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Chapter 375: The Yin-Yang Sword Way, Which Forcefully Killed the Three Great Transcending Tribulation Realm Masters!

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“Kill Ye Chen first, kill Ye Chen, then we can retreat in one piece.”

At this moment, the three of them instantly turned around and charged toward Ye Chen.

Ye Chen’s lips curled into a smile. Since the three Transcending Tribulation Realm experts had come to kill him, then Ye Chen did not mind killing them.

At this moment, Killer Monk hurriedly came in front of Ye Chen.

Mistress Heartless and Scarlet Moon Ghost Master also looked at Ye Chen.

The three of them immediately attacked, and a sky full of power erupted.

In the sky, Ye Chen held a long sword in his hand and charged toward Scarlet Moon Ghost Master.

Killer Monk and Mistress Heartless immediately charged toward Ye Chen.

Ye Chen charged over. His clothes fluttered in the wind, and his hair flew backwards, revealing a pretty face. He formed a dragon seal with both hands and struck toward Mistress Heartless and Killer Monk.

This was too fast!

A white light rushed over. Ye Chen was strong and powerful, like a pure white true dragon.


A loud sound.

The true dragon engulfed Killer Monk and Mistress Heartless.

Bang bang —

Two explosions.

Killer Monk and the Mistress Heartless were both sent flying by Ye Chen.

Soon, he calmed down. His white clothes fluttered and his exquisite face was flawless. His spiritual eyes flickered.

Scarlet Moon Demon Master turned into a ball of black fog. Ye Chen held the green divine sword in his hand and looked at the Scarlet Moon Demon Master coldly.

After the Scarlet Moon Demon Master was caught by Ye Chen, he was instantly furious.

He knew that if he did not fight now, he would definitely die by Ye Chen’s hand.

His hands formed a seal.

Suddenly, he cut his hand with a knife, and fresh blood gushed out.

He chanted, “Heavenly Demon God, drink my blood, eat my corpse, and devour my soul!”

“Not good, he wants to sacrifice and summon a Demon God!” Someone immediately said.

“Sacrificing this spell, once used, will cause one’s soul to dissipate and one will never be reincarnated. What a ruthless person!” Another person said.

He looked in front of him through the cracks in his body and saw that the body of Scarlet Moon Demon Master suddenly split open. A pair of hands stretched out from inside and forcefully tore the body of the Scarlet Moon Demon Master apart. A monster crawled out.

The monster slowly grew up and became even taller than Scarlet Moon Demon Master.

However, at this moment, the ground suddenly trembled.

Immediately, the heavens seemed to be filled with Demonic Qi.

The Demonic Qi seemed to be able to control the corpses as the corpses that had died earlier crawled up one by one.

The corpses that had been killed previously, be it the Righteous Path or the Demonic Path, seemed to have all been resurrected as they crawled up from the ground.

Endless Demonic Qi spread out from the ground, and billowing black fog lingered between these corpses.

A powerful suction force suddenly appeared on the body of the Scarlet Moon Demon Master.

The suction force immediately sucked the corpses onto its body, and finally formed a huge corpse that turned around.

At this moment, dark clouds covered the sky, covering the sun.

Rolling Demonic Qi burst out, enveloping the entire space.

The entire sky instantly darkened.

The earth trembled.

Bang —

With a loud sound, the ground exploded.

The earth continued to crack, and the corpses formed a huge monster.

The corpses were dozens of meters tall, standing in front of everyone like a huge mountain.

It was the Ghost Destruction Sect’s sacrificial technique.

By sacrificing oneself, one could summon a Demon God.

This was the Ghost Destruction Sect’s forbidden technique. Once it was used, one would fall into eternal damnation.

However, at this moment, Scarlet Moon Ghost Master could not care too much. Even if he died, he would drag Ye Chen down with him.

At this moment, the corpse went completely crazy.

It went crazy.

It attacked this ordinary person crazily, killing everyone it saw.

At this moment, everyone revealed terrified expressions.

Everyone panicked.

However, facing such a powerful ancient corpse of the Demonic Path, could they escape?

The huge ancient corpse continuously rushed toward them.

With a grab, countless imperial guards were crushed into meat paste.

With a kick, countless soldiers were buried under their feet!

Wisps of Demonic Qi controlled the corpses and madly chased after the imperial guards.

After the huge corpse monster was controlled by the Demonic Qi, it became even more powerful. When it caught up to a guard, it was torn to pieces.

Finally, it looked at Ye Chen and charged toward him.

Its eyes were filled with hatred, as if it wanted to tear everything apart.

Ye Chen held a long sword in his hand, not afraid at all.

His divine sword emitted a green light, condensing into a huge green sword light in the sky.

The sword light directly broke through the clouds and shot out a huge ray of light from the dark world.

Ye Chen held the divine sword in his hand and slashed down at the huge corpse monster.

Immediately, the huge sword light condensed in the sky also slashed down at the huge corpse monster.

The green sword light directly cut through the huge corpse monster’s body.

Boom —

Very fast!

There was a loud sound.

The huge corpse monster exploded continuously.

The whole monster exploded once again, leaving only the Demon God that was sacrificed by Scarlet Moon Demon Master.

As soon as he finished speaking, his body emitted the green light and exploded into a bloody mist.

Mistress Heartless and Killer Monk attacked instantly, and powerful auras burst out instantly.

The two used all their strength to charge toward Ye Chen.

The corners of Ye Chen’s mouth curled up, and he smiled faintly.

The longsword moved horizontally.

The sword slashed out!

Ye Chen’s sword intent was like yin and yang as it charged out.

This was the yin and yang sword principle that Ye Chen and his Third Senior Sister cultivated. The sword broke through yin and yang, and along with its powerful strength, yin and yang adjusted, and in an instant, yin and yang Qi continuously revolved, a huge yin and yang array formed around Ye Chen.


Ye Chen gave the order.

Instantly, the sword light slashed out.

A sword split the yin and yang.

In an instant, two sword intents instantly slashed onto the bodies of the two Transcending Tribulation Realm experts.

Boom —

A loud sound rang out.

The two of them were instantly killed by Ye Chen!

Imperial mausoleum.

Ji Xuan and the others were holding a ceremony.

The civil and military officials were also kneeling in front of the huge coffin.

Since the late Emperor was buried, of course, everyone had to attend.

They saw Ji Xuan holding a ceremony. At this moment, a spy came in front of Ji Xuan.

“Your Majesty, it’s not good. Our city has been broken through. You…the people you sent to stop Ye Chen are all dead. Ye Chen will be here soon.”

Ji Xuan’s eyes were filled with shock.

He would be here soon?

“You said Ye Chen will be here soon?” Ji Xuan asked in surprise. “What about the experts I sent to stop him?”

“Your Majesty, the people you sent have all been killed by Ye Chen.”

Ji Xuan was shocked.

He did not expect Ye Chen to be so powerful.

Among the six experts he sent, six of them were in the advanced stage of the Transcending Tribulation Realm. Moreover, they were the leaders of the big sects. With such powerful strength, they could not deal with Ye Chen.

“It seems that my younger brother is indeed not simple.. However, do you really think that you can control everything? In that case, I will wait for you to come!” Ji Xuan said coldly.

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