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Chapter 380: The Space of the Imperial Mausoleum!

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Instantly, Ji Xuan’s eyes turned red.

His entire body was surging with energy.

Ye Chen ignored him and focused his attention on killing the last Transcending Tribulation Realm expert.

Instantly, boundless multicolored light appeared. The entire space-time was thrown into chaos.

Ye Chen took the initiative to attack. A wave of Sword Qi interweaved and slashed out from the jade sword in his hand. It was incomparably brilliant.

At the same time, his eyes shone brightly. The silver galaxy fell once again and reflected from his eyes. It contained an extremely great pressure that caused one’s body to tremble.


He erupted. In the face of absolute strength, everything was illusory. He had the confidence to face any opponent. Endless sword rays rushed out.


Ye Chen’s sword slashed out and killed the last Transcending Tribulation Realm expert.

At this moment, he looked at Ji Xuan.

Ji Xuan’s eyes turned red.

Instantly, endless black mist appeared on Ji Xuan’s body. Waves of powerful Demonic Qi emanated from Ji Xuan’s body.

The aura of a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert appeared on Ji Xuan’s body.

“This is…?”


Ye Chen was greatly alarmed.

How could there be Demonic Qi on Ji Xuan’s body?

“Ye Chen, I won’t let you get what you want. The Emperor of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom is me, and it will always be me!” Ji Xuan said loudly as he flew out.

Ji Xuan instantly flew into the imperial mausoleum.

Ye Chen calmly looked at Ji Xuan and also flew into the imperial mausoleum.

Ye Chen walked into the imperial mausoleum.

At this moment, he discovered that Ji Xuan’s aura had suddenly disappeared.

Ye Chen did not think too much about it and calmly explored the imperial mausoleum of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom.

Ye Chen walked in and saw twelve stone pillars. They were thick and unadorned as if they were supporting the heavens. There were special carvings and true dragons engraved on them.

The palace was extremely vast, and it did not look like a building. It was as if he was in a small world. Mist flowed, and everything was hazy.

Only the sound of Ye Chen’s footsteps could be heard in the palace hall. It was extremely spacious. He raised his head and looked around. This place was solemn and sacred, bearing the good fortune of a country.

Ye Chen stood there, feeling very peaceful. His body and heart were clear. He could hear the sounds of sacrificial offerings, as though they had come from ancient times.

It was not an illusion. This was the Dragon Qi that the stone race ancestors had gathered when they worshipped the heavens. It was contained within the hall and was resonating here. If one paid attention and listened carefully, they would be able to vaguely sense it.

The son of heaven of the true dragon felt the connection between heaven and earth, and the people praised him. This was the result of ‘great power’. This was a place where dragons were born.

Ye Chen stood there quietly, and for a moment, he merged with the Heavenly Palace. A majestic wave of Dragon Qi surged over, and the aura of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom gathered around him, giving him the feeling that he was the ruler of the world.

“What is this place? How can the Eastern Imperial Kingdom have such a place?”

Ye Chen was somewhat surprised.

Ye Chen released his divine sense.

However, he did not sense Ji Xuan’s aura. It was as if he had entered another dimension.


Suddenly, golden flames burned and rose from the twelve stone pillars. The flames were intense and blazing, illuminating the entire palace and emitting a divine aura.

Ye Chen looked at this dimension.

There were many totems in this dimension.

Ye Chen did not know what these totems meant.

Ye Chen followed the totems and looked over.

Finally, he saw the last totem.

Above the totem.

In the huge sky, countless evil gods descended from the sky.

The appearance of these evil gods was very similar to those evil gods that Ye Chen had seen at the peak of the East Peak.

And in front of those evil gods, there was a crown-wearing king holding a large seal, as if resisting those evil gods.

Beneath the Human Emperor, there were endless skeletons?

Ye Chen was somewhat shocked. What exactly did this mean?

What exactly were the evil gods in the sky?

And what was the Human Emperor dealing with?

At this moment, Ye Chen saw a seat in that space.

That seat seemed to be inviting him.

Now, Ye Chen could be sure that this was not the imperial mausoleum.

It was a different dimension.

Ye Chen did not know what this dimension was.

He ascended the throne step by step and saw a broken seal. His pupils constricted. This was the jade seal that represented the fate of a nation. It had actually shattered!

He watched quietly. The most powerful divine array here had also been broken. Other than that, there were also holes in the wall where the battle lance had pierced through, as well as hundreds and thousands of sword scars.

When the great calamity arrived, this place had suffered the most terrifying attack.

Ye Chen stood at the highest point and finally sat on the throne in silence.

Dense Dragon Qi and myriad layers of holy light isolated this place from the outside world. No one knew what had happened here.

Suddenly, a speck of light blossomed and appeared from the void. Then, the light source was magnified, and a world gate appeared. Auspicious multicolored light flowed and appeared before Ye Chen’s eyes.

Ripples spread out bit by bit, and rays of light gushed out. It was like a silver river flowing. The void split open, and a gate appeared in this place, circulating an indescribable aura.


Suddenly, the entire small world trembled, and a small translucent seal appeared. It bloomed with brilliant multicolored light, and like a small sun, it rose from the depths of the earth.

“Eh, what is this?” Ye Chen was astonished.

This seal was not big, only the size of a walnut. It was clear and beautiful, surrounded by endless Dragon Qi. There was also a mysterious aura. As it rushed up, auspicious light instantly surged. It squeezed the entire small world.

This seal spun slowly, and the light that spilled down became softer. In addition, the mysterious aura became more intense. It rushed over and hung above Ye Chen’s head.

Waterfalls fell down one after another, enveloping Ye Chen underneath. They were like curtains that covered him tightly and protected him within.

Instantly, the large seal appeared in Ye Chen’s hand, as if it had acknowledged its master, Ye Chen.

Suddenly, the precious seal trembled and became even more translucent. Then, auspicious multicolored light began to gush out, enveloping Ye Chen’s entire body. He was surrounded by an infinite amount of light as if he was a young emperor.

“This is…” He felt that every movement he made had a ‘great power’ of the heavens and earth. It was as if he could move mountains and overturn seas with just a raise of his hand, suppressing and killing all creatures in all directions.

The battle outside the Imperial City had already ended.

The three generals that Ye Chen had brought had successfully charged into the Imperial City.

At this moment, the entire Imperial City was instantly occupied by Ye Chen’s army. Ye Chen and the others had taken control of the entire Imperial City.

Elder Jian Ling and Grandmaster Jing Kong had also successfully dealt with the two Transcending Tribulation Realm experts.

Ye Chen’s three attendants had also successfully dealt with the remaining three Transcending Tribulation Realm experts.

However, just as everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

At this moment, thousands of troops and horses instantly charged over from outside the Imperial Palace.


Outside the Imperial Palace, killing shouts shook the heavens!

Thousands of soldiers and horses charged toward the Imperial City.

“Prince Ye Chen has attempted to rebel. We are here to avenge him!” A general shouted.

“Kill the traitor Ye Chen. Kill!”


The sounds of battle rang out.

The three generals were shocked.. They knew that the 600,000 man army guarding the border was here.

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