Chapter 384: Demon Transformation!

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At this moment, Zhao Yin looked at Ye Chen in extreme shock.

He could not believe it.

He had originally planned to sneak attack Ye Chen.

However, he did not expect that he would be discovered by Ye Chen. Ye Chen had already killed so many of his Transcending Tribulation Realm experts? Now, he had killed him. He had never thought that Ye Chen was so powerful.

A stream of Dragon Qi pierced through Zhao Yin.

Zhao Yin looked at Ye Chen and said, “How is this possible?”

Ye Chen’s gaze was calm, but he did not explain.

He did not need to explain to him either. Putting aside the fact that Ye Chen’s divine sense was powerful, he would definitely notice the danger in the surroundings. Right now, Ye Chen was surrounded by the aura of the Emperor Dao, and nine streams of Dragon Qi were following him.

At this moment, even if he had shut off all his divine sense, the aura of the Emperor Dao and the Dragon Qi on his body would help him defend against the enemy automatically.

The current Ye Chen was the Human Emperor?

What was the Human Emperor?

The Human Emperor was the strongest and highest existence in the human race in the world.

Even if Ye Chen did not have any cultivation base, it would be extremely difficult to kill him with his Human Emperor’s aura.

At this moment, Ji Xuan was incomparably shocked.

He looked at Ye Chen and said, “No –”

“How could it be you?”

“How could it be you?”

“I’m the Emperor of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom, I’m the one…”

Ji Xuan roared loudly.

At this moment, his hair was disheveled, and he looked like a great demon head.

“My goal since young has been to become the Emperor of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom. For this goal, I’ve killed so many people…why…why are all of you stopping me!”

“Since I was young, all of you have tried to stop me…”

“All of my younger brothers wanted to stop me, so I had no choice but to kill all of them mercilessly.”

“Ji Wentian also wanted to stop me, so I had no choice but to kill him!”

“Ye Chen…I was so close to success, I was so close, I was just one step away!”


“Why did you appear? Why did you stop me?! Why!?”

Ji Xuan looked at Ye Chen and roared.

Ye Chen knew.

He…had gone mad.

Ye Chen said coldly, “No one wants to stop you. It’s just that you’re not worthy of being the Emperor of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom!”

“Not worthy…”


“I don’t deserve it!”

“No, as long as I kill you, as long as I kill you… Everything will be okay, I will kill you!”

“Kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you kill you…”

Ji Xuan was constantly muttering.

At this time, only saw Ji Xuan’s body, a strong aura is continuously gushing out.

His body, too, is constantly changing.

Suddenly, I saw the face split in an instant.

Blood trickled down his face.

And all of a sudden, from his face…all the way through, the whole body, all the way through.

It was as if he was a piece of human skin…

It was shocking.

Seeing this scene, even Ye Chen was a little surprised.

Then, he looked in front of him through the gap in his body. He saw Ji Xuan’s body suddenly split open. A pair of hands stretched out from inside and forcefully tore Ji Xuan’s body apart. A monster crawled out.

The monster slowly grew and became even taller than Ji Xuan.

“This is…”

“This isn’t a human, this is a monster!”

“How is this possible? How can His Majesty Ji Xuan be a monster?”

Some people were already discussing animatedly.

Ye Chen looked at this scene in shock.

At this moment, the monster that Ji Xuan had turned into burst into laughter. “That’s right…I’m not a human…I’m a monster!”

At this moment, Ji Xuan spoke loudly.

“Ever since my mother was pregnant with me, His Majesty the monster Emperor had planted me in my mother’s womb. Therefore, I wasn’t a human from the very beginning. His Majesty the monster Emperor gave me the task of becoming the ruler of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom. In that case, His Majesty the monster Emperor would be able to annex the Eastern Imperial Kingdom. Following that, he would annex the Nanxuan Kingdom and annex small kingdoms one after another…”

“Our demon race will also eventually annex the human race…”

Ji Xuan shouted sternly.

At this moment, Ye Chen understood everything.

So this Ji Xuan was not a human.

He was a seed that the demon race wanted to annex the human race.

If Ji Xuan became the Emperor…

Then, when the Demon Emperor attacked, the entire human race would be handed over by Ji Xuan.

At this moment, Ye Chen finally understood why his Imperial Father was unwilling to pass the throne to Ji Xuan even if he died.

Perhaps he did not know that Ji Xuan was a demon…

But somehow, he had a feeling…that his Imperial Father would rather die than make that decision.

“Ye Chen, no matter if you’re a Human Emperor or something else, all of you must die. All of you must die!”

“Go and die!”

However, at this moment, the ground suddenly trembled.

Instantly, the heavens seemed to be filled with Demonic Qi.

The Demonic Qi seemed to be able to control the corpses as the corpses that had died earlier crawled up one by one.

The corpses that had been killed earlier, be it the Righteous Path or the Demonic Path, seemed to have all been resurrected as they crawled up from the ground.

Endless Demonic Qi spread out from the ground, and billowing black fog lingered between the corpses.

A powerful suction force suddenly appeared on Ji Xuan’s body.

The suction force immediately sucked the corpses onto his body one after another, finally forming a huge corpse that turned around.

At this moment, dark clouds covered the sky, covering the sun.

Rolling Demonic Qi burst out, enveloping the entire space.

The entire sky instantly darkened.

The earth trembled.

Bang —

With a loud sound, the ground exploded.

The earth continued to crack, and the corpses formed a huge monster.

The corpses were dozens of meters tall, like a huge mountain, standing in front of everyone.

By sacrificing himself, it could summon a Demon God.

This was a forbidden technique of the demon race. Once it was used, it would fall into eternal damnation.

However, at this moment, Ji Xuan could not care less. Even if he died, he would drag this little girl down with him.

At this moment, the corpse went completely crazy.

It went crazy.

It attacked this ordinary person crazily and killed everyone it saw.

At this moment, everyone revealed terrified expressions.

Everyone panicked.

However, facing such a powerful ancient demon corpse, would they be able to escape?

The huge ancient corpse continued to rush toward them.

With a grab, countless imperial palace guards were crushed into minced meat.

With a kick, countless soldiers were buried under their feet!

Wisps of Demonic Qi controlled the corpses and madly chased after the guards.

After the huge corpse monster was controlled by the Demonic Qi, it became even more powerful. When it caught up to a guard, it was torn to shreds.

“The Demon Emperor will eventually return to the human world and become the ruler of the world. All of you, go to hell!”

The huge monster created by Ji Xuan roared.