Chapter 385: I Am the Human Emperor, the Enemy of the World!

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Seeing this scene.

Everyone was shocked.

“How could it be? His Majesty Ji Xuan…no, how could Ji Xuan be a demon?”

“How could it be?”

“I didn’t expect that His Highness the Prince, who has been around for so many years, was actually a demon!”

All the officials and ministers were shocked when they saw this scene.

The two generals who were helping Ji Xuan also said, “Prince Ji Xuan is a demon…so…everything he said is fake?”

“It seems that Prince Ye Chen is the real Emperor!”

“We were wrong! We were wrong!”

“I am Chen Fanxiang, and I am Wu Yuecheng. I am willing to go through fire and water for Emperor Ye Chen…”

At this moment, the two generals also sincerely submitted to Ye Chen.

The civilians were even more excited.

“Prince Ji Xuan is a demon, and Prince Ye Chen is our Human Emperor!”

“Support Prince Ye Chen, support Prince Ye Chen!”

“Human Emperor, kill this demon!”

In the sky, streaks of red light suddenly appeared.

Dark clouds covered the sky, and the entire world seemed to be dyed blood red.

It was an extremely strange red light, and the red light appeared in front of everyone.

It was like blood.

At this moment, everyone was shocked.

The entire world had turned into a blood-red world.

Boundless Blood Qi spread out, as if it wanted to drown the entire world.

At this moment, even Ye Chen could not help but be surprised.

The Yin Qi was dense, and it was accompanied by the wailing of ghosts and gods.


A fierce wind blew from all directions and gathered in the sky. It appeared on Ji Xuan’s body, and there were numerous ghost shadows!

Outside, the yin wind was howling furiously, and it was actually raining blood. It was a terrifying scene.

At this moment, many blurry figures appeared in the surroundings. They rushed toward him, baring their fangs and brandishing their claws. Each and every one of them was extremely powerful.

Instantly, numerous powerful figures appeared between heaven and earth.

These figures were all soul fragments.

The soul fragments of those Transcending Tribulation Realm experts that Ye Chen had just killed.

It was as if they were souls that roamed this world.

A terrifying aura swept over. Numerous powerful powers erupted, filling the sky with powerful auras.

A low roar accompanied by raging flames rose, causing the entire battlefield to tremble.

The blood rain and blood water that filled the sky continuously surged toward Ye Chen’s location.

The terrifying aura also gradually spread toward Ye Chen.

On the battlefield. Eight balls of light actually rose up, and each of them separated into different directions. They gathered together and then surrounded by a divine and resplendent special flame as they headed forward, wanting to enter the abyss.

At this moment, in the sky.

Endless terrifying auras filled the air.

Instantly, a huge vertical eye suddenly appeared on the body of the huge monster formed by Ji Xuan in the sky.

It was a dilapidated eyeball. It had long since dried up and had no life force. It was extremely tattered.

“Oh my God, look quickly, what is that?”

Everyone immediately raised their heads and looked toward the sky.

They saw the huge vertical eye looking at Ye Chen and the others.


However, at this moment, as the holy soul fire that was being surrounded returned, the dried and broken eyeball actually moved and then began to shine.

With a whoosh, the ball of fire rushed into the eyeball and then exploded with a monstrous fluctuation.

Ji Xuan had absorbed the souls of the Transcending Tribulation Realm experts that Ye Chen had killed into his own body, forming a part of his own body.

This kind of aura was incomparably terrifying.

In the sky, the terrifying aura that filled the sky spread out, as if it wanted to invade everything.

Ye Chen’s gaze was ice-cold as he looked at the sky.

The eyeball was glowing and dripping blood. It was cracking, and every drop of blood was burning the space, disrupting time.

Bang —

Bang —

Loud sounds rang out.

The huge monster stepped on the ground.

It charged toward Ye Chen.

“All of you must die, all of you must die. I want to kill all of you…”

The endless power turned into some patterns, which were also mysterious marks. With a loud explosion, it rushed out of the dark abyss and charged toward Ye Chen.


Ye Chen was extremely calm. He was wearing white clothes and was standing in the air.

He waved his hand.

Instantly, the True Qi that had formed surged out from Ye Chen’s body.

Ye Chen’s True Qi instantly formed and arrived in the sky, resisting the ominous black light in the sky.

The two powers instantly collided.

At this moment, an endless low roar was emitted from within the enormous eyeball. Numerous powerful black lights transformed into a powerful aura that filled the sky, surging out from the eyeball one after another.

Ye Chen’s expression was calm when he heard this. There was not the slightest fluctuation in his expression. His eyes were incomparably deep as multicolored light circulated, accompanied by the terrifying scene of the sun, moon, and stars rotating.

An endless aura continued to rise. Ye Chen stood between the heavens and earth. His body did not move. He only raised a hand and suddenly pressed it forward. Emperor Dao Dragon Qi burst forth, and the heavens and earth rumbled. This kind of grand atmosphere shook everyone.

Amidst the humming sounds, that palm grew bigger. Heavenly Dragons coiled around it, passing through the divine formation like clouds that hung in the sky. It enveloped down, and its aura was terrifying.

Ye Chen’s gaze was ice-cold. He looked at the huge monster, Ji Xuan, and said, “I don’t care if you are a human or a demon. Today, I will definitely kill you!”

At this moment, the golden decree in the sky resonated with him. Ye Chen’s voice rumbled, and everyone in the capital worshiped and shouted loudly.

With this augmentation, one heavenly dragon after another appeared on Ye Chen’s body. That mysterious power became stronger and stronger, and he looked coldly at everyone.

Faintly, he merged with the power of the world and suppressed all the experts.

Ye Chen’s aura changed, and the Emperor Qi covered his body. Boundless power instantly appeared, and a True Dragon appeared behind him. It was incomparably powerful and accompanied the True Dragon as it looked down on the world.


Ye Chen immediately charged out.

Dragon Qi surged around Ye Chen’s body. At this moment, he had the Emperor Qi and Dragon Qi supporting him, and his strength had increased by another level.

The monster Ji Xuan had turned into dripped blood, and the blood rain around him flew everywhere.

Endless power roared out.

At this moment, a world-shaking battle erupted.

This battle caused the sky to darken, the sun and moon to lose their light, and ghosts wailed and wailed.

Dark clouds covered the entire sky, and lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

In front of Ji Xuan’s monster, Ghostly Qi was dense, and countless ghosts were roaring and roaring.

Ye Chen immediately used the human sovereign seal and clashed with the huge monster that Ji Xuan had transformed into!

“Let’s see how you escape!” Ye Chen sneered and stretched out his big hand. This time, he began to forcefully suppress and kill.

“Go to hell, go to hell, go to hell…” The huge monster that Ji Xuan had transformed into roared.

The next moment, Ye Chen was in a daze. He saw that the void was densely packed with blood rain falling down. The burning flames were aimed at him.


Ye Chen immediately took out the human sovereign seal, and his body emitted endless divine light.

Nine True Dragons instantly surged out from Ye Chen’s back, and even the universe trembled.

The huge seal instantly pressed down on the monster that Ji Xuan had turned into.

Boom —

A loud sound rang out.

The huge monster was instantly suppressed by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen floated in the sky. Golden light flickered on his body, and he looked like a god who looked down on all living things!

Ye Chen spoke, and the sound of Dao rumbled into everyone’s ears. The decree in the sky resonated with the sound of Dao…

“As the Human Emperor, I will be the enemy of the world!”