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Chapter 370: Breaking Through the City!

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Following the attack of the three generals.

Ye Chen and the others also began to move.

Ye Chen, Murong Qingxue, Yang Xiao, Elder Jian Ling, Grandmaster Jing Kong…

And Ye Chen’s three attendants.

Their small team of guards immediately flew up and flew on their swords, directly crossing the city and heading toward the Eastern Imperial City.

Ye Chen brought everyone on his flying swords and flew into the Eastern Imperial City.

For experts of their level…

The soldiers below had no way at all.

They could only let Ye Chen and the others fly in.

Everyone flew into the city and headed toward the Imperial City, directly flying over.

Just as everyone flew into the city…

Instantly, two auras of Transcending Tribulation Realm experts instantly appeared in front of Ye Chen and the others.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the sky. All kinds of runes appeared and collided with the blood-red light that soared into the sky.

The void shattered and black bolts of lightning appeared one after another. These were not ordinary bolts of lightning, but real heavenly punishment that represented the wrath of the heavens.

Scarlet blood dripped down from the void. As soon as this phenomenon appeared, the subjects of the city immediately cried out in alarm.


With a loud sound, the sky collapsed and the earth cracked. Black lightning accompanied by blood-red light streaked across the sky. A huge beast rushed out. It was incomparably huge and even more majestic than an immemorial mountain. Its aura was terrifying. It broke free from the Black Lightning and descended to the ground.

Behind it, light blazed and countless lightning bolts struck down. They chased after it and descended heavenly punishment. It was a world-destroying lightning tribulation.

At this moment, two powerful late-stage Transcending Tribulation Realm experts stood in front of Ye Chen and the others.

Ye Chen could feel that these two people were stronger than any of the people that Ye Chen and the others had killed previously.

Under the world-destroying lightning tribulation, the two of them appeared. They stepped on black clouds and were followed by endless lightning bolts.

Their eyes were filled with killing intent. Everywhere they went, there was an endless aura of destruction!

“His Majesty is right. You will charge in directly, so let us wait for you here.”

Ye Chen was extremely calm.

He said calmly, “Elder Jian Ling, Grandmaster Jing Kong, thank you!”

Elder Jian Ling and Grandmaster Jing Kong stood out.

The two of them stood in front of Ye Chen and the others.

“Your Highness, leave it to us. You guys go first!”

Ye Chen nodded and led the rest of the people forward.

Outside the city.


The army that Ye Chen brought was still fighting.

The roars continued…

Zhang Mo also rushed out. He was like a demon god, two meters tall. He stood upright in the crowd with a long halberd in his hand. He was like an Asura that had turned into hell, killing one person after another.

Killing, bloody…

Blood splattered everywhere.

He descended from the sky. With a sweep of his long halberd, endless power erupted. It was as if a powerful force was enveloping everyone, like a domain.

With a move of his long halberd, dozens of people instantly died in front of him.

He was wearing a red robe, and his armor was dyed red with blood!

Zhang Mo was like a Demon God who had descended into the world. His surging power was constantly leaking out, tearing, and strangling. He killed many living beings one by one.

After a while, corpses fell one by one.

“Release the arrows!”

Immediately, the soldiers began to light up the rockets.

The rockets shot into the sky and lit up the entire sky!

Like meteors falling to the ground, the sky was filled with fire. The rockets landed on the city one by one!

Zhao Tianxing was not surprised, and he said calmly, “Extinguish the fire!”

“Everyone, don’t be afraid, attack!”

Zhao Tianxing shouted.

Instantly, the sounds of killing rang out.

Ji Xuan’s army also lit up the rockets on the city, and both sides started to shoot arrows at each other.

As the countless rockets landed, Yang Xuan’s army also lost a lot.


“They only had 100,000 troops defending. Let’s charge up and take down the city!”



Yang Xuan gave the order.

“Soldiers, follow me and kill!”

The siege chariot was about to ram the door!

At this moment, the door suddenly opened.

Soldiers rushed out from the door.


The soldiers shouted as they killed!

The soldiers rushed out one by one. They were like hungry wolves that wanted to tear the enemy apart!

At this moment, Yang Xuan’s army rushed out. Their surging aura was constantly erupting. Now, Zhao Tianxing only had a few hundred thousand soldiers left. How could they be a match for Yang Xuan’s 300,000 man army!

However, their path of retreat was cut off. They could not retreat, so they could only fight with their backs against the water!

Zhao Tianxing was in the Transcending Tribulation Realm. He immediately rushed up and tore apart a few of Ye Chen’s soldiers.

Seeing this, Yang Xuan immediately jumped down from the city tower and landed in front of Zhao Tianxing.

Yang Xuan’s long halberd danced lightly, and instantly, Yin Dragon was released.


A row of soldiers were all sent flying!

Instantly, Yang Xuan took advantage of the situation to attack, and endless power instantly erupted.


A violent explosion.

One by one, the soldiers fell under his feet!

He came in front of Zhao Tianxing and fought with him.

Zhao Tianxing understood that if they wanted to win, there was only one way. That was to kill the enemy’s main general, which was to kill Yang Xuan!

Only by killing Yang Xuan would they have a chance to turn the tables!

Therefore, with this belief, Zhao Tianxing immediately charged toward Yang Xuan.

However, he did not know that Yang Xuan had already broken through to the Transcending Tribulation Realm.

The Transcending Tribulation Realm versus the Transcending Tribulation Realm was simply an instant kill!

Zhao Tianxing’s large saber slashed down toward Yang Xuan’s head!

The large saber flickered with this intense light. At this moment, Yang Xuan did not Dodge. Instead, he raised his long halberd and thrust it out.

On the other side.

“Archers, get ready!” Zhang Mo gave the order.

Instantly, the archers began to draw their bows!


Instantly, a rain of arrows fell from the sky, densely packed like a majestic rain!

The soldiers at the west gate were instantly killed by Zhang Mo!

Two rounds of arrow rain killed many of the soldiers at the west gate. At this moment, the people in the pit were not dead yet, and they were still trying their best to climb up.

How could Zhang Mo let them climb up so easily!

“Prepare the boulders!”

Instantly, the soldiers dragged the boulders up the slope.


The huge rocks rolled down one by one, and the huge rocks fell down like meteors. The people in the pit would be smashed to death, and they would not be able to climb up.

At the east city gate, Luo Shuihan unleashed an endless amount of power, attacking toward the city.

Zhao Tianxing alone could not defend the imperial city.

Hong —

A loud sound rang out.

The siege chariot directly broke through the city gate.

The east city gate was broken!

Zhang Mo and Yang Xuan also attacked from both sides, instantly attacking. Powerful auras burst out, directly attacking the city.

Ye Chen’s soldiers were very fierce, directly attacking.

Hong —

Another collision sounded out.

The west city gate was broken!

The north city gate was broken!

The three city gates were instantly broken, and the soldiers on Ye Chen’s side instantly charged into the city gates.

The three armies converged and headed toward Zhao Tianxing’s army, pressing over.

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