Chapter 381: Passing Down the Throne to Ye Chen!

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Instantly, the yellow sand billowed.

Countless soldiers rushed over from outside.

The 600,000 man army guarding the border rushed over.

“Kill the traitor Ye Chen, and support Ji Xuan as King!”

Killing shouts soared to the sky.

One by one, the soldiers rushed over.

Instantly, the 600,000 man army surrounded the entire Imperial City.

Luo Shuihan, Zhang Mo, Yang Xuan…

The soldiers led by the three generals looked outside in shock.

There were so many soldiers.

All of them charged toward the Imperial City.

In an instant, the entire Imperial City was surrounded.

Yang Xuan and the others stood on the city wall.

At this moment, the leader of the generals shouted, “Yang Xuan, Luo Shuihan, Zhang Mo, are you trying to rebel?”

This general was Chen Fanxiang, the general guarding the border!

“What right does a bastard prince have to be the Emperor of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom?” The other general asked.

The other general was from Wu Yue City, also a general guarding the border.

After hearing that the Emperor had passed away, the two generals rushed to the Imperial City immediately. Ji Xuan did not tell them that the Emperor was going to pass the throne to Ye Chen. Instead, he told the two generals that the Emperor was going to pass the throne to him, and Ye Chen wanted to seize the throne.

Therefore, they all thought that Ye Chen was a traitor.

These three generals were also traitors who helped Ye Chen to rebel!

At this moment, Luo Shuihan said to them, “Ye Chen is the Emperor who passed the throne to His Majesty. Only Ye Chen can lead our Eastern Imperial Kingdom to prosperity.”

“Why would His Majesty pass the throne to a bastard prince? Isn’t Prince Ji Xuan a hundred times stronger than Ye Chen?” Chen fan asked.

“You must be plotting a rebellion!”

“Let’s cut the crap. Let’s just charge in…”


Immediately, countless soldiers charged in.

This was an army of 600,000 soldiers.

How could an army of 600,000 be able to stop them?

The army of 600,000 soldiers pressed down on the city, and the city was about to be destroyed by the dark clouds…

A dense crowd of people had already charged in.

Those soldiers were like ants as they surrounded the three generals.

Yang Xuan shouted sternly, “It wasn’t easy for us to reach this step, so this time, we must defend the city gates to the death and not give up an inch of land!”

“That’s right, everyone hold on and protect His Majesty’s safety!”

The soldiers said one by one.

Ye Chen was in the small world.

This small world was extremely dark and lacked light. It was shrouded in a ribbon-like mist, and the ground was cracked. It was like a spider web that spread into the distance. Not only that, it was the same in the void as well. It could collapse at any time.

Just this kind of light could fill the entire small world. It was filled with an auspicious and holy aura. One could conclude that this was an important treasure.

This made him apprehensive. These waterfalls were all formed from auspicious Qi. His entire body felt comfortable as he stood beneath the treasure seal as if he was about to lift up the clouds and ascend. What kind of treasure was this?

This was especially so when Ye Chen’s breathing resonated with the treasure seal. It triggered a mysterious aura to surge over, and there was also Dragon Qi surrounding his body, which made him feel even more extraordinary.

The treasure seal fluctuated. Although it was only the size of a walnut, the Dragon Qi and the mysterious power that flowed down was as boundless as the sea. Otherwise, how could Ye Chen be shocked?

Instantly, a small seal appeared in Ye Chen’s hand.

Could this be the emperor’s seal of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom?

From a certain perspective, the amount of fate condensed by this seal was greater than that of the Emperor and the guardian spirits of the past generations. It was even more majestic because ever since ancient times, it had been kowtowed and worshiped by the Eastern Imperial Kingdom.

Within the Imperial City.

The commoners were incomparably worried.

Because every time such a war occurred, the ones who suffered the most were not the others, but the commoners.

All the commoners were constantly running.

Because they could be affected by the battle at any moment and be killed.

“Why is that Prince Ye Chen plotting a rebellion?”

“That’s right, that’s right. Prince Ji Xuan has already succeeded the throne. Where did that Prince Ye Chen come from? He actually dared to plot a rebellion?”

“That Prince Ye Chen doesn’t even have the surname Ji, so he definitely isn’t an heir to the Imperial Dao… I hope Your Majesty can kill the traitor!”

Each and every one of the commoners was incomparably sad.

They were originally living a good life when they suddenly encountered a war.

Hence, they all supported Prince Ji Xuan.

“Kill, only His Majesty Ji Xuan is an heir of the Imperial Dao. Kill the traitor Ye Chen!”


Countless soldiers charged into the city.

If the 600,000 man army made a move, they would not be able to withstand it.

“Die for His Highness Ye Chen!”

At this moment, Yang Xuan shouted.

Yang Xuan, Luo Shuihan, Zhang Mo…

They also shouted, “Die for His Highness!”

At this moment, they were already prepared to die.

After spending so much time with Ye Chen, they knew how powerful he was. Regardless of whether it was his strength or his scheming, he was at the peak.

If Ye Chen could become a prince, it would definitely be an honor for the Eastern Imperial Kingdom.

He would definitely be able to lead the Eastern Imperial Kingdom and become the number one great nation in the world.

Moreover, they all knew how sinister and vicious Prince Ji Xuan was. Not only did he kill his siblings, but even the Emperor was also killed by Ji Xuan.

If such a person became the Emperor of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom, their Eastern Imperial Kingdom would be destroyed sooner or later.

Therefore, no matter what, they had to defend the Imperial City and let Ye Chen succeed the throne.

“Die for His Highness!”

The three great experts disregarded everything and immediately charged out.

Apart from the three great experts, Ye Chen’s three attendants, Murong Qingxue, Grandmaster Jing Kong, Elder Jian Ling, and the others also charged out to resist the great army.

They had already taken care of everyone inside, leaving only Ji Xuan. Ji Xuan could be handed over to Ye Chen, so they still came to resist the 600,000-strong army.


All of a sudden, all the soldiers on Ye Chen’s side disregarded their lives.

The 150,000 man army was equivalent to the 600,000 man Army.

Even if they were moths to a flame, they would still charge out without hesitation.


The two armies were about to engage in battle.

Once they engaged in battle, it would definitely be a life-and-death battle.

At this moment, a strange phenomenon suddenly appeared in the sky.

A ray of golden light shot out…

“What is that?”

Everyone immediately looked at the strange phenomenon in the sky.

The person in the strange phenomenon was none other than Ye Chen in the small world.

In the small world, Ye Chen looked at the throne. Holding the human emperor seal in his hand, he walked step by step to the front of the throne and slowly sat down.

Suddenly, the entire Central Heavenly Palace shook. The hazy Dragon Qi and endless auspicious light were all withdrawn. The scene in the depths of the huge palace could be seen.

Everyone saw that on the highest throne, Ye Chen sat majestically. Looking down, his entire body seemed to have a special mysterious power. It was as if he had inherited the fate of heaven and earth and was born with an aura that could swallow mountains and rivers.

He was clearly a youth, but sitting high up on the throne gave people an endless sense of oppression. It shocked everyone and made their hearts tremble.

Ye Chen looked at them coldly. The aura on his body became stronger and stronger. It was as if the fate of heaven and earth had gathered toward him alone as if he was about to transform into a Heavenly Emperor.


Suddenly, the great hall lit up and an endless golden glow shot up. A huge law decree shot up and shone in the sky, accompanied by a Grand Dao sound.

“Ye Chen, pass the throne…”

Everyone trembled. The Human Emperor had made a will, and now it was revealed that he was passing the throne to Ye Chen!