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Chapter 376: The Battle of the Imperial Tombs!

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The imperial tombs.

The mountains and forests were lush and verdant, the north was winding and winding, like a silver snake lying on the shore of the Weishui River. The towering tomb was surrounded by towering peaks and mountains. The scenery was beautiful and the environment was unique.

The scale of the tomb was grand and majestic.

One by one, the ministers knelt in front of the coffins, holding their funerals.

Ji Xuan knelt at the very front.

Although he was the one who killed Ji Wentian, he had to put on an act now, so that the people in the world would think that he was the rightful successor.

Only in this way could he win the hearts of the people.

At this moment, Ye Chen walked in with three attendants and Second Senior Sister Murong Qingxue.

As for Seventh Senior Sister Zhao Xiyao, she could not help. She was in a safe place now.

Seeing Ye Chen and the others walk in.

At this moment, all the civil and military officials were shocked.

They saw Ye Chen walking over step by step.

Ji Xuan’s back was facing Ye Chen, and he said with a faint smile, “You’re here, my dear younger brother!”

Ye Chen also replied with incomparable calmness, “That’s right, I’m here!”

“I didn’t expect you to be able to come here. I’ve underestimated you along the way.” At this moment, Ji Xuan said.

Ye Chen looked at Ji Xuan and asked, “You schemed and plotted all this just for the throne of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom?”

“That’s right. I did it for the throne of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom. And now, I’ve achieved my wish and become the Emperor of the Eastern Imperial Kingdom.” Ji Xuan laughed.

“Is the throne really that important to you?” Ye Chen asked coldly.

“Of course it’s important. This is the throne. After becoming the Emperor, I’ll be the ruler of this world. Do you think it’s important?” Ji Xuan laughed.

“So, for the throne, you can even kill your biological father?” Ye Chen questioned.

“Hahahaha…ridiculous. Father died from a relapse of his old illness. Who said that I killed him? Did you see that?” Ji Xuan said coldly.

Ye Chen’s gaze was ice-cold. He knew that father was definitely killed by Ji Xuan.

However, he would not admit it.

Ye Chen did not come here to make him admit it.

He came here this time to kill Ji Xuan.

As long as he killed Ji Xuan, then he would be the only heir.

The throne would also return to his hands.

Moreover, Ye Chen remembered that he had signed a resurrection elixir.

Perhaps, he could still save his father.

“It’s fine if you don’t admit it. However, I didn’t come here to reason with you. I came here to kill you!” Ye Chen said.

“Kill me? Hahahaha…

“Ye Chen, you’re really confident!

“This is my home ground. What right do you have to kill me?” Ji Xuan said coldly.

As he said this, Ji Xuan clapped his hands.

At this moment, experts appeared around Ye Chen and surrounded him.

There were twelve Transcending Tribulation Realm experts.

There were also dozens of Deva Realm experts.

There were also countless ordinary soldiers.

Each of them held a weapon and surrounded Ye Chen and the others.

At this moment, Ji Xuan smiled and said, “Ye Chen, what right do you have to kill me now?”

“I already knew that you would be able to come here, so I’ve long set up an inescapable net here and waited for you to come,” Ji Xuan said with a cold smile.

At this moment, a noble said loudly, “Ye Chen, you’re just a bastard prince. Prince Ji Xuan is the true heir. Do you want to usurp the throne?”

“That’s right. Our Emperor is already here. It’s not something a bastard prince like you can do!”

“That’s right. Ye Chen, do you want to rebel?”

At this time, the civil and military officials appeared one by one and questioned Ye Chen.

This was the best time for them to show their loyalty. Therefore, they could not miss such a good opportunity.

As for the fact that Ye Chen would win, they had never thought about it.

Ji Xuan had twelve Transcending Tribulation Realm experts.

Ye Chen only had five people.

Even if all five of them were Transcending Tribulation Realm experts, they could not be Ji Xuan’s match.

Therefore, they had to show their loyalty to Ji Xuan.

Ye Chen’s gaze was calm as he said indifferently, “Ji Xuan, you killed our father. Therefore, you must die today!”

“Oh, is that so? Then I’d like to see how you’ll kill me!”

“Do it, kill him!”

At this moment, the Majestic Heavenly Palace was flowing with a lustrous luster. It was grand and Majestic, built with Immortal Golden Rocks. It was magnificent and grand, and the entire nation’s luck was converging here.

One after another, the Transcending Tribulation Realm experts charged toward Ye Chen.

At this moment, the Black Flood Dragon, Shangguan Xueyan, and Bai Luoli immediately stood out.

They blocked in front of Ye Chen.

At this moment, Ji Xuan’s few Transcending Tribulation Realm experts surrounded Ye Chen and the others.

“Kill them!”

Ji Xuan gave the order.

Immediately, the Transcending Tribulation Realm experts charged toward Ye Chen and the others.

His body was filled with the power of lightning.

From the looks of it, he should be someone from the Thunder Sect.

Instantly, a powerful aura burst out, and rolling power instantly covered heaven and earth. Lightning was instantly activated, and it struck toward Ye Chen.

One heavenly dragon after another filled the void. They raised their heads and chanted. The Imperial Dao’s Dragon Qi was myriad, and when it was added to Ye Chen’s body, it made him look majestic, like a Divine Master looking down on the world.

Although he was young, his bearing was steady and did not match his age. His eyes were deep, and the sun, moon, and stars appeared as he coldly looked down on everyone.

There was no need for others to say that his momentum was complete. He had accumulated the Imperial Qi in his body, and he also had the national treasure divine seal to add to it. He had inherited heaven and earth’s great luck.

Ye Chen moved. He stood up with the posture of a dragon and tiger, and the posture of a god and a devil. It was very intimidating.

“Isn’t that Ye Chen someone who can’t cultivate? How could he erupt with such powerful strength?”

“Is this true? Ye Chen can actually cultivate?”

“Heavens, his aura is very likely to be that of a Deva Realm, no, even a Transcending Tribulation Realm cultivator? No…this is impossible!”

At this moment, everyone present was shocked.

All of them looked at Ye Chen with incomparable shock.

They had known about Ye Chen since a long time ago. Ye Chen was just a piece of trash that could not cultivate. In a place like the Immortal Destiny Holy Land, in the end, they all knew that Ye Chen was useless trash.

That was why they chose to support Ji Xuan.

But now, they found out that not only was Ye Chen not trash, but he was also such a powerful cultivator!

At this moment, even Ji Xuan turned pale with fright.

“How is that possible? Shouldn’t you be trash who can’t cultivate?” Ji Xuan looked at Ye Chen and said in surprise.

Ye Chen said calmly, “Who told you that I can’t cultivate?”

“So what if you can cultivate? Even if you’ve reached the Transcending Tribulation Realm, I don’t believe that the twelve Transcending Tribulation Realm experts on my side aren’t your match!”


Ji Xuan gave the order.

Instantly, a great battle was about to break out.

A surging pressure swept out.

Ye Chen said indifferently, “Do it!”

After Ye Chen finished speaking, an immortal sword appeared in his hand.. The Black Flood Dragon, Shangguan Xueyan, Bai Luoli, and Murong Qingxue immediately charged out.

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