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Chapter 373: One Sword Break!

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Shangguan Xueyan held a long sword in her hand as she flew up and arrived in front of Seven Kills Priest.

Shangguan Xueyan held a long sword in her hand as she stood in the air.

Her green clothes fluttered in the wind, and her black hair fluttered in the wind.

She was like a fairy that had descended from the heavens, standing quietly in the mortal world.

Seven Kills Priest immediately released his True Qi.

Thousands of long swords immediately attacked Shangguan Xueyan.

In the sky, floating long swords immediately attacked Shangguan Xueyan.

Shangguan Xueyan and the Seven Kills Priest fought each other.

At this moment, Scarlet Moon Ghost Master suddenly turned into a cloud of black fog.

Mistress Heartless immediately sat on her horsetail whisk.

The life-killing monk charged over with ten battles in one step.

At this moment, the figure of the white-clothed girl beside Ye Chen flew out. Her body glowed with divine light and surging power surged out, directly cutting off three paths of escape from the tribulation.

The three who had successfully transcended the tribulation were cut off by Bai Luoli.

“There’s no way to escape,” Mistress Heartless looked at Bai Luoli and said.

“Now we can only fight!” Scarlet Moon Demon Master transformed into human form and stood beside Mistress Heartless.

“Buddha is merciful, then let’s fight!” Killer Monk said sternly.

Immediately, Killer Monk and Mistress Heartless attacked Bai Luoli.

A powerful force surged toward Bai Luoli.

Scarlet Moon Ghost Master turned into a black fog and attacked behind Bai Luoli.

Immediately, the Black Flood Dragon charged forward as well.

The Black Flood Dragon and Bai Luoli faced the three great Transcending Tribulation Realm experts.

In the sky, the power of lightning exploded.

Whether it was Shangguan Xueyan, the Black Flood Dragon, Bai Luoli, or the others, they all erupted with incomparably powerful strength.

Bai Luoli charged forward to face off against the supreme mistress.

And the Black Flood Dragon fought against two Transcending Tribulation Realm experts by himself. He was not at a disadvantage at all.

The Black Flood Dragon’s eyes were like small suns, erupting with a powerful light.


They had just come into contact with the Black Flood Dragon when they were knocked over again. Because the divine power they used was too vast, it was as easy as crushing a dead branch.

The two Transcending Tribulation Realm experts were shaken until blood dripped from the corner of their mouths, and they kept falling back.

“How is this possible?” They were directly sent flying by the Black Flood Dragon, and they could not believe it.

How could the Black Flood Dragon’s power be so powerful?


At this moment, the Scarlet Moon Ghost Master rushed out. His eyes shone, and there was actually a clanging sound. His pupils were like the blazing sun, blazing with a golden color, piercing into the eyes of others, making it difficult for them to face him directly.

Killer Monk’s body was emitting a scorching light. A set of armor was instantly put on his body. At this moment, he was like a devil Buddha that had descended, looking down on the Black Flood Dragon.

“Attack!” Scarlet Moon Ghost Master said softly. There was a cold smile on his lips that made people’s hearts turn cold.

Two Transcending Tribulation Realm experts immediately charged toward the Black Flood Dragon.

At this moment, the Black Flood Dragon charged over from afar. He had just defeated two Transcending Tribulation Realm experts, and now he was fighting against two Transcending Tribulation Realm experts.

A powerful force erupted from the Black Flood Dragon’s body.

In the sky, streaks of divine lightning descended.


Immediately, a streak of divine light stopped the attacks of the two Transcending Tribulation Realm experts. At this moment, the Black Flood Dragon’s body was shining brightly, like a small golden sun.

However, the Black Flood Dragon clearly felt that something was different. A strange aura enveloped his entire body. It was as if he had nowhere to hide as he was covered by the other party’s gaze.


The Black Flood Dragon stretched his body. His joints moved, and his entire body was like the roar of a dragon and tiger!


The Black Flood Dragon roared loudly. A purple mark appeared between his brows, and electric arcs curled around his brows.

Endless electric arcs were rotating. This was a strange scene!

“What is that?” Everyone was shocked, but their thoughts could only shift to this point. This was because the Black Flood Dragon was too fast, and he had already attacked.

The electric light expanded rapidly, and endless electric light spun above his head. Rumbling sounds could be heard as the electric light interweaved with each other, as if they were transforming into a world.


The Black Flood Dragon flipped his hand and slapped toward the two tribulations.

Instantly, the lightning turned into purple light and appeared in his palm. It was the release of endless power.

At this moment, the entire sky was filled with endless electric light, and the world seemed to be covered by white light.

Bai Luoli’s body was emitting divine light, and its nine tails seemed to grow into the sky. It was extremely shocking…

The moment the woman with the longsword attacked, she instantly seized the opportunity and stabbed out with her tail.


A loud sound rang out.

A large furry white tail instantly charged towards the woman with the longsword.

Bai Luoli was not afraid at all. One of its tails shone and with a bang, an intense white light shot through the air.

One of its tails grabbed onto Mistress Heartless.

Bai Luoli’s two tails immediately sent her flying.

The other tail immediately charged toward Mistress Heartless.

The intense light drowned Mistress Heartless.

Bang —

The sound of clothes being torn apart could be heard as pieces of clothing flew in the air.

“How…can you be so strong?” Mistress Heartless looked at Bai Luoli in extreme fear.

Bai Luoli’s tail grabbed her and squeezed hard.

Bang —

At this moment, Bai Luoli attacked again. Symbols appeared on its tail and it emitted a treasure light as it surged toward the woman in black.

At this moment, the two companions of the woman in black were already dead.

Endless divine light from Bai Luoli’s tail struck Mistress Heartless.


At this moment, Ye Chen was watching everything calmly by himself.

No one was watching him here, so he was prepared to make his move.

An immortal sword appeared in Ye Chen’s hand and flew toward Shangguan Xueyan.

Shangguan Xueyan was gradually at a disadvantage in the battle with Seven Kills Priest. Endless sword intent surged toward Shangguan Xueyan.

At this moment, a person appeared in front of Shangguan Xueyan.

Shangguan Xueyan was shocked. This figure was her master!

Ye Chen floated in the sky, facing the myriad of sword intent without the slightest fear.

Numerous longswords attacked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen held the longsword in his hand and slashed down!

Instantly, sword intent appeared densely packed. Then, it turned into a line and flew toward the Seven Kills Priest along the tip of her finger.

The sword intent turned into rain, and one of the beams of light was exceptionally bright. It was caused by dozens or even hundreds of them gathered together. It turned into a beam of light and struck toward the Seven Kills Priest along the same trajectory!

The sword intent formed a line and gathered together like this. When it struck down, the power was unfathomable.

The sword intent bloomed and turned into a flower!

This was a brilliant ray of light. In just an instant, the imperial palace shook violently. It was like a tsunami, crashing down on the shore. All the palaces were glowing. Rumbling continued.

Formation patterns were branded in the void, protecting the palaces that had existed since ancient times. All kinds of powerful symbols were glowing, resisting the sword intent attacks in the sky.

‘Pu’ sounds rang out continuously. Many sword intents fell down and collided with the longsword. They were shattered one after another. Flowing light streaked past, dazzling and shocking. At the same time, they were accompanied by terrifying fluctuations.

In just an instant, numerous sword intents descended in front of the same palace, bombarding the same rune continuously. The impact was unimaginable.

The green sword intent condensed into a gigantic sword light.

The sword light descended.

Instantly, the longsword that Seven Kills Priest had gathered earlier continuously shattered in front of this gigantic green sword light.

Thousands of longswords were actually shattered by Ye Chen’s sword.

At this moment, the entire place was silent!

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