Majesty, please let the late Emperor…”

An official hurriedly came forward.

At this moment, the body of the late Emperor emitted a golden light as he instantly sat up.

At this moment, everyone was shocked…

“The late Emperor….the late Emperor’s corpse has come to life!”