Chapter 383: I Am the Human Emperor. All of You, Kneel Down!

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At this moment, Ye Chen directly broke through the space.

He immediately flew out of the small world.

He arrived in the sky above the Imperial Capital of the Eastern Imperial City and floated in the sky.

Nine Dragon Qi encircled around him.

Streams of Emperor Dao Qi continuously resonated with Ye Chen’s body.

Ye Chen stood in the sky as if he was looking down on the world and looking down on all life!

His jade-like sculpted appearance and perfect brows complemented his heroic spirit even more. His thin lips were tightly pursed and his brows were tightly furrowed as if he was troubled by something. However, this frown made people feel even more awe from the bottom of their hearts.

Ye Chen stood with his hands behind his back. His brows were straight and his phoenix eyes were imposing. His appearance was unrestrained and his head was lofty. His temperament was clear and elegant. He had the demeanor of a god.

His body was seven feet and eight inches long. He was beautiful and elegant, but he did not look like a decoration. People thought that he was a dragon or a phoenix and that he was natural.

His eyes were like a raging fire, burning straight to the bottom of people’s hearts.

The light wall was dazzling, and the dragon-patterned python robe wrapped around his body. Only the dragon-patterned bear skin and golden boots could be seen. His arms hung below his knees, and his hands were heavy and powerful. Bulky

A large cold-light ring was embedded in the tip of his finger, and a ring made of five-colored gemstones was divided between his left and right fingers.

It was very imposing.

At this time, everyone saw Ye Chen.

“How is it possible…how can Ye Chen be the Human Emperor?”

“Isn’t Ye Chen a bastard prince? Isn’t he trash who can’t cultivate? How can he become the Human Emperor?”

“No, what’s going on?”

The civilians who were running for their lives stopped and looked at the sky.

The civil and military officials also looked at Ye Chen in the sky.

“Is Ye Chen…really the Human Emperor?”

“Then, what about Ji Xuan?”

At this moment, an official said righteously, “Ji Xuan is just a man who killed his brother and killed his father. How can he become the Human Emperor?”

These officials were all fence-sitters.

They had clearly seen Ji Xuan force the Emperor to death, but in order to survive, they had to submit to Ji Xuan.

But now, when they saw Ye Chen’s imposing manner and Ye Chen’s strength, they once again switched sides.

“That’s right, Ji Xuan killed His Majesty with his own hands. We all witnessed it…we are not worthy to be subjects. Perhaps, only Ye Chen is the true Human Emperor!”

At this moment, the civil and military officials all knelt down toward Ye Chen.

However, many of Ji Xuan’s henchmen were unwilling to kneel down…

Outside the city, the 600,000 man army looked up at the sky.

At that moment, the soldiers were also shaken.

They had originally wanted to support Ji Xuan as the Human Emperor.

However, they did not expect Ye Chen to have such a powerful aura.

Therefore, the soldiers began to doubt whether they had made the wrong decision to support Ji Xuan.

At this moment, Chen Fanxiang looked at Wu Yuecheng and asked, “Elder Wu, what do you think?”

“Let’s wait and see. Ye Chen’s aura is very similar to that of a human sovereign. If Ye Chen is really a human sovereign, I am afraid that Ji Xuan will not be able to defeat him.”

At this moment, the two generals nodded and decided to observe the situation.

Seeing that the 600,000 man army had stopped, Yang Xuan and the others heaved a sigh of relief.

At this time, Ye Chen was floating in the sky, looking down at the people below.

Surging Dragon Qi and Emperor Qi appeared on his body.

He saw that many people were slowly kneeling down toward him. However, there were still many people who did not kneel. They were still watching.

Ye Chen looked calmly at the people below and slowly said, “I am the Human Emperor. Why aren’t you all paying your respects?”

Ye Chen’s voice rang out and reached everyone’s ears.

His voice resounded throughout the world.

A powerful pressure instantly descended from the sky.

At this moment, everyone present felt a powerful pressure. Only those who sincerely submitted would feel the pressure on their bodies disappear.

At this moment, everyone looked up at Ye Chen with incomparable shock.

Hiss —

On the battlefield.

The warhorses neighed.

The warhorses all knelt down, and the people on them all fell down.

Even the two generals who had already become Transcending Tribulation Realm generals instantly fell off their horses.

A powerful pressure instantly pressed down on their bodies.

“How is this possible…?”

“How can there be such a powerful pressure?”

“No –”

“This is impossible!”

The two generals exclaimed in shock.

At this moment, pa, pa, pa —

Loud bangs could be heard.

None of the soldiers behind the two generals could standstill. All of them knelt down.

The soldiers in the city also knelt down.

The civilians who had escaped also knelt down.

The civil and military officials all knelt down as well… …

The two generals could no longer endure that powerful pressure, and both of them knelt down.

At this moment, even though they did not say a single word, under such a powerful aura and pressure, they completely understood that Ye Chen was the Emperor of their Eastern Imperial Kingdom.

No, Ye Chen was not only the Emperor of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom, he was also the Emperor of the entire human race, the Human Emperor!

At this moment, they were all forced to kneel down by the aura and pressure of the Human Emperor from Ye Chen.

They completely understood in their hearts that Ye Chen was able to possess such a powerful aura. If he was not the Human Emperor, then what was he?

Everyone submitted.

Everyone believed that only Ye Chen was their true Human Emperor.

At this moment, the old official who was kneeling at the beginning immediately said, “Greetings, Your Majesty, long live the Emperor!”

Following the old official’s shout.

Immediately, one after another, they all shouted, “Greetings, Your Majesty, long live the Emperor!”

Their voices grew louder and louder, reaching the ears of all the people, the ears of all the generals and soldiers, and the ears of all the people who were kneeling now.

They all submitted, kowtowed, and shouted, “Greetings, Your Majesty, long live the Martial Emperor!”

As they shouted, Ye Chen said indifferently, “Rise!”

Ye Chen gently raised his hand. Only then did they realize that the pressure had dissipated. Only then did the pressure of the Human Emperor disappear from their bodies.

However, in the bottom of their hearts, they had already deeply submitted to Ye Chen.


“This is impossible…”

“Only I, only I…am the Emperor of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom!”

At this moment, Ye Chen heard a voice.

At this moment, he looked over and saw Ji Xuan appear below him.

Ye Chen’s gaze was ice-cold as he looked at Ji Xuan and said, “Ji Xuan, I’ve finally found you!”

Ji Xuan was not prepared to escape either. He could only see an incomparably powerful aura exuding from his body, and his Transcending Tribulation Realm cultivation was instantly displayed.

“Only I am the Emperor of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom. Go and die!”

Ji Xuan shouted and immediately charged toward Ye Chen.

Ye Chen attacked, and a stream of Dragon Qi charged toward Ji Xuan, while another stream of Dragon Qi surged toward Ye Chen’s rear!

Boom —

A loud sound rang out.

Behind Ye Chen, the Eunuch Zhao Yin was about to launch a sneak attack on Ye Chen, but was directly killed by Ye Chen’s Dragon Qi!