Chapter 369: The Might of the Three Great Generals!

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Luo Shuihan had already terrified them in the previous battles.

Now, as long as Luo Shuihan stood here, he was a god of killing, a god of killing that terrified them!

“Luo Shuihan, although you have 60,000 soldiers, we will defend the city while you attack the city. You might not be able to conquer our Eastern Imperial City!” A general said as he looked at Luo Shuihan.

Luo Shuihan did not speak. A spear shot out from his hand like lightning.

That person let out a strange cry. Before he could react, the spear pierced through his chest. It was nailed to the ground, and fresh blood spilled out!

At this moment, Ye Chen’s soldiers stood out in a row and crazily threw spears at the top of the city wall!

The spears pierced through their bodies one by one. The straight spears looked like they had been fished out from a lake of blood. There was even blood dripping from the end of the spears. Looking from Luo Shuihan’s position, all of the spears were dark red in color.

One by one, they fell from the top of the city wall.

Luo Shuihan looked indifferently at the army behind him and shouted, “Kill!”

Instantly, the valiant Ye Chen’s soldiers charged over!

Instantly, the bugle soldiers blew their bugle call, and the sound waves came wave after wave, each wave higher than the last. At this moment, the sound of the bugle call was like thunder rolling over the heads of the people. The heavy and noisy sound of the middle army behind them could not cover up the sound of the bugle call.


The soldiers charged forward as if they did not care about their lives.

Zhao Tianxing and the others were naturally on guard. They stood on the city walls, and the soldiers held bows and arrows.

In this kind of city defense battle, bows and arrows were the best weapons!

Instantly, a rain of arrows fell from the sky.

“Form up!”

Instantly, shields were raised one by one to block the rain of arrows.

However, even so, Ye Chen’s soldiers had suffered countless casualties. It was simply too difficult to forcefully attack a siege battle!

At this moment, Luo Shuihan suddenly flew up from his horse, wielding his greatsword as he flew up to the top of the city wall.

The soldiers of the Eastern Imperial City were all shocked!

“Kill him!”

Countless soldiers of the Eastern Imperial City charged toward Luo Shuihan.

Luo Shuihan’s expression was calm, and the greatsword in his hand immediately struck out.


Boundless divine light scattered, and a row of people were sent flying, exploding into a cloud of blood mist in the air.

Those who had transcended the tribulation were practically unstoppable in the army!

Luo Shuihan struck out with his sword once more, and sword light surged into the sky. One by one, people were instantly slaughtered by Luo Shuihan!


One by one, corpses fell from the city walls!

Luo Shuihan held the huge sword in his hand. He killed Gods and Buddhas in his way. He was like a god of slaughter, unstoppable!

A red mist suddenly appeared on his body. It was Luo Shuihan’s real killing intent. He swung his sword and a huge red light appeared in the sky. The soldiers were instantly scattered!

“God of Death!”


At this moment, the generals on the city wall were petrified. They could not believe that someone could do this.

Because Luo Shuihan had charged up the city wall, the archers did not have the time to care about the soldiers below the city wall.

The soldiers pushed the siege chariots over, and the siege chariots crashed into the gates one after another!

Kacha —


Immediately, Zhao Tianxing heard countless voices. Shouts, sounds of killing, and sorrowful cries…

One by one, corpses fell beside him. Blood and flesh flew everywhere, and blood flowed like a river.

It was the god of death, Luo Shuihan!

After saying that, he slashed down with his sword!

West city gate.

Yang Xuan stood on his horse and attacked the west city gate.

Yang Xuan slowly saw a line appear on the horizon.

Yellow Sand rolled and the thin line gradually expanded. Looking from afar, he saw countless soldiers appearing on the horizon like ants.

“Are they here?” Yang Xuan said calmly.

“All soldiers, listen up!” Yang Xuan said sternly.

At this moment, all the soldiers became excited.

At this moment, Zhao Tianxing’s cavalry suddenly attacked, billowing the yellow sand for thousands of miles.

On the thousands of miles of yellow sand, it swept over like a huge storm.

Right at this moment, the cavalry charged over.



A loud sound.

The thousands of miles of yellow sand suddenly exploded!

Instantly, the cavalry in front of them were thrown off their horses and were sent flying. Huge quicksand appeared and the soldiers were buried under the yellow sand!

Endless amounts of yellow sand fell down and the soldiers were buried under the yellow sand!

When Yang Xuan saw this scene, he raised his hand!

“Soldiers, listen to my command!”

“Release the arrows!”

Instantly, arrows rained down like rain. The sky was filled with arrow rain and instantly fell down!

The soldiers at the west gate all died tragically under the rain of arrows!

“Heavens, we can’t hold them off!”

A general stood on his horse and looked at the endless rain of arrows. His pupils gradually contracted as he shouted, “Retreat!”

At this moment, the spear in Yang Xuan’s hand was instantly thrown out and pierced through the general. The soldiers at the west gate were instantly routed and could only retreat!

North city gate.


The soldiers were extremely excited and immediately charged out.

Within the city, blood splattered for ten miles!

Zhang Mo and a general were engaged in a fierce battle. The long halberd was brandished crazily and a rolling force was instantly unleashed.


With a loud sound, the general was directly pushed back!

As Zhang Mo spoke, the long halberd was immediately swung down.

The general could not dodge in time and could only block it head-on!

She raised her sword, wanting to block this attack!

Zhang Mo swung down!


A loud sound.

The general could not block at all, and was smashed into a pile of meat paste by Zhang Mo!

Zhang Mo’s eyes were bloodshot. He was like a demonic god, and no one could block him!

Zhang Mo swung his halberd, and instantly, a row of soldiers were beaten until they vomited blood and died!

Ye Chen’s soldiers rushed out in full force. The soldiers at the north city gate could not hold them off at all.

They had no choice. They could not watch the soldiers die in vain. They could only retreat!


A general shouted.

Zhang Mo looked at them coldly and did not chase after them!

With a command from Zhang Mo, the soldiers charged forward one by one. They were densely packed and there were countless of them.

Flames filled the sky, and killing shouts filled the sky. All of them charged toward them.


Instantly, the two armies engaged in battle.


The roars continued, and Ye Chen’s soldiers were extremely valiant.

Endless slaughter!

Corpses fell one after another!

The slaughter continued. Instantly, the air was filled with the smell of blood, and the entire world seemed to be trembling as if mountains were collapsing and the earth was cracking. In an instant, all the living beings turned into nothingness.

It was as if they were being cut into a thousand pieces. Their limbs were broken and shattered everywhere. At this moment when they were engulfed by the bloody light, they could no longer distinguish what was a weapon. The blood-red hands and sharp teeth could not wait to tear apart the faces one by one.

Everyone had long lost their rationality and lost control to satisfy their desire to kill. Now it seems that the world’s most wonderful feeling is to be able to use their hands to wipe out all the pleasure.

Penetration, killing, halving….