Chapter 377: The Aura of the Human Emperor!

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At this moment, a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert charged toward Ye Chen.

Ye Chen immediately made his move, and a powerful aura erupted.

On the ground, beams of holy light rose one after another, as if huge dragons were soaring into the sky. Their heads, heads, tails, and bodies stood upright, erupting with boundless light.

Ye Chen stood at the highest point, looking at him coldly. Dragon Qi was dense, and holy light was myriad. Suddenly, a bit of light bloomed and appeared from the void, flowing with auspicious multicolored light.

The sound of footsteps was clear and echoed in the Central Heavenly Palace. Ye Chen walked over step by step with a solemn expression. His entire body was filled with Dragon Qi that surged with him.

Ye Chen punched out and slapped the body of the Transcending Tribulation Realm expert.

Boom —

A loud sound rang out.

The Transcending Tribulation Realm expert was instantly sent flying.

At this moment, everyone was even more astonished.

“How is this possible?”

“This Ye Chen…is actually a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert?”

“Heavens, this is too ridiculous!”

“He’s clearly only a little over ten years old, how can he be a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert?”

“No, this is impossible!”

Everyone was shocked.

They only saw Ye Chen being incomparably calm, and powerful True Qi was continuously lingering around his body.

Ye Chen coldly said, “Come one, kill one!”

Right at this moment, the Black Flood Dragon suddenly descended. With a wave of its large hand, a powerful force instantly blocked them. The Black Flood Dragon pounced out, and lightning filled the sky as it descended.


A brilliant scene appeared, and all of the attacks focused on the front.

Bai Luoli and Shangguan Xueyan also arrived at Ye Chen’s side.

At this moment, Ye Chen stood on the spot, and the light in his eyes skyrocketed. His black hair fluttered in the wind, and the Black Flood Dragon on his body materialized. He raised his head and let out a long cry that shook the entire imperial capital.

At this moment, the world was silent. This was a strange sight. The dragon’s cry was clearly loud, but the other sounds had all disappeared, giving people a very empty and deathly stillness.

A great battle was about to break out at any moment. Instantly, one expert after another charged forward.

However, all of this was a little slow. Ye Chen stood in the middle of the battlefield. The golden Dao lotuses under his feet were boundless, and the strange phenomenon shook the world. He had long since fully erupted.

“How is this possible? How can he have such powerful strength?”

Ye Chen instantly arrived in front of a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert.

That was right, it was a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert.

A green lotus bloomed on Ye Chen’s body, and a lotus flower instantly exploded on a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert’s body.

Boom —

A loud sound rang out.

A Transcending Tribulation Realm expert directly exploded into a bloody mist.

At this moment, the civil and military officials below were extremely shocked.

Was this really their Prince Ye Chen?

Ye Chen was 16 years old and a disciple of the Immortal Destiny Holy Land. He had always been a trash who could not cultivate.

This was the news they had received.

But now, Ye Chen actually possessed such divine might.

It truly shocked them.

The Black Flood Dragon charged out and arrived in front of a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert. The Black Flood Dragon soared through the air and charged toward the enemies!

Although the Flood Dragon did not know of a True Dragon, it could be considered a demonic beast with the bloodline of the dragon race.

Such a demonic beast was extremely powerful.

The Black Flood Dragon immediately exploded out.

The energy that filled the sky instantly spread out.

The entire sky was filled with endless Dragon Qi.

A Transcending Tribulation Realm expert held a magical artifact and charged toward the Black Flood Dragon.

A loud sound could be heard from the Black Flood Dragon.

A breath of air charged over. The magical artifact was struck and shattered in the air. The Black Flood Dragon charged over, destroying everything in its path.


The sound of flesh being torn apart was very shocking. Accompanied by blood, the bodies of some cultivators were broken and fell into pools of blood. They were unable to block the power of the Black Flood Dragon’s dive.

All of this happened too quickly. The faces of those people who were shouting just now turned pale. Because at this moment, several people had already fallen.

At this moment, Ye Chen charged toward the others.

Those Deva Realm experts and those ordinary soldiers who wanted to besiege them.

Ye Chen appeared in front of them.

The sword intent in his hand was released.

A rolling pressure spread out.


A loud sound rang out.

Ye Chen waved his hand.

Instantly, sword intent filled the sky as Ye Chen’s three thousand sword formation instantly attacked.

Endless sword intent pierced through their chests, killing them one by one.

Their lives were so worthless. Ye Chen flew into a rage, causing blood to flow into the air. A group of experts died in front of the Heavenly Palace. They were scarlet and glaring, staining the stone steps with blood.

All of this happened in a split second. It might sound slow, but it actually happened in an instant.


The Black Flood Dragon also rushed out immediately.

Rolling Dragon Qi burst out and rushed toward the ordinary soldiers who were in the way.

Ang —

With a dragon roar, countless people were pounced on by him.

Ye Chen flew into the sky and activated the divine sword lightning controlling true skill instantly. Instantly, the sky was filled with the power of thunder. Rolling thunder fell, and thick lightning kept striking down!

Heaven and earth were in the same color.

Everyone was engaged in a chaotic battle!

Shangguan Xueyan immediately flew out. Her slender sword kept dancing, and she fought back and forth with a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert.


Ye Chen and the Transcending Tribulation Realm expert fought. Sword Qi crisscrossed, and Imperial Dao Dragon Qi rose together. Dozens of huge dragons soared into the sky. Dragon roars burst out in waves, and the atmosphere was majestic. With Ye Chen as the center, the void shook, and then all of them burst out and swooped forward.

Ye Chen’s eyes were like a galaxy exploding. A series of symbols shot out from his pupils, accompanied by wisps of white fog, and actually had the power to annihilate the void.

Boom —

A loud sound rang out.

The Transcending Tribulation Realm expert beside Ye Chen directly exploded, dying an unnatural death.

Within a short few minutes.

Ye Chen had already beheaded two Transcending Tribulation Realm experts.

If Ye Chen continued to kill like this, even if there were twelve Transcending Tribulation Realm experts, they would not be able to stop Ye Chen!

“How is this possible? Aren’t you a piece of trash? How can you be so powerful?”

Ji Xuan said in disbelief.

“Stop him. All of you, attack together and kill him!”

Ji Xuan shouted sternly.

Instantly, a few more Transcending Tribulation Realm experts came to Ye Chen’s side. They were prepared to surround and attack Ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s brows raised slightly. With the Treasure Qi around his body, he was still able to avoid the law and the tribulation.

Up until now, Ye Chen had a great sense of dignity. He firmly believed that he would not be defeated in battle. Perhaps in the eyes of his enemies, this was a form of conceit. However, he had this feeling, believing that he could defeat all his opponents.

Along the way, he swept through all his enemies. Ye Chen pushed this ‘force’ to the peak!

“Those who obstruct me will die!”

Ye Chen said coldly.

His ice-cold eyes released waves of powerful cold air.


The Dao sounds around Ye Chen rolled and green lotuses appeared. He held the immortal sword in his hand and instantly charged out.

Shangguan Xueyan, Bai Luoli, Black Flood Dragon, Murong Qingxue…

Murong Qingxue flew out and a white light rushed over. The temperament of the Transcending Tribulation Realm experts was different from usual. There was a different kind of beauty. They were vigorous and powerful at the same time, like streaks of intense multicolored light.

Boom —

A loud sound.

Countless soldiers died under Murong Qingxue’s sword.


As soon as Ye Chen’s immortal sword was released, The divine sword lightning controlling true spell burst out and endless thunderbolts surged out.

“The 13th Heaven and Earth Sword, the 13th Sword, Heaven and Earth!”

Ye Chen slashed down with his sword. Heaven and earth were bright and clear, and he broke it with one sword.

The sword intent that filled the sky slashed onto the body of a Transcending Tribulation Realm expert.

Bang —

The Transcending Tribulation Realm expert instantly exploded into a bloody mist.

Ye Chen killed three Transcending Tribulation Realm experts in a row. The entire place was silent!